Monday, December 28, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday Quilt Progress & Eagle Pair

     Hi Everyone,

Tuesdays we join in with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth with a drink related post. Anyone is invited to join just have a photo with a drink reference in your post. Link in my sidebar

  This morning I decided I wanted to work on getting more of the 4 patch quilt blocks finished  up and I ended up finishing the last dozen or so. These are more time consuming than they should be as I need allot of pins-so the flannels don't stretch or slip. and since these are simple blocks I want the points to match up for sure. Laying it out I found one that was off so I may take that one apart.

  First thing early this morning,  I started a pot of decaf coffee.

Out my craft room window we had several crow visitors. They were really large up close.

All finished

and the stack of the 12 inch blocks

I  scattered out all the blocks so I could see the choices better. This is a scrappy quilt-like putting a puzzle together These are quilt store flannels

This is one of the layouts

after I took these two photos-which helps me see pops of color-I did not like those plum squares all in a row-so I turned them-but didn't take another photo made a big difference and I moved around a couple greens that were together

all ready to sew up the 8 rows and then all the rows together. I also plan on adding some borders to use up all of the queen size wool batting-don't want to waste any of that.

  If you missed my weekend posts I shared the eagle family that came to visit. At least one of the adults is here for a visit every morning now. 

   Around 4 pm today-Monday-the pair came back, and they are sitting all cozy together. I am never fast enough to get a video when I hear them singing.  My photos are not the best-we don't use smart phones, and my digital camera is over 15 years old now-but it still works pretty good.

   Gorgeous sky behind the eagle pair  This is our second winter here, and we are realizing we see this pair the most during January up til the time she is nesting

     Happy T everyone. Are you already for New Year's Eve so we can say goodbye to 2020??   I have wild caught usa shrimp in my freezer so will be doing a shrimp boil for the two of us.

   Happy T everyone and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 27, 2020

I am Looking for a Quilt Pattern Update-Found

   Update: thanks to your responses I found a copy. I was holding off on the one I found for $27.00 last night as the seller had 3 copies but this morning when a friend referred me to the site-she had just 2 copies left so I decided to get it. then a friend found  me a copy for $19.00 right after I bought the first one. That's ok shipping is free on the one I ordered and I finally have this pattern Thinking of making the appliques with wool

     (I don't feel so bad about missing the one for $19.00 as it added $6.00 in shipping)

Hi everyone, I thought I would put this out there in case anyone seeing this post, might have this paperback book with patterns for the quilt and no longer want it or would sell it??

Across the Wide Missouri by Edie Mcginnis and Jan Patek

This came out in 2010 and I always regretted not buying it back then Now it is difficult to find.
Twelve stories and blocks honor the courageous women who packed up their lives to head West. The featured quilt by Edie McGinnis and Jan Patek The Star's 2010 Block of the Month project is offered in two different colorways. Additional quick and easy projects also honor the pioneer spirit.

Thank you

Good Morning Sunday & the Eagle Family

   Wow what a treat to see the eagle family this morning. 

At first just one and the eagle was sitting in a very different spot, then the youngster arrived  and then the second eagle. Unless the adults are side by side I can't always tell which is the female and the male. The female is always the larger though

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


   I thought I would pop in one more time before Christmas

    I finished up making the tamales today. I had prepared the meat yesterday and did one steamer full of about 20 tamales. Today I made up the rest and ended up with 40 more tamales. I will keep out some for tomorrow and freeze the rest.

  This year I shredded a part of a beef roast and added that to browned ground beef sirloin and two long chorizo sticks. Added a jar of Paul Newmans salsa and a little bit of shredded cheese.

  We like our tamales with more meat than corn, so I lay down a thin layer of the masa mixture and pile on meat in the center-roll it up and tie. Steam for an hour.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & an Update-Gift Quilt-Gifted

    Happy T everyone, 

          Does it seem possible that we are closing in on the end of the month soon and the year as well? I think most will be happy to see 2020 gone but there is allot happening the first week in January so hold on to your seats.

       T is where we share a drink related photo in our post with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth Anyone is welcome to join

    This past week "our" eagle pair has been nearby almost every day and they stay a long time too at least half the day and then some days they return. We so enjoy their visits. This is their courting season so they are much more visible. Larry has seen the pair fly right past his window where his desk and computer are (facing the lake)  twice last week-always exciting.

and Sunday we finally had sunshine.

  I have been sewing the 4 patch blocks a few every other day, trying to limit my time at the sewing machine as I over did it a bit on the past 3 quilts. This one has allot more blocks to make.

