Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Fiber U Saturday With Photos

  I just wasn't able to make it in time for T today, especially to really visit everyone so decided not to link up this week for that reason.

  We are up at the lake house today will sleep over tonight and head back Wednesday afternoon. Hubs has another follow up appointment in Springfield Mo with the cardiac surgeon that heads the team for his heart valve procedure on Thursday morning. Springfield is about a 3 hour drive now from the lake house.
  I had planned on once we got moved in to search out cardiac doctors in Jefferson City area Missouri (an hour away) but nature had it's own plans.
  He is really tiring out super fast now, can hardly do anything at all-so I will be sure to let the surgeon know this in hopes to get him moved up sooner-although I know they have a wait list for this procedure.

  Just a heads up on why I am not on the computer much these days. I do miss all of my art friends especially.

   Since I was going to be getting home late Saturday after classes-and needed to pick up a few groceries too I suggested that Hubs sleep over on Saturday (at lake house)-he said he ended up sleeping allot all weekend before heading home late Sunday.

     I had a really fun day!
I was determined NOT to buy anything as I have a little room already packed full of fiber supplies-I was tempted of course to pick up more alpaca but I was good and walked right by haha  I love spinning alpaca as much as I do bison fibers.

   My first class was a saori weaving inspired class to make a bracelet.  The teacher was a retired art teacher, allot of fun to interact with. She spent time and thought putting together a bag full of fun. A beading loom, little wooden fork to "beat" the woven fibers in, a clasp for the finished bracelet, piece of leather to glue to the back of the bracelet and a piece of a rubbery type material to set our little looms on to so it wouldn't slip on us, plastic needles, and loads of fibers, beads, and old jewelry to choose from. A short printed introduction.
   My only complaint for this class-no guidance or instructions on different types of weaves etc. She did demonstrate a bead idea for weaving in, and showed one tapestry weave on her saori loom-that was it. She had allot of books out on the tables for inspiration.
   This was a 3 hour class, we all knew how to weave already-otherwise that would have been an issue, and no one finished. She told us she would be available on Sunday to help us finish our bracelets. I assumed the printed material she gave us would have included that-nope.  I went online to get ideas but didn't see anything on how she was making this. Didn't feel like driving back on Sunday-we were still near 100 f temperatures that day too. Soooo I just made it up haha.
     I had heard her telling someone on what to do to finish it-but decided to just let the bracelet be what it was to be.
    I ended up not weaving my bracelet long enough-so I just knotted the warp strings as far as I could. Then I got the idea to tie a loop to put a bead through on each side to pull it together-never got around to putting some leather on the back-I may still do that. I wove mine wider than the clasp was. She also had several packs of warp threads to choose from-I chose a thicker thread than most did.
   I am wearing it now as I type this up and I really like it.

My camera was up at the lake house and I decided not to take Hub's camera, he uses it for his business so didn't want to take any chances losing it or something. So I took these photos today at the lake house.

 This is a photo of the bag and the back of the loom, you bring the warp thread from the front in those grooves on top, wrap around that button on back, wind around again and will end up at the other button-keep going til you have the amount of threads you want

 Oh and that metal piece in this photo-fits into the holes in the front of the loom-which will curve the loom and make the warp threads tight-pretty clever-this was designed for beading but the teacher decided perfect for weaving-I think she is right-this was fun to work with.

In the little bag on the right-she also included that little cardboard piece to help with weaving, and she was selling that little plastic heddle that she had made up for this loom. Works like a rigid heddle loom if you are familiar with those-and similiar to that disaster of last year. I bought it as I think I can do more 2 harness type weaves with it on this little loom. 
   That class I took last year was just soooo bad-I met a lady at lunch that brought that up too-and she was the only one in that class that had figured it out.

When I got home I didn't like the thicker textured yarns I was using so took that all out-I had chosen just enough yarns to finish what I was weaving. Those were her beads as well. I went with the more earthy colors.

This would be a prettier bracelet with a smoother finish-you are to knot that first row when you take it off the loom-glue well-dry-then glue on the leather backing-and put the clasp on. I had chosen heavier yarn so don't know if this would have worked out as well-I have larger knots.
     I may add some little beads to all those strings-it is actually fun and comfortable to wear. (reminds me of my hippie days back in the 60's ha ha)

My next class-a four hour class-was with the dye teacher I had last year. She is an amazing instructor; so knowledgeable, organized and so worth the money. She makes use of every minute in her classes.

