Friday, September 28, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at The Movies

Happy Saturday everyone,
   It is movie time again. 
CJ had been posting for Saturday Afternoon at the Movies so I decided to join in. 
   This is where we share a favorite film that we love watching more than one time. 

  This week I am sharing a comedy fantasy from the '80s If you like Tom Hanks, especially in his younger years I think you will like this one-and probably may have already viewed it.


"After a wish turns 12-year-old Josh Baskin (David Moscow) into a 30-year-old man (Tom Hanks), he heads to New York City and gets a low-level job at MacMillen Toy Company. A chance encounter with the owner (Robert Loggia) of the company leads to a promotion testing new toys. Soon a fellow employee, Susan Lawrence (Elizabeth Perkins), takes a romantic interest in Josh. However, the pressure of living as an adult begins to overwhelm him, and he longs to return to his simple, former life as a boy."

The Trailer

A little more information here

Related image

This is just a fun movie.

Monday, September 24, 2018

T Stands for Tuesdays & Apple Pies

  Good morning everyone,
     It's T Time again this Tuesday. In this blogging event we join our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T. We share a drink related post with friends. You are most welcome to join in, just show a photo of your beverage. Link in my right hand column.

  I can't believe how really really fast that September is almost gone-where did the month go???  We finally got some cooler weather on Saturday-first day of Autumn. My area of the Ozarks missed all of the rain-not a drop-it stayed down south on the Missouri-Arkansas border. We can really use some more rain again here.

I have been picking enough fresh tomatoes still from my little veggie garden to enjoy in salads or sliced.

Happy Dancing-as I did finally get the hallway finished-ceilings and walls for the last two sections of the space. This was difficult to paint-the lighting was poor but I got er done. Next up is to really scrub the floors for tiling-hope we both can do this without help.

This paint dried to a very light grey-I really love it. I have paint left over too so perhaps I can use it a new home.

  We have a bit of a setback for selling our extra land. 
       Hubs met with MODT which is Missouri's transportation department, to obtain a permit and what we need to do to comply with adding a culvert and driveway off the highway to our property. Well the law has changed since we bought this property and can no longer do this. They have a minimum feet requirement to enter the highway (from new driveway) with no curves etc blocked visual-we missed it by around 50 feet. This really puts a damper on things for us.
   One solution is to get an easement from one neighbor's driveway over to ours-no answer yet on that. Or sell everything as one piece-which will be more difficult, and also the price of our land goes way down as well in a larger piece. So we are a bit waylaid at the moment.

  We are still going forward selling things online-downsizing now to hopefully get the most money for things. I just added 3 of my usa vintage jeans jackets on to my Ebay listings. (they no longer fit-sigh) I still have a very large box of vintage mini cookbooks, spirals, etc to go through and price-hope to work on that this week.

  I have also been typing up a huge project for Hubs business that he is hoping to sell-I finished that this morning (Monday) Yeah checking off things that need to be done.

   Yesterday I decided to make apple pies to celebrate Autumn.
I had enough apples to make two pies so I made one for Hubs and one for me gluten free. I added raisins to his and blueberries to mine. They both turned out yummy. I used the new leaf cutters for Hub's pie. I will also cut up in serving size pieces and freeze some of the pies for later.
  We enjoy pie for breakfast the most.

I finally found real lard at Wal Mart (big box store here in the usa) a few weeks ago.-what a difference that made in Hubs pie crust-just like my Grandma's and Mom's. 
   The lard in those plastic tubs is more chemicals than lard-this ingredient was only lard
   Of course it is about 3 times the price as the other but so worth it-and this was marked way down-it must not have been selling. I bought a couple for the upcoming year. I use the lard for pie crusts and the dough in tamales.

   For my beverage reference I had been drinking my herbal decaf beverage with cream while making the pies, and this morning I am drinking decaf green tea also in my favorite Yellowstone cup.