  I made a batch of peanut brittle and gave it all away plus a big batch of soft chocolate chip cookies for one of our friends that comes up and helps Larry when he can. It's an hour drive for him but he loves peanut brittle so he drove up for a visit and his treats. He brought his daughter and a friend over so that's the only interaction we have had with people in a couple months now-except for me when I go grocery shopping every 2 weeks or so. When they left I put all the placemats into the hamper to be washed and sanitized the table.

   We are in a warm spell right now, cold in the mornings but has been warming up to the 50's f which is really nice.

   Where the moon is right now I have to go out onto the deck and look up towards the house-I can see it through allot of tree branches but sadly I can't see the planets which is bummer. I will watch it on the 21st online through the telescopes.

   Last time I was at the Amish store I spotted spices for steeping in cider, wine, and they suggested black tea. So I bought a container and steeped it with a green tea-very nice.

     This single serve teapot I found in my Mom's things several years ago now-so I had brought it home with me. I love the strainer insert.

and I have to blame this on Elizabeth-I bought eggnog last time I went grocery shopping. I Loveeee eggnog too but I have been staying away from buying it these past years do to the high carb content--but after seeing her post-yep I needed to splurge this Christmas Sooo good 😀

  Monday I am driving to the woods house-to check on the propane tank to see if I need to order some in before the next bitter cold front. So I called up our friend that I made the gift quilt for and she will meet me there. So excited to finally get this to her-she has no idea it's a quilt. 

Happy T everyone, and Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate

Monday Update: It was so wonderful to be able to visit with a friend again

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Movie and Chex Mix

   Happy Saturday everyone,

     I am a bit later for posting today, as I went grocery shopping very early morning soon after they opened (less people that way) and after bringing everything indoors and getting it where it belongs-I decided to rake up more leaves and burn.

   After being in the 20's and low 30's f most of last week, today was a treat with warmer weather and full sunshine. Along the driveway nearest to the upper level where I park my car-the wind brings down allot of leaves along that area. I bagged up one bag at a time and burned it and then got more-ended up doing 4 huge leaf bags. That area is half finished now. We are to have a few more days like this so hoping to finish as long as no wind.

  I wanted to share my favorite vintage Christmas Movie-a must see for me every year.  I probably shared it last year too.  I never got into It's a Wonderful Life like most do. I haven't seen that one in probably 40 years or more I probably should give it another watch one day.

                                            White Christmas

I probably enjoy White Christmas so much, because my parents when we were growing up enjoyed musical movies. My Mom also took us into Chicago to see these shows on Broadway.-wow that was a Veryyy long time ago lol Good memories though-she always got us front row seats in the first balcony.

  Do you make Chex mix for the holidays into the New Year?  I don't make it every year, I tend to eat too much at once -cause it is so good-and then regret it later. 😐 It also can have allot of added salt in it. I never add the flavored salt they suggest.

   I had been thinking about making up a big batch, and then a comment came in on my last blog post and that did it-Yes I want to make some. I choose gluten free cheerios, rice and corn cereals and will add gluten free cheese crackers and pretzels. I will leave out the nuts this year. My stomach is Not liking nuts right now.  I was glad I had the Worcestershire sauce in the frig. as the store did not have one bottle of it on the shelves this morning.

   This unknown commenter must have been searching online for the original Chex mix recipe and my 2011 post popped up.  This is a very informative post about the history of Chex mix and the recipes.

"Wanted to thank you for your old post on the history of Chex Party Mix. I remember my Mom making it way back in the 50's and it had Kix corn cereal (There were no corn chex back then.) in it. Friends said I was NUTS - now I know one of the original recipes DID have Kix in it! You should repost that to this site for posterity. The information is hard to find!"

    Do you remember the Kix corn cereal? I do and am wondering now if it is still available to purchase. I didn't see it where I shopped today.

     I also did another post that I shared a gluten free version  I was going to save these two posts for Second on the 2nd come January but decided to share now in case you are looking for recipes.

   Happy Saturday and weekend everyone

Monday, December 14, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday and Christmas Baking

   Hi Everyone, 

    Tuesdays are also T Stands for Tuesday where we gather over at our hostess Bluebeard and Elizabeth and share a drink related post. Any one can join in for T just share a drink related photo.

  My most favorite Christmas cookies are cut out cookies, molds, or stamps. I have recipes I have used for almost 40 years now. I have changed up the flour and sweeteners for our health concerns over the years but they always turn out so good.