This was an introduction to indigo and weld dyeing.  I have always been a bit intimidated by an indigo dye bath-they sound so complex and a bit scary to me. Not so!!  I will be excited to try this on my own now.

The class was actually a bit large as this was a very hands on dye class, but she managed it all well. I think there were at least 14 of us.

We all had samples to dye, and socks to dye shibori style-that was so fun. The one problem was she said she was ill when she was packing up her car and left one burner in the garage that didn't make it into the car. She lives in Oklahoma a state next to Missouri.
     So that was an issue for controlling the temperature-she had two indigo pots going- one on the burner and one off-so if you were dipping your samples in a too cool pot needed to wait til got exchanged with the one on the burner and warmed back up. also with so many students the dye baths would get exhausted so she would add more dye to the batch-heat it back up-skim-and re dye.

I learned so much though, and this was a very fun class. I had met a husband and wife that took her dye class last year so it was great to meet up with them again.  They drive 6 hours to this event and take classes both Saturday and Sunday.

She also had set up little samples of wool-cotton-linen-silk so we could see the difference in fibers for the dye take up. Wool and silk are the best for indigo.

We also did a woad pot and we had the four little fabric samples-and we could choose to dye our socks either in indigo or woad.  The woad is a plant material one can grow but it is very very invasive-and I was not impressed with the color-I got prettier colors with my ice and fresh indigo leaves than the woad.

It was just as well that I didn't have my camera-we were wearing gloves the whole time and really not much time for photos during class.

This is all of the dyed pieces  (sorry that green lower left corner is an applique in a  table cloth)

all photos will enlarge to full size-just click on them:

 The idea for these samples-all were on a brass safety pin-(brass does not rust-I need some of these lol) we dipped for about a minute-pulled out-waited 10 minutes-took one skein off and dipped again-repeat-I am happy with the colors-but they did not turn out as they should-the second and third skein were dipped in too cool of a dye bath-and the timing was off on these samples too-but I learned how to do it and loved working the indigo dye pot
  One needs to remember not to add more oxygen to the dye pot-don't let dyed material coming out of the bath-drip into the pot or squeeze-a big NO NO as it adds oxygen back in to the dye pot. Many of us got reminded of this.

I was playing like our Elizabeth would have-these strings were used to tie our socks for the shibori look-instead of throwing away I saved mine and my two friends threads-I should have collected the rest that were tossed. This was heavy button hole thread  The real light ones were from woad

wool left-top linen-then silk-bottom cotton

top left wool-then silk-below cotton-bottom left linen

Aren't these socks just way too fun!! I love them. She got them from Dharma trading where she found the highest % of cotton for better dye results  She had these large plastic drainage poles that she cut to size-we tied on a sock on each end of the tube-scrunched the socks down as much as we wanted-dyed.

Everything needs to sit a few days or more-and then rinse with a vinegar-water solution til clear.

I asked the dye teacher if she would be back next year-she plans on it.

We haven't brought up our commercial coffee pot yet-as we are still living in both places still. I have other ways to make coffee though-french press, pour over, vintage percolator.  I love my pour over.  We had friends stay over and they were all quite impressed-the flavor of the coffee is exceptional too

Til next time.

UPDATE: I snagged some photos from class-that was posted on the fiber U group on facebook first one is me-I took everything out except for the center and started over-I just messaged the teacher too and she gave me the instructions for how she finished the bracelets with leather back and clasp
  PS I never show myself online so this may be the last haha

Just found another photo me on the left in blue shirt I lost 4 more pounds so my jeans are finally a bit baggy-yay

Friday, July 19, 2019

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

  It is sooooo hot and humid here that we are both really feeling the weather, so stayed home at the woods house today. Sleeping, reading, watching the television. We are approaching 100 degrees f actual temperature not counting the heat index. A bit too hot for us, and Hubs needed a day to do nothing today (friday).
   I was thinking of a summer time movie to share and State Fair came to mind.
 I have seen the 1962 version several times in the past but just discovered there was also a 1945 first version that had gotten better reviews.  There was also a broadway version even earlier.
 I also discovered a 60th anniversary dvd   that was released in 2005 that describes more about the history of this film.