Speaking of Yellowstone I just learned of another Yellowstone National Park series by seasons on the BBC channel. 
    I caught the summer one a couple days ago-and the photography is just awesome-better than another series I had viewed, and I liked the commentator much better as well. 
   In my area they are running the different Yellowstone seasons again tonight. So if any of you get the BBC channel I highly recommend this if you love Yellowstone too. We have a recorder now with our satellite tv service-so I jumped on this to record. They seem to be showing this a few times now-so check it out if interested.

Happy T everyone!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at The Movies

Image result for happy autumn photo

And---Happy Saturday everyone,
   It is movie time again. 
CJ had been posting for Saturday Afternoon at the Movies so I decided to join in. 
   This is where we share a favorite film that we love watching more than one time.  I am not a huge move watcher but I do have some favorites. Now adays I am mostly a Hallmark movie watcher ha ha.

    Last week many of you commented that you also love Patrick Swayze so I decided to share another favorite of mine.

  I loved him in Ghost very much but I also loved him in the  mini series North South so I decided to feature that one today.
   I remember being glued to the tv set when this series came on. and it is something I have not ever seen repeated again. I need to buy me the set so I can watch it again.


There were allot of big actors in this series too, and I think this series jump started Patrick Swayze's career.

Patrick Swayze, Kirstie Alley and Lesley-Anne Down star in a 1985 miniseries based on John Jakes' novel about the Civil War and its effect on two families.
First episode dateNovember 3, 1985

I looked online and if you can stream on your computer than I saw it on You Tube.(My internet is too rural to be able to do that).

This was a nice article from an actress that worked with him on this series.

Information here on the series.

The Promo

I found these little tidbits online while searching for information:

    "North and South" was filmed on location across the United States, but much of the TV miniseries was made in South Carolina. Locations included the well-known tree-lined Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina as well as other locations in Charleston including the Battery alongside the harbor.Sep 22, 2009

The McRae family opened the plantation to public tours. 1980s – Boone Hall was closed to the public for the filming of North and South, an ABC mini-series based on the novels of John Jakes. The exterior of the house and the grounds were featured prominently in the mini-series.

   So do you remember watching this mini-series??

Thursday, September 20, 2018

My Eco Print For A Gift

Happy Late Thursday!

    I wanted to share a wedding gift I put together. I am pleased with the results-Let me know your thoughts.
  My husband and I were invited to our good friend's daughter's wedding. The daughter lives in a different state, and our friends are the ones with the awesome large log home and who makes great catfish that I have shared. The wedding will be held outdoors near the log home. Such a lovely setting.

  Wow we have not gone to a wedding probably since the 90's. This is an outdoor casual wedding and we just needed to go. It's next week Saturday afternoon.

   We have not met the couple, and I did not want to give money so I thought I would frame one of my eco prints-I am quite pleased how it turned out.
 (Photos will enlarge just click on them)

I needed to go to town this morning to pick up a few food items, and also picked up this pretty frame. At first I thought I messed up getting too small of a frame-but this print worked out perfect with just a little trimming

For the card, I picked two pieces that were on that butcher type paper-tore a little off the edges and folded in half. I inserted a second piece to write on-and then put a dab a glue in the corners to hold together. I tied with silk and gold thread-that was a challenge lol being such fine thread. The bride's colors are navy and gold.

and then when I went to box it up-- Oh No I totally forgot about picking up wrapping paper. Whew in my paper-envelope stash I found this paper-probably bought in the '60s ha ha so it is very thick paper.  I tied it up with some of my handspun wool, and a little curly ribbon

We have been soooo hot and humid here upper 90's with high heat indexes along with high pollen counts-so it has been miserable here all week. However, rain is coming in tomorrow and over the weekend and i am so happy also a cool down coming in too-just in time for the first day of autumn on Saturday.
   My friend was concerned about the heat for the wedding-but I think it will end up being very cool-hopefully no rain.

Monday, September 17, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

  Tuesday's is when we share a drink related post with friends.  Just show a photo of your beverage and join us with Bleubeard and Elizabeth-our hostess. Find the link to join us for T in my right hand column.

