Thursday, February 27, 2020

A New Journal Page

  Good Morning and Happy Thursday,

Yesterday was my all day out with a friend to the "big" city of Springfield Missouri to visit our accountant for taxes and then go out for lunch and visit craft stores.

I was good and did not pick up too many items. I didn't need fabric, couldn't find stencils I liked, but did pick up a couple new stamps.
   I printed off  40% off coupons for the both of us for three different stores and we went to two of the stores. I have been wanting a Paris stamp and found a few and chose this one.

I created another journal page in my recycled spiral cookbook-now mixed media journal. I will share it at AJJ for Hearts  theme and on Try it on Tuesday  for recycled or green. (green leaves in the paper, green heart, green ink for Paris stamp, green color pencil for table and chairs, recycled magazine pages for hearts)

Note: photos will enlarge just click on them

I am pleased with the results-I don't plan out any of my pages I just create what ever happens. I grabbed a couple stamps and went through my stash of papers. Now that I view my page in a photo-I should have overlapped the thin heart over on top of the chair.

I chose to use a sheet of paper with leaves and dried plants inside of it, that was in my gift box from Mia last year.  I glued that down to my journal page-then I had two strips of scraps so I stamped the Paris stamp in green and also black and decided to use the green. They both looked nice on the page. I also used one of the scraps to write Loving on to.
    I used scraps of recycled magazine pages to cut out the hearts. I then took some color pencils and added some greens to the table and chair  (That bit of purple in the upper corner of the Paris stamp is not yet dry glue that will dry clear.)

Monday, February 24, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & a Busy Week

  Hello everyone, and welcome to another T day.
      We link up with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth and share a post with a drink related photo.

   This past week seemed like a long one for me-not sure why. Some weeks feel that way.
   I have been spinning and have the polwarth-silk hand painted roving almost finished, I will finish it up today for sure. That unspin piece is the last of this one-the roving was 4 ounces total. I really love the colors and the fact that I finally got this one spun up a little finer.
   Next up is to get my loom put back together and finish threading so I can finally get this scarf woven off. February is almost over.

   I needed to go back to the courthouse near the woods home about our personal property taxes in Lebanon. The state of Missouri has a seperate personal tax which includes any vehicles, boats, motors, farm equipment etc.  Last year November when I paid the property taxes and asked about the personal tax the lady in the assessor's office gave me the wrong information-don't ya just love that when government does that haha  She told me whatever was at the lake house would go with Morgan county and whatever was still at the woods house would go with Laclede county.
    So when I went in to drop off my list of property uh no that is Not correct at all-All of your personal tax will go to Morgan county assessor. Ok so that meant next day drive to the Morgan county offices in Versailles which is where I food shop now.
   For some reason map quest gave me the right address but gave me the wrong directions as to where it was.  I had remembered a very old looking building that I had thought was the courthouse at the time and it was.
   Wonderful people to talk with, and I registered to vote as well. Larry will never be able to walk up those steep steps so the lady was really nice and told me I could have him fill out everything, sign it, and I can bring that in with his drivers license to get him registered to vote-I will do that this week. I didn't have my camera with so these photos are from online.

   I had the feeling that this had to be an 1800's building and it was.

This was built in 1889 more photos from postcards here

   If Larry managed to make it up those outdoor steps he never would have been able to walk up to the third floor. I am thankful I still can. The steps inside are very narrow and very steep. I love old buildings like this, full of character. Afterwards I did discover an elevator but it looked ancient as well-I would rather walk
  This is so different than the very modern huge courthouse in Lebanon, Mo for Laclede. I love that Versailles is a very old and rural town still. The land here is so different than back near the woods home-instead of rocky clay soils this area is all farmland-reminds me of where my Grandparents on the farm in Indiana lived surrounded by the Amish. so I feel like going back home in a way.

   One day last week our friends that have the log home, came up and needed to go to Versailles to visit Zimmerman's for parts for his bulldozer. I went along so I could see how to get there as I knew Zimmerman's also sells fresh veggies, fruits and bedding plants and more-they are Mennonite.
    So I was thrilled about the visit-I am not good at going by myself to find places-I most always get lost This is a very large farm with several greenhouses. They must have a cannery as well.
   This city also has a couple mennonite bulk food stores and also a butcher meat market-so I have more to explore this spring and summer.

    Saturday, we drove back near the woods home to attend a yearly charity jump in. The weather had warmed up for the day and the rain was postponed til Monday-a good thing. This is always fun to watch those that jump in the Niangua river.

Note: all photos will enlarge just click on them

  This year someone decided to create a banner

If you are on facebook here is a video that someone took I wasn't able to get close enough at the time to get one Sorry since this is someone else's video that was being shared I didn't know how to embed it here.
    This group has grown to the next younger generation so we didn't know too many people except for the Native American family we have been friends with for the last 20 years or so. Everyone brings food to pass, and can bring donation items that are raffled off. They raised over $600.00 this year for a local charity that is a safe house for kids and teens that need one or help and a quiet place for their homework.

