Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Flowers that Symbolize Peace

  I was looking for things that symbolize peace, happiness.

    I ran into a book published in the 1920's The Flower Fairies. I wish I would have known about this book when I was a little girl. My Mom never believed in such things so probably why I never saw it at the library. There are several books and recently they have published a lovely book of all the books in one book. I think  I may purchase a copy.  Beautiful paintings and poems

Flowers for Peace  I found a site that lists 10 here

Lavender, Apple blossoms, Violets, Lotus flower, Peace lilies, Cosmo, White poppies, Pincushion, Peony, Chrismas Rose

  I am wondering if there will ever be complete Peace in the world-I am thinking probably not with humans involved.  So we must make Peace within ourselves and then be true to our own selves.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Busy Weekend at the Lake and Honoring the Lost (and political to close)

   There was entertainment out our windows most of this past week, especially Friday and Saturday. The event was just down the lake from us-but we saw lots and lots of boats cruising the lake during this event.

   This was the 33rd Shootout which seems to get bigger every year. Fun for those that like to get into crowds and party, and is also set up as a family event.   

   The event's highlight is the boat races or the Shootout, of all different types of boats-fixed up to go super fast. There are prizes for each category-the boats race 3/4 mile individually  for the fastest time. Last year this event raised over $400,000.00 all for non profits that are in the nearby communities-they expect to surpass that this year. This event is well planned and has hundreds of volunteers.  

   It is set up to see the boats and talk with the drivers. They also have a make a wish event-for a ride in one of these boats for an ill child with their parents.

   The Lake of the Ozarks area has a tv channel named Lake TV where they broadcast these races live on the tv, and on their site, on their Facebook page etc. So I enjoyed watching the races off an on over the weekend, there was also an air show both Saturday and Sunday.

   If you are on Facebook and if interested, can look up Lake Tv and find the taped shows and photos, also the group Lake of the Ozarks Shootout at Captain Ron's has lots of videos. I snagged this photo from their-site-the fastest boat of the race

   Also browsing through photos-many restaurants and bars on the lake honored our fallen soldiers.-so sad, most were so young. 

     With all the fun, I am glad these soldiers were not forgotten, one young soldier was from Missouri, another soldier's wife is having their baby mid September-such a tragic loss of life.

   I wrote this, posted it and then checked on a little news-and found below all over the internet  These soldiers no longer have a voice-I still do.

  More respect has been given for our fallen soldiers across our great country-than this President has shown and this Was preventable.  

   Right after saluting these heroes that came home, Biden was more interested in what time it was-so uncaring and disrespectful to the fallen and their families.  

  I also want to thank the US Special Operations Vets that rescued allies that Biden would not  story here

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Cast Iron Saturdays Veggies

 Welcome to this week's recipes using cast iron. 

  This week has gone by with a blurr as it has been sooo hot here, I am so hoping next week will bring us out of the extreme heat.

    Thought this week I would look for and share veggie dishes using your iron skillets, found on the Epicurious site.

Skillet charred Summer Beans with Miso Butter

One Skillet Roasted Butternut Squash with Chick Peas

Skillet Bruschetta with Beans and Greens

Blackened Cabbage with Kelp Brown Butter

Cast Iron Mushrooms

To close I found this yummy looking dish-Roasted Red Pepper Fritatta Made with red bell peppers, onion, potatoes, eggs ( the potatoes were German butterball potatoes-not sure what those are, I would use a red potato)

Hoping this gives you some veggie ideas to make in your cast iron skillets

   Thought I would post a little early this week-Enjoy your Friday and Weekend.

 There is a huge boating event happening on the lake starting tomorrow (Friday) They will raise allot of money for the non-profits in the area-so we will be seeing allot of boats on this end of the lake I am sure.

A Journal Page for AJJ-Type

   This morning after reading a bit and getting the big pork roast into the oven, I wanted to do one more journal page for the theme Type for AJJ, and I wanted to place this in as the first page for my newest journal book-A big German Cookbook (photos of this book in previous post)

   I really did not have a plan in mind-I usually don't, I just go through my paper stash and see what inspires me.