   This past week we have been back to the 90's again-sigh, but we are dark in the mornings now, and dark early evening-so it Is September ha ha. 
     Also the hummingbirds are mostly off on their migration journey. The last numbers of them left on Sunday. We still have a few stopping by. I keep out two feeders til the end of the month-for those last few travelers. We have five more days of summer til the official day of autumn-and here in the Ozarks summer temps are definately sticking around til the weekend..

      I have not had the chance to make art or crafts since my last indigo dye day on silk scarves which has me wanting to take a day off to just play.
    Been painting the hallway though-the ceilings are finished and one section of the walls are almost done-just need to go back over it to make sure all is covered. The textures and using a brush-is hard to get it all covered the first coat.

   We spent another morning looking at lake houses and property that we found online. We drove in an area we have never been before. Very country with farms mixed in with woods, very curvy hilly road, that led down to the lake-interesting and pretty area. When we got to where we needed to be was a disappointment-a little too primitive and too far away from shopping or doctors-so not good for our age now. Also this section by the lake was all narrow gravel roads-didn't like that.
   The other one we checked out we loved the property, but after talking with a neighbor that side of the lake had no depth of water-so no good for us. So we are still on the adventure to find what will fit both of us: deep water for year round fishing, big enough space for us, and an area  for me to set up cooking outdoors with my dutch ovens. I also want a large room for my crafts and we need a room for two large chest freezers and a pantry.

   I have been wanting to bake up a lemon meringue pie and I also had a taste for a big pot of chili-even though it has been hot.  This morning I made both. I baked this pie indoors instead of my cast iron outdoors-too hot-humid-and high allergy count.

   Lemon meringue is one of our favorite pies. 

For my chili I used a pound of the ground bison, my own canned beans and tomatoes. It turned out delicious.

Late this afternoon my friend called me and said she needed to go to Joann fabrics and would I like to go along. Sure, I would love to        The Joann's we went to was the one towards the lake. Her daughter is getting married at her home (my friend with the log home) end of this month and she needed some flowers. Her daughter needed navy blue and gold and we found the perfect ones.
   Browsing around I found some cute little autumn cutters, and a whole rack of washi tapes. I had not seen these tapes sold in sets before-I loved the animals in this collection. The tapes were 40% off and we got another 20% off our total order so we both got awesome savings.  I remembered from last week when I was looking at these tapes that there was a challenge to show our tapes. I had purchased two before that are stripes and now these. I can see now how these can be addictive to collect-so many choices ha ha

      I had grabbed a bottle of mineral water to take with.

Hope your week is a good one Happy T everyone!

  Oh and just a note-I am back to monitoring comments again-sorry about that-what ever blogger is doing now has stopped my email notifications again for comments-and for some reason I am also getting hit with spammers on my blog posts again--so am back to monitoring for both reasons.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

Good morning Saturday,
  I fell asleep early last night so didn't get my movie post up earlier
This morning I was thinking about movies that I really like to watch more than once and I remembered one. 

     Saturday Afternoon at the Movies is where we like to share a movie that we love to view more than one time-our favorites. Inspired by CJ to join in the fun.

I am sharing Dirty Dancing this week-I loved it the first time I saw it, and when it shows up on the tv I love to watch it again. A fun love story that shows life in the 60's. A few moral issues, but every generation has them.
     I am actually living near an area where families used to enjoy their summers in this way. The movie is a little dorky in spots-but I thought the chemistry was good between the lead actors, and for me always a fun movie.

   I love Patrick Swayze as an actor too.

Image result for movie dirty dancing

This is a fun article about what adults notice now in this movie

The trailer:
I didn't spot a free movie online but it comes up on the tv quite often. I did see if you have Amazon Prime it's on there

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wednesday's Disappointments

   We are having perfect weather here this week-in the mornings it feels like fall and then warms up-we will be back in the 90's f soon. With all the rain we had-everything is growing like crazy too.

  Any of you that are in the hurricane Florence's path-please be safe Back in the 70's I lived in Wrightsville Beach for about a year. Lovely place-I was there before all the big hotels and big homes were built I was told stories about another devastating hurricane that brought in waves above the homes-scary weather.

