Saturday, August 18, 2018

Happy Saturday-Weekend & Possible Life Change

  Hi everyone,
     Today's project for myself was to get the coat of kilnz paint onto the rest of my hallway project. One wall and one ceiling.  This is kinda slow going as I paint with a brush not a roller-ha ha. I can hold on to and also make much less of a mess paining with a brush. I have painted our entire house with a brush. Of course Hubs just shakes his head-but no one can see any brush strokes so all is good.
  Actually especially for this first coat of paint-a roller would pretty much make a mess of things and pull allot of the paper off until it is  sealed first with the first coat of paint.

    After I finished that up, I decided to grab a bucket and collect a bunch of leaves for my next eco print project. The kilnz coat will be better to set for a day anyways before applying the final color paints.
    I was hoping to find more leaves in color, but sadly most are just drying up and falling on the ground. I did grab a few reds from the sumac and some yellows. I have them soaking in cold rusty water. I emptied my gallon of rusty water into the bucket and then filled it up with cold water So the rusty water will be much more diluted than last time. 
   I may also leave out the addition of tannin with alum as that seemed to make spots on the papers-but then again the leaves are probably losing allot of their tannins now so I may just add a little to this rusty water tomorrow morning.

   I ordered some new papers that I got in yesterday. This got good reviews from a couple sites I had read on eco printing. Bee Papers watercolor papers 140 pound weight. These are also cut to 6" x 9" (inches) So I think I will like this size as well

  I was not going to post this yet, but Hubs is starting to tell friends about it-so thought I would share-perhaps it will help everything come true and easily obtained.
  We never have talked about this at all, this was to be our forever home here in the woods-I do love it here away from neighbors especially, but keeping up with all the grass cutting etc is getting to be too much for us. Especially with Hubs failing health, and as we are getting older so is all of our equipment too-so it's either pay out money to have it cut or buy new. It takes two full days to cut everything that should be cut around all of our buildings. So pretty expensive to pay someone.
  We were driving together up to the lake near Ha Ha Tonka State Park-one of my favorite parks close by, and Hubs out of the blue says Ya know I have been looking at lake property to see what the possibilities are, in fact I fell in love with a place totally perfect for us but was sold within 5 days-and I didn't say anything cause I didn't think you would want to move again. What??? well I was kinda thinking we needed to down size in the near future and I would love to downsize to a lakefront property and Not to a city that's for sure.
   I would enjoy the lake enviroment, I love to eat fish, the views, but I do Not do boats, as I do Not know how to swim. lol   We would want property with boat lifts and dock so easy for Hubs to launch his boat by himself. I also don't want to move so far away that his fishing buddies wouldn't come and go fishing with him
  Sounds pretty fun, but when I was out collecting things for eco print-what would be available at a lake enviroment??  Biggest thing is-just a huge huge project to sell things and downsize-we did not downsize at all when we moved from northern Illinois- kept everything because I didn't know for sure what I wanted. We both collect many things, and we have garages filled to the brim too--a big task-Hubs says we could just bring in an auctioneer-yes that's doable. lol
  So right now we are surfing the net to see what is available. another thing is our house never got completed inside-still a few floors to do, and the bathroom stills need finishing. I am going to not stress over this-and just see what develops.

so we'll see perhaps our future will be views like this

Related image

and not views of our woods and wildlife-wondering if there are birds near a lake? deer roaming by?
  So a new life adventure is upon us-searching and thinking about it can be half the fun. and I have already started going clothes-next up is all my vintage kitchen things-I can sell those My crafts-looms-ummm don't think so ha ha