   Found this fun ale label that was actually an ad in a magazine. Then deciding about the theme, I found another of those wipes that I used when I was trying out painting, thought would be fun to stamp on and picked up some of the same colors in the label. Grabbed some different sizes of letter stamps-and decided on a summer theme of words.

I am submitting this to the Art Journal Journey page for the theme Type

Recipe for Rubber Stamp Cleaner

   Good morning everyone,

 Those of you that use rubber stamps do you get frustrated with those small stamp cleaner bottles?

   I have tried numerous brands over the years, and I have not found one cleaner bottle where the little fabric piece on top does not tear off-almost immediately. Very frustrating for me.

  So awhile back I looked online for options. I found a stamp cleaning set up that was a tray and a scrubber, but at my age especially I didn't want to get that "sophisticated" I guess smiles.

   I got to thinking "our" Elizabeth makes allot of things for her crafts instead of buying them so I looked for recipes-and found several videos and recipes to make your own cleaner.

  I decided on a recipe, bought a spray bottle and now I am all set-and it works great.

I couldn't find the baby shampoo in a very small bottle so I used Dawn dish soap-Dawn is awesome for everything it seems and is gentle too

    Baby shampoo-1 teaspoon

   Glycerin-2 tablespoons

   Distilled water-enough to almost fill an 8 ounce bottle.

I didn't find a small spray bottle in my near by stores so I just picked up a large one and doubled the recipe-it works great for cleaning my stamps.

    This price sticker on this bottle was super sticky and wouldn't come off so I just put some masking tape over it

This is my bottle that I am working on getting used up (no more fabric cover on top) if I could have gotten the top off I would have just added it to my above bottle

Since I filled up my journal book, I grabbed this German cookbook to use next for the AJJ challenges. I loved the name from the previous owner-my Mom's name was Altha and her Mom's name was Ada and Grandma's parents were from Germany- So I think this is a good choice

I have been working in spiral cookbooks, so will see how this one works out

This cook book measures 6" x 9" so a good size for AJJ

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Chocolate Popcorn (and a little political-so don't read if it bothers you)

    Hi everyone, it's mid week and so far the week is dragging by.

It's still so hot here that we can't work outdoors, but then we are both taking care of ourselves from injuries. My knee is a little better walking up the stairs and hill but still not back to normal. Larry discovered this morning the arm that got hurt-that hand now is super swollen. We have been using ice packs off and on today. He didn't think it felt like anything was broken, so we will keep up with the ice packs for now.  We are actually more rural where we live now for a doctor-no urgent care close at all to us now.

   I am trying not to read the news online-because it is just so disheartening, this President leaving Americans and allies behind enemy lines. I read all sorts of sources-never the media, but now cnn is reporting some truths as well. I really feel for those veterans that fought in this war and the families that lost loved ones there-for the conclusion of this war to come about in this manner. Our allies in Europe have been let down as well-they are trying to get their people out as well before the Taliban's deadline of August 31st.  This President allowed the enemy to set the conditions. 

   I decided we needed some comfort food so I am making my chocolate covered popcorn. I usually only make this around Christmas time but decided we needed some happy foods.


   I have a large Boston butt pork roast in the freezer that I plan to take out for tomorrow and then afterwards shred allot of if and make us homemade tamales. Larry loves those-they are allot of work for one person to make so I don't make them as often in a year. He tells me tamales are not only for Christmas time (smiles)

    Do any of you like to watch Master Chef?  I am looking forward to it tonight as they are getting down to under 10 left. 

    Those of you that enjoy the cast iron posts what recipes would you like me to look for and share?

Monday, August 23, 2021

Good Morning Monday

   Just popping in to say hello.

     We are in for another very hot and humid week. I have had to stop my work with moving rocks as I have really messed up my bad knee. It's really bad this time.