  Hubs and a couple friends that are in the trades went to the lake house with our realtor to really check on things. This home is a foreclosure owned now by the bank and they had just lowered the price by $20,000. It has been on the market for awhile-so why hasn't it sold we are thinking. We did put in an even lower bid. They found issues with the seawall and another area in front of the home that needs a $10,000.00 fix to protect the home. The guys crawled around the crawl spaces and the wiring, new heating-a/c, new plumbing all looks good. They also talked to a neighbor. We felt our lower bid was a good price to pay for what needs to be done.We found out it has natural gas-wow-what a plus over propane gas. and really looking at the area-many of the homes were torn down and rebuilt very very expensive homes-most living in the area are our age or a little less
   We got the call early evening yesterday that there are several bidders and do we want to raise our bid?-No we don't want to raise our bid. I am thinking the bank did the big $20,000 dollar lower to get a price war going-nope we won't do that.  
     I still have an open mind to just wait and see what happens, we will continue looking though. We loved this home-built in the early 60's with lots of character-and easy to get to the water and it is deep water which is difficult to find in this area. No association fees a big plus.  I left our fate to the Gods with this home.

   While they were gone in the morning I decided to cut the indigo back and dye some silk scarves-I had 3 ready to dye.  I ended up with less leaves, the plants were in bloom so I just tossed the flowers in the mix-and sadly I never got blue. I got a very very soft green-the cheesecloth that I squeezed the blended leaves out of-was greener than what was in the dye pot. No clue as to why-perhaps no blue when the plant is in bloom? will need to read more about this. They are still pretty but I am sure I will be over dying them at some point.

As you can see not much color at all-a little more color in person though-a very soft green.

  So today is accounting and business stuff day and then on to the hallway project-I have no excuses now ha ha

  Oh and I know many of you don't care or don't use email notifications but for me it has always been easier to know when I have a comment and to communicate back and forth easier. 
     All of a sudden this week-that stopped again. I went into my settings-took out my email refreshed and put it in again-still no notifications. Any of you that use the email notifications-has this happened to you as well? Oh well who knows what Blogger is doing. So I will be back to answering any questions under your comments for those of you I used to reply by emails.

Enjoy your Thursday

Monday, September 10, 2018

Remembering 9 11

  I will not forget this day 9 11,  I was a telephone long distance operator  that day-and took phone calls that will forever be with me. I can still hear some of those voices that still bring a tear.

   A part of history we need to remember and pass on to the next generation and the next to remember
     I wanted to share a link about a ceremony being held at College of the Ozarks this week. This college is also know as Work U as this is a college where those in financial need are able to attend college, work full time at the college and graduate debt free. This is a christian college that also teaches love of country. They have several memorials on campus.

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello  Everyone,
    Tuesday stands for our weekly T Day for sharing with friends with a drink related post.
     You are most welcome to join us, just share a photo with your beverage and join our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth-find link in my right hand column.

    We have gotten allot of rain here in the Ozarks-where I live over 3" for sure maybe a bit more but closer to Springfield, Mo that area got well over 6" which caused flooding, and one man drowned-he got swept into the river by driving through one of those very low crossings that gets flooded. so sad when this happens-he must not have known the area or saw the water in the dark.
  We have enjoyed fall like temperatures for a few days now-feels sooo good I love it.

  I did sell one book online over the weekend-it's a start ha ha.

   We are still viewing different lake houses-and we have now totally fallen in love with one. This is a foreclosure (so the bank wants to sell and at a very good price), older gorgeous home that was in the middle of a remodel before they went bankrupt. From what we can see they have upgraded the most expensive  things-new heating, air conditioning unit, water softener, looks like allot of new plumbing-updated bathrooms. Propane gas hook up for a stove-yes! lots of little nooks and fun spaces. The price was just lowered so we need to see it one more time with some friends and make a decision. It has gorgeous views, lovely little hidden rock gardens on the side and back, not too many steps in the house, and there a few short sections of steps to get into the water level to the dock-and 3000 feet plus of space indoors-ha ha  I don't think I will need to worry about down sizing my large trunks etc now. 
      No association fees with this one either. One thing that scares me is the very very short and steep driveway to get into the house-I have my eyes closed when Hubs is driving down it-so that will be a challenge for me.  Fingers crossed we will see what happens. 

