Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Sealing Wax Arrived Today-So Lovely

(photos will enlarge)

   When I opened up my package of handmade sealing waxes-wow it almost took my breath away-how lovely these were packaged--just had to share with you

  Here is the link to her shop on Etsy

  My stamp will not arrived for another week or so

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merery Christmas Happy Holidays & My Crafts

(found this as a stock photo online)

   Merry Christmas everyone!
        Wow and Christmas Day is just a week away now. 
I have not done much at all this year-I usually make handmade papers for my Christmas cards but I did not do that this year. I decided to make papers and cards to welcome in the New Year or most likely Spring instead.
   Remember those sealing stamps and waxes?? I used to love using those back in the '60s. I decided to buy me a new stamp-lost mine over the years-which after hunting found a usa made one. and on Etsy I found handmade non toxic melting wax-so I am all set  I am excited about finding the wax and they are so beautifully made too

I think these will look lovely on my handmade papers.

   I am making progress on the threading of my weaving project-I was hoping to be finished by today but couldn't work on it a couple days do to being so dark (we have had no sun here) or to give my back a rest. I am just past the half way point though. 

   This coming week I will do some holiday baking and candy making-I enjoy doing it and reminds the two of us that it's the holidays lol  I will give allot of it away to a neighbor friend who has 2 twin teenage boys at home still. That's what happens when you are seniors with no family.  
    Very very cold here today minus 1 degree f with -15 wind chills so won't be going outdoors today except to feed the deer this afternoon.

Enjoy your holiday season!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I am Finally Threading my Loom

  This project has been looking at me for over a year now-perhaps two-crazy I know.
   Do some projects that you have started are just difficult to get back to?  This one turned out to be more tedious for me, and really gets to my back now-really can't be sitting and then standing and moving around-just easier to stand lol and be bent over for part of the process.
    I had gotten the idea to tie the new warp on to the previous warp to save time with the pattern threading. However what I forgot about is-there are two threads in each slot in the reed and then those two threads go into two different heddles to form the pattern. So my pattern is there, but I need to pull the two threads in each space unknot them, look to see which thread is in order and then thread them. It would have been much faster to not tie on the new warp.  I have gotten a little more done since I took these photos yesterday morning.
   The first photo shows the reed where the two threads are in each slot, and the second photo is the back of the loom for the threading of the pattern.
    I am also getting a little concerned that my warp threads may be a bit more challenging to work with than I originally thought. They have bits of texture in them which can cause some problems-hopefully not.
   I was determined to tackle this project this winter for sure-I know I said that last year too lol, but the person I am making this for had a massive cardiac arrest a month ago. A shock to everyone. From updates on fb she is progressing and doing much better now. 
       This is a reminder not to put off things no matter what it is-cause each day is precious and we just never know. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy December

Welcome in December,
       Thought  I would drop in and say hello--Have not been real active with my two blogs here lately.
      Nothing new happening to write about-lol  However I did get out my adult coloring book Yellowstone Color it Wild that I bought this past summer-along with gel pencils and watercolor pencils--I am really not good with these detailed coloring books, and I loved this book so much that I thought I would not "ruin" it by coloring-but I changed my mind this week and giving it a go-kinda fun as a relaxing tool-which I love my spinning for too.
    I picked up my little spot on the floor for spinning as I finished up with the blending of odd wools I was working up and wanted to get that off the floor and get back to weaving really soon.  I really do miss the spinning though.
   Back to coloring books-do you enjoy these-do you feel intimidated by the complexity of them or is it just me that thinks some of these adult coloring pages are a bit overwhelming.

  Enjoy the upcoming Holidays and all the festivities!