  Kept off it yesterday, keeping ice packs on it through out the day, and then the knee brace I have. This knee has torn cartilage from about 20 plus years ago-and I have just babied it and been careful. With the rocks I was watching out for my lower back never thinking about my knees.  I was doing pretty well with walking, til I had to carry down a large bag of ice down the hill and the stairs when I went grocery shopping Sunday morning early. The stores near me don't sell the smaller bags just these huge bags and I hadn't realized before how heavy they are. The ice maker quit working last year in the frig so I have been buying ice. Of course we use more during the summer months.

   Larry just walked in and has had an accident-something snapped and one of his arms has a long cut underneath-He shouldn't be out there working in this high heat and humidity especially by himself any more, but he is not one for sitting around when a job needs to be completed-the dock. I wish mother nature was not throwing out this extreme heat again.

   Saturday I decided I needed a craft room day, so I stamped up a dozen cards from cardstock. Mostly for fall and a few to finish up with the summer. I have several slow mail blog friends I mail to, so is why I am not sharing a photo. I was pretty happy with my new hand stamped cards-and I used my watercolor pencils too. A fun craft day.

   I have been doing allot of reading in the evenings. Finished up a book The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau. I have read this author's other books and have enjoyed them-this one I picked up a year or so ago when it was on sale and just found out it is a series with two more books, I would never spend the current price of  around $12.00 for an ebook.   I know nothing about very early English history and the catholic church at that time, so I had a difficult time getting through this book not knowing what was true from the fiction.  I did like the plot and the characters, so would pick up the other two if they should go on sale

   I don't remember now who suggested the following book but was from one of the blogs that I visit-thank you I am really enjoying this book. 

     World of Wonders in Praise of Fireflies Whale Sharks and Other Astonishments   by Aimee Nezhukumatahil

  This is a beautifully written and illustrated book

    I found the below review on Ebay--and is where I found a good price for a hardcover copy.

"Aimee Nezhukumatathil's World of Wonders is the first book to make me feel like a firefly as much as it reminds me I'm still a black boy playing in Central Mississippi woods. The book walks. It sprints. It leaps. Most importantly, the book lingers in a world where power, people, and the literal outside wrestle painfully, beautifully. This book is a world of wonders. This book is about to shake the Earth." -- Kiese Laymon

Have a good Monday


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Belgium Waffles

   Larry had requested Belgium waffles last week, so I decided to wait and make them when our friend-worker was coming. Sadly he cancelled on us-again  We so need to get this dock finished before winter. sigh

  I split the recipe in two different bowls to make one gluten free. They always turn out so delicious. When we first retired and moved down to Missouri Larry bought me a really nice Belgium waffle maker-so we could have them at home.

  First photo is the unbleached white wheat flour

For toppings we have fresh peaches, homemade maple syrup (one of our Wisconsin friends that lives in Green Bay Wi harvests and makes this-so good), cottage cheese, and also a thick preserve
    I also found thick slices of ham in the freezer-made a nice meal Which was our first heavy carb meal in a few months.

Gluten free plate The Bob's Red Mill 1-1 GF flour works really well 

  The leftovers we toast and spread with a natural peanut butter and jam, or I dug out the huckleberry honey I brought back in 2017 near Yellowstone  Park.

Happy Sunday and New Week    My area is in for another week of extreme heat and humidity-well it is still summer (smiles)

Saturday, August 21, 2021

I No Longer Feel Safe & a Little Update


  We have a crisis going on-Here and in the World-No help for Americans and allies trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan from this current administration. When Trump was our Leader he put in place how to get Americans and Allies out of danger zones-Biden got rid of that just before this total mess up of his.

     Nato allies are getting their people out with their elite forces. Where is Biden??  He is on vacation-again. Where is Harris ?? She is in Viet Nam Why??

   I think a few tweets irritating the left is better than the total demise Biden has created. Now all terrorists groups in the world know they can get away with anything, including just walking right through our southern borders and most likely spreading covid and other diseases, as they are not tested, just allowed to go anywhere they want in America. The border crisis was enough for me not to feel safe now this?  

    Do you feel safe??     I no longer do

 God Help Us All

Sunday Update:  I just wanted to pop in on this post real fast. I will Not apologize for expressing my love for my country-and wanting it to stay a Republic not turned into a socialist dictating country, woke and all the rest that is happening right now.