  Update:  we saw the house again Sunday afternoon with our friend that cooks up the catfish and does allot of home repairs and he loved the outside of the home-so the guys are going back on Wednesday with our agent to really look around at things-and and we just put in an offer to the bank-so will see what develops.
   This is happening pretty fast but this is one of those situations to just go with the flow and see what develops.

   My celebration beverage-a mule (ginger beer and huckleberry vodka, a splash of orange liqueur over ice)

  My indigo plants have grown back now for another cutting, my neighbor had some silk blanks for dyeing, so I am ready to dye-hopefully one day this week.

  I am doing much better from my fall-I had gotten really bruised and sore inside my foot and arm-shoulder areas but I am feeling much better now. Thank you all so much for your concerns. So that means I can get started back on finishing the ceiling and then get the rest of those walls painted. 
    Next up after that is done--is to finish the rock work in the bathroom this fall too.

  We have been busier it seems than we normally are looking at houses, and listing things for sale online that we are both tired today (Saturday)-the cooler and change of weather does that to me too.

  For my beverage share--I am drinking a Yogi tea in my Yellowstone cup while I type my post.

Happy T Everyone.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

 This is where we share a movie that we love to watch more than once.
    Inspired to post by CJ

This week I am sharing a fun adventure movie. I have seen this several times and always enjoy it.

   The Mask of Zorro

Image result for the mask of zorro

This film has some of my favorite actors-Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and  Catherine Zeta-Jones. Lots of action and fun.

A review here

The Trailer:

and I did see the full film online but one had to pay for the movie.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A New Brownie Recipe

   Here in the Ozarks we are getting ready for the rains that are coming up from that Florida storm- all the way up here to us. The weather people are saying now 3 inches of rain or more from tonight through late Saturday. So of course the warnings for flooded streets--"Turn around Don't Drown" are in the news. We'll be staying put for sure-and right where I live no worries of flooding.

  I am slowly trying out some recipes using almond flour (a protein flour) opposed to gluten free flours or wheat which are full of carbs. Little desserts like brownies usually adapt pretty well. Many of the paleo recipes are using the almond flour.

  I found a recipe online that I tried out today-and we love it!
   I hadn't made brownies using melted chocolate in a long time. Only thing I changed in the recipe was instead of the 3/4 cup of semi chocolate chips-I used a 95% dark chocolate bar that I chopped up and melted it with coconut oil. After everything is blended and mixed together it says to add another 3/4 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips-which I thought was a bit "over-kill" haha. So I had some very dark chocolate bars with orange peel that I chopped up instead and only added in about 1/4 cup.
  They baked up really nice-I cut mine in bite size pieces and my cast iron pan was a bit larger so they came out not as high-but I love just a little bite instead of a large piece.


and a little cuteness-Mom and the twins

Monday, September 3, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday-The Cookbook Downsize

     Happy Tuesday everyone, and Wow we are in September for today's T Stands for Tuesday 
   I am hoping those cooler September temperatures with less humidity will arrive soon as it still feels like summer.

   This is where we share a drink related post-share anything you would like to- just be sure to share a photo of your beverage. Our Hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth-you are most welcome to join us and Please find link in my right hand column.

  I don't have much in photos to share this week. 
No crafting to share, my thoughts have been on my fabric scrapbook lately, but I still don't have the ceiling light working in my room and without it- just too dark-I have been taking notes on the calendar pages to help me remember though. 
    My zinnias are too sad now to share a photo-I have been collecting the flower heads as they begin to dry-for the seeds. With these hot days many of them have already dried and scattered their seeds before I got to them.