  The river was fast moving and cold brrrr this area was more shallow for the jump in.

Sunday morning-wow the views out the wall of windows was impressive. The lake was so still it looked like a sheet of glass. I took these photos from indoors so they turned out pretty good.

   We are in for allot of rain here. It started raining pretty steady around 11 pm last night (Sunday night)  through this morning (Monday). Is to continue on and off for the next couple of days. That river will be flooded for sure.

   That day I was in Lebanon I decided to visit Wal mart and Aldi and do some food shopping.  The wal mart I go to now is half the size and it does lack in allot of things. The meat counter is very small as well, so I need to check out the butcher shop soon as many must shop there for meat that don't raise their own.
   I couldn't resist picking up this cup-they had several to choose from, I liked the feel of this one. They also had many cold cups to choose from too.
   So this is my drink share. I brewed me up some decaf coffee and added whipped cream-love that for a treat.

  The design is different on each side

That's it for me this week-Happy T

Oh and with Barbara's suggestions in comments I decided to give my page an uplift. Blogger has images so I chose this one-more on the beach than a lake-but the other option was just water-and I thought this was prettier-thoughts??  thanks

Monday, February 17, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & Another Heart Journal Page

  It is time for T again, the days seem to be flying by still  and way too fast.
You are most welcome to join us with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth, to link up only requirement is to share your drink related photo.

   Like allot of you the weather here has been so up and down-down to 1 degree and up to 50 degrees f the next day. No wonder my asthma, and allergy systems are all over the place this season-worse than I have been in a long time. Nothing seems to help-my ears are constantly draining, and making me light headed-not fun.

  Since Friday I have been binge watching the Outlander series on Starz. The first episode started at 11:30 am my time and I  stayed up til 3:30 am. Went to sleep but woke up in four hours-so I turned Outlander on again and pretty much watched all day again til around 2am. No wonder I am tired lol I had not seen this show before except for some last year.
    Some of the episodes on Sunday I had seen before but watched again after about 10 am. Only show I missed that I really wanted to see was Jamie seeing his daughter Brianna for the first time.

  This year's episodes are based on the book I haven't read yet The Fiery Cross during the time leading up to our revolution-perhaps including the war. I will start reading this one tonight.
   There are of course some changes in the series from the books but not too bad. I really loved the photography and all of the actors and actresses.

  I did get some spinning done-I am pleased with the results. This has been easier for me to spin than some wools I have spun before. This is polwarth wool with silk.

  This afternoon I made another journal page for Elizabeth's Heart theme over on AJJ

  This one I took a page out of a mixed media notebook to work on-and then glued in my journal.
   I wanted to play with stamps, pens, and try to draw something. I drew the umbrella and the puddle of water that the one heart fell into. I hope it looks like a puddle of water.

This week I am still drinking my lemon-ginger water, decaf teas and coffee and Sunday evening I decided to open up a bottle of wine-some of you will remember this one. It came from Aldi and I really like this one.
   I took this photo on the kitchen table so you can see my coffee cup to the right-and ignore the background clutter.

  This "glass" I bought from one of our favorite potterers back in the '80s or so. This was one of his first attempts with porcelain  I have two and use them for small size beverages.

  Originally I was scheduled to go to Springfield, Mo with a friend to get our taxes done and to visit craft stores. However, early this morning I got a call that our appointment got changed to next week Wednesday morning--so that means I will be able to visit everyone.

  Happy T wishes to all of you

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wintry Cold Blast Arriving

Wow what a difference a day makes
  The lake was like glass yesterday not this morning

  I took these photos from indoors looking out the glass windows-I had just washed them a bit ago and the rain and sleet has spotted them up already

  All photos will enlarge just click on them

When I awoke early this morning it sounded like waves on an ocean hitting the beach-insead strong waves hitting the shoreline here on the lake. Enough so Larry needs to pump his boat back up so it is up where it is suppose to be.

The temps will be dropping all day and evening-low single digits f for a couple nights-and then warm up next mid week.

    I have a big pot of northern white beans soaking and will make into ham and beans today. Larry says homemade cornbread too 😀

 I tried something different for breakfast today. We switch off from eggs or yogurt and granola.  When I bought a few things from Lakanto when they had a big sale I picked up this matcha tea which can be used in a milk, as is for tea, or smoothies-so I decided to add into my yogurt It was good and I like it this way better than mixed with a milk. It already has enough flavors in the mix

Stay warm and cozy all of you in the path of this arctic blast from Father Winter

  I am still enjoying a glass of warmed fresh lemon-ginger water-I think this is a keeper beverage

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Cold Wintry Wednesday & Another Heart Journal Entry & Spinning & Reflections on the Lake

  Good morning Wednesday,
    It is snowy with sleet this morning and frigid temps on the way for a few evenings before it warms back up again.
   Yesterday I did finish spinning up that yarn I showed you, and couldn't wait to see what the hand painted-dyed-roving would look like spun.  I am working on getting this spun finer that I have been.
  This is Polworth breed wool from Australia blended with silk. I was purchasing allot of different fibers from different breeds a few years ago just to see the differences-and to have fun spinning. This one says if you don't spin the fiber too tight it will loft back up and make your garment etc warmer. and my fiber did exactly that-I had gotten it pretty fine and then it puffed up-so soft.