     I am not "preaching" at any one as someone wrote to me and said I was. Sorry if this post came off that way. I am not wanting to post much politically here as I think most artists seem to be liberals and very far left liberals which I really haven't figured out yet as to why that is-doesn't matter in the least to me, it is just an observation I have come across the last few years.  My dear friend Eileen had written to me a few months before she passed, telling me I was so brave to share my feelings-she said she would never say anything as she knew she would no longer be liked any more and would be cancelled.  So this attitude of no tolerance what so ever because one doesn't have the exact same views-well that is wrong in so many ways.

   So to not be "cancelled" for what I believe in I have refrained from posting--but what is happening right now is a disgrace and a danger to the world-The British Parliament is holding Biden in contempt-so I am Not the only one seeing what is going on with this administration-to leave Americans and allies behind enemy lines, and leave billions of high tech war materials behind is beyond what I can comprehend. I just learned last night from reading online different sources (not the media) that Biden surrendered the airfield, surrendered the us embassy, who does that?? Biden also cancelled Trump's plan for evacuating Americans from danger zones-that is an impeachable offense  and if you are on facebook-video here   to explain what Biden did-why??

   I value my online friends very much-if it were not for my online friends I would have no one to "talk" with-as we have no close friends where we moved to, and no family to speak of-not complaining it is what it is.   So I have always enjoyed my online friends, and I really very much enjoy all of my slow mail friends so much too-thank you-gives me smiles in my mailbox.

  So it does hurt my feelings to be canceled out, told I can not be your friend any more-because of what I believe and  I do speak from my heart and am passionate about our America--well it is what it is.  This is happening with face to face family and friends as well, so I know I am not alone with this.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Cast Iron Saturday-Soups and Stews

    I love soups and stews-you can be creative with them and just make up the recipe as you go, or use a recipe as a guideline-or as is. 

    We are seeing fall appearing-slowly, darker later in the mornings now, the air is a bit cooler-although here in SW Missouri we have seen 90's way into September-which I am thinking may be the case this year. Are you ready to make a soup or a stew soon?       So that is my theme for this week's Cast Iron Saturday.

Cast Iron Sweet Potato Chowder form Southern Cast Iron

    Only thing I would change is to use my own canned chicken stock or a no salt chicken stock-so glad there are more no salt options in the stores now Also to  make gluten free I would omit the flour for thickening and use Bob's Red Mill Potato flakes for a thickener

Keto Beef Stew from Cast Iron Keto 

    They are using an enameled cast iron pot, the recipe uses turnips instead of potatoes which I have been using allot of lately-much lower in carbs than potatoes. They are using carrots in this keto dish as less in carbs and very high in nutrients

From Lodge Cast Iron-Tennessee White Chili this sounds really delicious

and from James Townsend and Son-I love the history and his recipes

Soup, Stew and Hash - 18th Century Soldier Cooking

     Happy Friday and Weekend everyone

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Second Post for the Day-Video of Landscape Re do

   I don't usually post twice in a day, but since I pretty much completed placing rocks in that area I have been working on today-thought I would make a video.

   When I am tired, I tend to mumble so hoping you can hear me ok.  Much progress has been made, still have allot of rock piles in this area to find a new home for-I do have an area up by the road where I park-between our property and the neighbors and behind our mail box,  that I will haul up the stairs-ugh-allot of small rock. That will be another area cleared and rid of ugly weeds. I may start that tomorrow-I need this cleared so I can amend the soil and buy plants next month.

Early Morning Reflections (lake views)

   We have always been early risers-it's the farm girl in me, and Larry doesn't sleep well-never has so he is always up really early.

   Have you noticed it's dark in the morning much earlier now? Fall is coming, I could even feel and smell the difference this week-I love it.

   We didn't have those bright reds this morning, but we did have some pretty reflections in the lake early (before 6 am)

 Hopefully our helper friend will be coming today and tomorrow to help with the dock-which soooo needs to get finished before winter.