  I baked and decorated the vanilla cookies Sunday, so Monday I will be baking up the gingerbread cookies.

  I am not great at decorating for sure but I always have fun with them. These cookies are gluten free and keto sweetened except for the sugar sprinkles The frosting made with keto powdered sweetener turned out really good and hardened when dry. The cookies are soft too which we like. and we are really enjoying those soft molasses white chocolate chip cookies I shared a couple posts back.

I also made chocolate popcorn on Sunday 

    Everything is now packaged up and in the freezer-for safe keeping haha  I saved out just a few cookies and a little bit of the popcorn. Yum

  Did you get a chance to view the total eclipse online?? It was spectacular. I found a site that was sharing live images from Chili and also Argentina At around the 75 minute mark was the time closest to the total eclipse. They also said they will be sharing the two planets aligning that some call the Christmas Star on the 21st   I believe they said.  First time in over 800 years for this to occur. Amazing 

For my drink references this week. 

   A few days ago, I unwrapped the cheesecloth from the fruitcakes and re soaked the cloth with brandy and re wrapped the cakes. Behind the brandy you can see my coffee mug with coffee

and I had shared this photo before, but I am really enjoying this tea in the afternoons most days now-the box of tea is almost gone

Happy T everyone

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Happy Friday

   Friday is almost upon us already.

We are enjoying warmer temperatures for sure.

  I baked up a new to me cookie that sounded really good and it Is a really good cookie  It's a soft baked molasses white chocolate chip cookie. recipe here  I did change the recipe a little bit-used gluten free flour blend, for the brown sugar I used a keto brown sweetener and a little coconut sugar, and I did roll them in organic sugar.  I did have a bag of keto white chips but I had a half bag of  Ghiradelli white chips to use up so I used those instead.

      I would make these again.

      The north star has been very bright over the lake the last few days but have not been able to capture a good photo-this morning there was even a reflection on the lake from it-that was spectacular to see.

   The crane that comes to visit has been hanging out on the lawn in front of the lake on colder mornings, and also on the dock-fishing

and I remembered where I had stashed the Christmas paper luminaries and lights (battery tea lights)

     This first one I was hoping the little lights would show up in the bags but they did not

Happy Friday and weekend everyone

Monday, December 7, 2020

Happy T and This and That

   Hello everyone,

Hoping your December is going well so far. We are still having bits of fog in the mornings, and I caught a beautiful sunrise over the water this week.

   Tuesday's is where we share T with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth-find link in my sidebar. We gather together to share and also to share a drink related photo.

   I am still sewing hexies, sewed a few blocks for my Yellowstone inspired quilt, but for a couple days now I needed to re tie my wool quilt. I tied this one with crochet thread which I have used in the past but these ties would not stay tied-I was constantly re tying them ugh  I have never had this happen before and I have tied Allot of quilts over the years. Wondering if it was because of the thick wool? 

   So I re tied it with wool yarn, and just finished it. I just sat on the floor and worked on this while watching something on RSBN network. I started out with this large hoop for awhile but decided it was just as easy to go row by row on the floor.

    After dipping chocolates, I still had a whole bag of white and little left of the dark. So I wanted to use this up making chocolate barks. Melting the white and then sprinkling crushed red peppermints on top.  This did not want to set up-perhaps in the freezer too long not sure so I put it all back in the pan added the rest of the dark chocolate and when melted added in almond slivers and the pineapple and poured it out on the marble slab thicker. This also had those peppermint candies that I had sprinkled on top. This one set up like soft fudge-so at least it was useable and tastes good-so more chocolates in the freezer haha  I will gift allot of these chocolates.

  A couple guys that help Larry when they can love these Christmas treats. I will be making the peanut brittle for them.

  I haven't been feeling good this week, the up and down weather always gets to me and I ate too many nuts-I know better too-but my body does Not like them. No fun getting my digestive system working again.  This morning I decided to make a cup of peppermint tea that was gifted to me from Mia  and then I just haven't eaten much today-a fresh pear, a couple scrambled eggs, maybe a little yogurt tonight

    Here are some lake views from the last couple of days

This sun was actually a very bright red but the photo did not pick that up

We also enjoyed a popcorn night

   I like to use a quality olive oil instead of butter and I just picked up this hand mined salt from Utah at the Amish store-which was really nice on the popcorn very fine. and this is our favorite popcorn-very very tender I get it online.

This popper is is over 30 years old now and still going strong 😀

Happy T everyone