Note: all photos will enlarge for better viewing-just click on them

As I spin this-I "tear" off narrow pieces from top to bottom of the roving-so I will work on remembering to always start spinning the brown top first. When I tear off a piece I then draft out-pull gently on the fibers to make it even and finer-its the way I taught myself to spin. Experienced spinners would take this whole piece and spin off a fine yarn from it-not me 😀

   I am getting a sore neck from too many long hours of spinning-I know not to do this-but when having fun---so this morning I wanted to create another page for Elizabeth's Heart theme over on AJJ

  I have a small box of dried tea bags that I save mostly from the herb teas that give pretty colors and patterns to the bags-so I grabbed several and stamped one.

   On the journal page I grabbed a pink crayola marker and rubbed it around to cover the page-I was surprised how little ink was in this-when I realized it was running out I made sure all the edges were done first. When I ran out I grabbed a pearl pink crayola crayon to finish.
    I then grabbed a square fabric with hearts on it that Mia had sent me in fun mail last year and cut out a large heart and then tacked it down to the left on the page.
   I then glued down tea bags all over the page, the one I had stamped was too much for this page so will save that one for another page.
   I also repurposed the card that Mia had sent me and cut around it and if you look close you will see a few hearts. I grabbed the pearl pink crayon to soften the white background on the card.
   I grabbed the stamp and stamped on to the top of the tea bags, and also glued down a couple wooded hearts that was also in Mia's package

So I am dedicating this Hearts journal page to our friend Mia, who always shares happiness with her friends.

If you look closely you can see the hearts from the fabric showing through the tea bag

  A few hearts on the cut out from Mia's card

A stamped heart

this tea bag didn't make it on the page

   I am pleased with the results-didn't over do it, overlapped and layered and picked up the orange and pinks

Yesterday morning the reflections on the lake were so delightful to see

and I made gluten free brownies

Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 10, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday-Still Spinning

 Good morning, those of you that have had wintry weather and/or flooding hopefully all of you came through ok We had a nice break on Sunday with the weather that warmed up enough to finish melting off the ice and snow.  One thing nice about this area of Missouri-most all of the time it will melt away before the next wintry event comes in.  Mid week though we will be bitter cold with more snow and ice.

  Tuesday is time for T with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth. You are most welcome to join us with your post-only requirement is to post a drink related photo.

   I have been doing allot of hand spinning the last several days. My goal was to finish spinning that blue fiber which I did and on to the next that I shared last week. I have been sticking with this and am almost finished. I should finish today or tomorrow. This is the best of my spinning so far-still not totally perfect but will weave up nicely.

  This first photo has my cup of decaf coffee with cream

  The skein on the niddy noddy is now filled up and the yarn is getting set as I type-I spray it down with water and let dry twice.  I am now filling up the third skein.

Next up in spinning are my beautiful rovings that I bought inspired by the colors in Yellowstone.

  The top skein that says hand painted top I purchased at a shop in West Yellowstone in May 2017-wow it's been 3 years ago and I still miss Yellowstone-
  This was local roving that was also hand dyed.
The other rovings I purchased from different vendors at Fiber U in 2017 and 2018 Last year I was good and did not buy anything at Fiber U

    These fibers are so beautiful, This collection may need a little more in browns added, and perhaps a little yellow for the aspens.

  One evening last week when we were really cold I made us some hot chocolate. Hubs just wanted a small cup so I put the rest in a big mug

I decided mine need some whipped cream too  😀

  The sky was pretty last week as well

and the gorgeous snow moon over the lake-this photo did not do this amazing view justice when I took the photo it was still light-pretty blue sky and water with this very bright full moon

Happy T everyone

PS Valerie asked what a niddy noddy was--after you spin your yarn either on to the bobbin of a spinning wheel or on a drop spindle-you take it off and wind it on to this niddy noddy. get the yarn wet and let dry-it sets the twist and then can take off and make into a skein or use a ball winder-to make into a ball of yarn
   New wooden niddy noddy's are quite expensive so I did make myself two small ones but then found these plastic ones that come apart that were made from pvc pipe-I really like these-one could make their own but liked that she had colors to choose from and I am not good with tools haha I bought two of them

Also I decided to go back to answering your comments here under yours.
     Some of you still like to converse back and forth with personal emails which I always loved and really enjoyed in the past-but most of you don't do that anymore.  and I also know many of you don't have the time to go back and read a response and I totally understand that as well-but I know some of you may.
   I know a couple of us in the T group answer under comments and I do go back and check for the response. Feels like I am interacting with my friends more this way.
    Just so you know