                                        1945 movie

Image result for state fair movie 1945 photos

                                           1962 movie

Image result for state fair movie 1962 photos

                                             Anniversary DVD 

                          Image result for state fair movie 60 anniversary  photos

Saturday is my classes at Fiber U. 
I am taking a saori style weaving class for making a bracelet which will 
have some weaving tapestry techniques 
and also a four hour indigo dye class in the afternoon. 
I left my camera up at the lake house thinking 
we would be there today-sigh I will see if I can use Hubs camera.

Happy weekend-and stay cool everyone that also has hot weather.

Monday, July 15, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday & Celebrating 6th Year for T

   If I didn't mess up;  this week is our 6th anniversary for T for Tuesday.
I didn't want to miss the celebration!

                    Image result for photos balloons

  I am still not living in one place so just not able to swap an atc which I would have enjoyed doing but I did bring along balloons, cake, tea and coffees (photos found online)

   I started typing up this post at the lake house after we ate and then it was time to head back to the woods, so I don't have my own photos to share-I did have a couple photos to share of my own beverages. If I go to the lake tomorrow (Tuesday) I will edit them in.

  Today I did get the two halves of my loom put back together-now I just need to tie up the strings to the heddles down to the pedals, so feel good about that. I also did not lose any of my warp in progress of threading-so am happy about that too.  I have had this weaving loom since the late '70s when I was living in Colorado and working on cord board with the telephone company. This is a J Made loom made in Oregon, and is a 30" table loom that I bought the conversion kit for with the pedals-nicer to weave this way--so that is why the two halves.

For out 6th anniversary I have baked up some brownies for us (thanks to a previous post with brownies-I can share these today)

Happy 6th T birthday
     and thank you soooo much for our hostess Elizabeth, if it were not for this event I would not have any blog friends any more as all of my original friends only do facebook, instagram,or twitter these days.
     So I love this wonderful group of blogging art friends so much.

Oh and some of you that are not on blogger I will need to be up at the lake house to comment as I don't know my sign in for word press etc.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Couple Books I Have Been Reading

  I just finished reading another book tonight. These past couple of weeks I have been catching up on reading since my tv is up at the lake house.
   Hubs and I watch totally different films I mean complete opposites So I have actually enjoyed being away from the television which also means no news (with his ptsd he was advised not to watch or listen to news on a regular basis) I do miss the local news and the weather though.
   I have discovered that our local channels will now be out of Jefferson City, Mo and no longer out of Springfield-that will be an adjustment for me-I am going to call and ask if I can get Springfield-we live just a few miles outside of this coverage area.

I thought I would share a couple books.

   I like to read books about our Early American history-up to and including the civil war years-don't care for much after that time period.  I just finished reading The General's Wife: The Life of Mrs. Ulysses S Grant by Ishbel Ross  and if you enjoy this type of reading I recommend this one. I have read books about Grant's life and his civil war years but I really enjoyed this one allot. It was really about the both of them but allot more about their children and then grand children. Information about his soldier years and his presidency too.  I learned more details about them-how they had gotten taken advantage of and lost all of their financials a couple years after he left the presidency. This really brought out Mrs. Grant's personality so I felt I almost knew her. This book just had allot more information shared about their lives.

I also read a book  A Memory of Violets A Novel of London's Flower Sellers by Hazel Gaynor   This was on a really different subject, based on historical facts but name changes and turned into a novel. About the very poor of London selling fresh flowers to survive on the streets. This was a gripping story but the author was a good story teller so there are some twists and turns for interest.  I had read another book by this author that I really loved, this was on sale so picked it up. It needed a bit of better editing which I think is why it mostly got 4 stars but I was glad I read the story

I have also read several historical romance novels from authors I like that I will share in another post.

Today I broke down my 30" weaving loom and got it up to the lake house-now to re thread the pedals to the heddles-I took photos so hope that goes well haha

Friday, July 12, 2019

Afternoon at the Movies

  Happy weekend everyone!
I wanted to pop in and share a movie for Saturday but nothing came to mind so checked to see what was playing during my birthday year 1949

I found John Wayne staring in The Fighting Kentuckian.
   I always loved these really old John Wayne movies, he did some good navy ones too.
   This was set after the war of 1812 more here

                               Image result for The Fighting Kentuckian photos


These old movies didn't always have a great plot but fun to watch sometimes

Happy Saturday and weekend

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

My Computer is Now Up and Running

😃  So Happy Dancing

   The techs were here to set up the tv's, we discovered everything is wireless-cool no more loads of wires connected to the tv's  However, he said they just did an upgrade and the whole system crashed so all the tv's are down I asked and he says this rarely happens.