I need to take a break from the rocks for a few days-ugh-I needed to carry several heavy ones up the stairs to place them near the top of that area I am filling in with rocks. It greatly effected both my knees, I could barely walk yesterday ugh super ugh so much to do yet to get that cleared in time for planting.  So no more heavy rocks for awhile. I will see if I can manage a bucket of very small rocks to fill in space around and beneath the rocks instead.

I always share a meal with our workers-the other day Larry requested Belgium waffles which I haven't made in some time (lots of carbs) Decided to surprise him and make them today. I split the recipe in half to make half gluten free. Need to check out the basement freezer to see if I have sausage left. Sounds delicious

Enjoy your mid-week

Update: 6:45 am

In the house I heard the eagle singing-surprise-the pair

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Early Morning Sunrise Over the Lake

   Gorgeous sky over the lake this morning, I also took videos of Larry retrieving that escaped float you see in the first photo to the left. Since it was close he took the boat to get it-he knows how to repair these now, and not safe to be out there floating in the lake.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Good Morning Monday (a tad political)

 Good morning,

   We have a busy week ahead of us.

Pushing to get more heavy rocks moved-I have a bad knee that hasn't bothered me in quite some time-but I had to find my brace for it yesterday-walking up and down the hill more and carrying heavy rocks-Hoping today for this area I can get that part completed and move to smaller rocks. I decided if I can push to get this cleared-I want to buy plants for the fall-many say that is the best time to plant.

We will be driving back past our woods home this week for our yearly eye exams-after cataract surgeries (a few years ago now)-both of our visions have changed a bit. and then later in the week hopefully our worker friend can come help with the dock project.

I won't get into politics again here-well maybe a little bit, I believe in free speech although many in this country do not, but it is so sad and heartbreaking for me, to see what is happening to our great country  "the great reset"  This country is to be run by "We the People" not power grabbing politicians-and school boards.

Many of us though will Not stand by and do nothing-as seniors now we have already fought for our freedoms in different ways, for my husband especially this all breaks his heart.  I can still keep myself informed though and vote accordingly  

  We have several governors fighting for our freedoms every day, I love this governor in particular along with several others including Missouri and Florida

    This makes me proud  (and don't even start with the masks)-especially when this administration is ok with totally open borders and no testing of covid or other diseases for all the illegals coming in-and then gives them totally free airline and bus tickets to go anywhere they wish to go in our country. Yet demanding Americans to wear masks and to get vaccinated. Makes no sense.

A friend of mine that lives out west shared this photo on Facebook over the weekend.   This is Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, riding her horse down the streets of Sturgis an article I found on the web

This is one of the looks of freedom

Happy new week

Friday, August 13, 2021

Cast Iron Saturday--Bread

 I almost forgot to post recipes for cast iron.  We finally had a huge storm come through most of the night and early morning. The oppressive heat and humidity is gone for now.(PS for some reason I was thinking it was Saturday-nope it's Friday the 13th haha so I am not late after all-a senior moment I guess)

  The lake out my windows is lovely and very calm this morning

Loving the look of the water this morning

   Years ago I would bake all of our breads. It was fun and rewarding for me to do-and there are soooo many choices of recipes and different breads to choose from. I loved working with sourdough too.  Over the years though I discovered I had celiac-so no wheat or gluten for me, and with Larry being diabetic back in the early 90's we cut out allot of bread-turns to sugar-and as we get older it is more difficult to keep the weight off-so we have drastically reduced carbs, especially breads for Larry.
    However, if you have no health concerns bread is even more rewarding to bake in cast iron and over and under coals. If you are serving guests-they will love your breads.

How to Bake Bread on a Camp Fire  he is also using tin pans

How to Bake Bread in your Dutch Oven with coals on top and bottom nice video

No Knead Dutch Oven Bread

and if you are out camping or in your back yard-Camp Fire Bread on a Stick

Cast Iron Irish Soda Bread

There are so many different breads-One just needs to explore recipes that you would like to bake.  Hoping this will give you a start

Happy Friday the 13th and weekend