   I made it my week's mission to go through all of my cookbooks-I eliminated two shelves but I still have too many-but for right now I want to keep what I have left if I can.
  One friend came over with her grand daughter one evening and picked out some nice cookbooks for gifts. 
   I had decided to keep my Grandmother's Betty Crocker, and also my copy (these two were quite different) but decided to let go of my Mom's Betty Crocker-as it was similiar to my Grandmother's, so I was pleased my friend grabbed my Mom's copy. Hope that all made sense ha ha I didn't think I needed to keep three copies although these were three different generations which was interesting to see how they changed ingredients and techniques.
    I also have left to find new homes for--a large box of spiral church type cookbooks and those vintage little booklets from different food companies- that I am thinking of putting several together and getting them on Ebay. I have also been looking up prices for some of the cookbooks on amazon and ebay and then putting some up for sale-so I have another box of those cookbooks.
   I ended up delivering 4 very large boxes of cookbooks to the library last week Thursday So that was my first step with the down size process. It will take me a bit to really get into eliminating so many things-we have not done this before. and well I know things are just things but I have always loved having my things-but I do see the need to downsize now. My Hubs is older than I am-so I am not quite there yet.

   I have also been putting some items on Facebook Marketplace-it's free and Hubs has done well so far there. I just listed three vintage blue jean jackets-who knew I was that vintage lol  These are USA made and I have had them for 30 years for sure. These no longer fit as I have gained too much weight over the last couple of years-otherwise I would not be selling those. Which reminds me-I should dig out those "vintage" Victoria Secrets blue jeans which I will never fit into again-sigh.

  This past week we have been back to the high 90's and high humidity, so I feel like I have been stuck in the house again this week. On the plus side I actually found several nice slicing tomatoes in my garden but the beans and cucumbers are no longer producing-just too hot here. The indigo plants are growing back again since we have had some rain-so hoping for another dyeing day with those indigo leaves before the frost.

    My fall on Thursday has been a real "pain" ha ha
 I hurt my left foot and my right shoulder and upper arm. My foot quit hurting Friday-now today (Monday) it has really bothered me allot-feels swollen but doesn't look swollen-so I am thinking I will be asking for two x rays when we go for our 6 month appts on Wednesday morning-for my foot and my shoulder just to make sure no fractures.

  Monday-Labor Day-I got out my heavy cast iron grill pan and made grilled bbq split chicken-It turned out really good grilling it in the house. I also grilled up some fresh veggies for the side dish. Wasn't up to making the pie-so maybe some time this week I will do that.

  We took a couple afternoons to look at a few locations around the lake (there are many communities to choose from) and I was surprised at how many different types of lake properties are available. Some sit up high on rocky foundations with long and steep steps to the water, others are level to the water but those have no room between properties usually (I know I won't be able to deal with neighbors that close after living in the woods with land for so many years). At our age we also don't want to deal with lots of steep steps. We also were in an area that was set up like driving around in the mountains with many tight curves-those properties were steep to the water as well but what a pretty area.
    So it has been fun and interesting so far to explore. Here is a little information on the Lake in the Ozarks-it covers are very large area near us

It has popped into my mind that this coming November may be our last gathering of friends from out of state for deer camp.-we always look forward to that-hopefully they will still visit us another time for fishing on the lake instead.

   I finished up my vanilla frozen yogurt this past week-and enjoyed two more root beer floats-These are one of my favorite summer treats and little splurges.
    I still had this photo from last time-so am sharing it again as I used the same glass stainless straw and spoon.

Happy T everyone!!

To All My USA Friends-Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!!

Image result for photo happy labor day

Any plans? Staying Home or Going out? Grilling?

  One of the nice things for me in my retirement years is having all of the major holidays off. 
    I was a telephone operator so of course Our office was open 24/7 and I usually worked most holidays to take advantage of that overtime pay.

   I decided to grill us split chicken breast out on the Weber grill. I may bake up a lemon meringue pie in one of the dutch ovens-depends how I feel and how hot and humid we are.

  A couple days ago I took a bad fall-it was raining and I was trying to get the groceries in the house before the heavy rain came in. I must have slipped on a wet leaf cause down I went hard. 
   What's left really bothering me now is my right shoulder and upper arm-I may need to get an x ray Wednesday when we go in for our 6 month check ups if it still continues to hurt too much.  
      Soooo right now I can't get my hallway painting finished.-soon I hope.

Happy Labor Day!