   We are not staying over at the lake house as of yet-but soon, but while here I will finally have my computer-should be able to participate for T in a couple weeks-I have a doctors appointment for my toe on next week Tuesday. However, not sure I am going to keep it, will see how things go. My family doctor was back from vacation and he said my toe was perfectly aligned and healing nicely from what he saw on the xrays-he didn't say anything about seeing a broken off piece of bone that traveled-I asked him to recheck that if he has time.

   We felt better after seeing the heart valve specialist doctor yesterday for Hubs. In two weeks we will meet with the head surgeon for this procedure and hopefully set up a date. He told us do to government stuff-probably left over Obamacare health issues-that the hospital is only allowed to perform this procedure for two patients every other week. Looks like the wait time will be up to 6 weeks. Also Hubs is a good candidate for this procedure which should offer good results. Right now he is so fatigued all of the time.

   Just wanted to pop in with the latest-off to check on my chicken that is roasting in my electric oven-I have approached this electric stove and oven with positive vibes and so far so good haha

Monday, July 8, 2019

Happy Monday

Image result for photos happy new week
Good morning Monday and another new week.

   The 4th was a fun day at the lake house-good food with friends and wow an awesome fireworks show all around us. Started just before dark and lasted as long as you wanted to watch all the fireworks going up around the lake that we could view from the deck.
   The guys did good fishing too.

  We had hoped to get more big items moved but our helper disappeared on us-guess he decided to take days off and not get back to us. 
    We did get one of the tv's up to the lake house yesterday as it will get connected to the electric co op's cable tomorrow-at an amazing less cost than we have been paying for all these years living so rural. To get everything with all movie channels etc will be the same price I am paying now for satelite (only choice) for one of their lowest packages. So am excited about that-love the sport channels and all the Hallmark channels, cooking diy etc etc haha

  My computer is up at the lake house but it seems to be in worse shape than we realized and won't connect to the internet. So don't know when I will have my own computer again. Probably use Hub's desk top at the final big move and hook to that. He has a lap top he can use til he gets a new desk top. We always liked just a regular desk top computer with a printer and a nice big monitor screen. We do not use smart phones either.
   I use Hubs now at the wood's house to check emails, and I check my blog friends when I can, and business stuff.
     I don't miss facebook except for the groups I follow-art and crafts groups, and lots of photo groups for Yellowstone park and my author groups. One can't be logged into two facebook accounts at the same time-so since this is Hubs computer and he is selling stuff on fb marketplace still- I am just not going there now. Too much of a hassle signing out of one and back to another.

  Late this afternoon is Hub's appointment with the heart valve specialist to learn more about his options etc.  I still have yet to hear back for an appointment for my broken toe-so am getting on them about that today.

  Summer is just passing us by so far-too much going on.

I will visit when I can-Have an awesome new week everyone

(photo found online)

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Just Checking In & Happy 4th

  Hi Everyone, Just wanted to pop in and say Hello.

      We've been busy working on things and moving things every day-we still need more days with big items like furniture etc but my kitchen things are pretty much all there now as all of my craft room things which will take much time to organize but have started in on that as well. The living room couch is there-the tv getting turned on next Tuesday. Most of our clothes are there now too and our kitchen table.
   We get up and leave early and work and then I make us our main meal at the lake house before we head home to the woods.

   Being the 4th tomorrow we will celebrate with our good friends and enjoy the lake- fishing, foods on the grill and watch the fireworks from our lake house-hoping we will be able to see some as there are lots going off in the area.

    We are getting closer, we knew this move would not be an easy task as we have much to go through.  We moved everything we owned when we retired in 2003-a whole mini farm-so you can just imagine haha

   We have to see a heart valve specialist on Monday for Hubs and operation looks to be coming. So healing prayers needed for Hubs
    Last Friday I asked my friend to drive me an hour to the urgent care so I could get x rays on my foot-it's been about 6 weeks and is still painful, swollen, and bruised in areas. I did not want to use the emergency room. The x rays showed my toe was really fractured and looked like a piece of bone broke off and is now moving to my foot pad area-here it is late Wednesday and the specialist has not called me-I really don't like all this waiting around for either of us. Will need to call them this Friday I guess. Guessing the July 4th week has limited staff presence.

Happy 4th of July to all of my USA friends-Our Independence Day here in the States.

Image result for photos Happy Independence day 4th