Friday, June 21, 2024

Stitch Projects

    The other evening I browsed on Ebay for Jack Dempsey's embroidery projects. I think this company has been around a long time. The prices are pretty low as you buy your own threads. Ebay had the lowest prices and a large selection too The pattern is already stamped onto the cotton/poly fabric and will rinse right out after you stitch the pieces.

  I wasn't going to buy something new, but I decided I needed something simple to stitch---like I need more quilts haha   Hubs will have a fit about it I am sure. I have everything here in my fabric stash to put quilts together including the batting. I also still have lots of embroidery threads, some of it was my Mom's and Grandmas, some I picked up at garage sales, and some was gifted to me as well-thanks Deb. (in Texas)

  Originally I was looking at this company's towel embroidery projects but most all of the reviews mentioned they thought the towel fabric was way too thin for a towel.  

    These quilt blocks I bought can be made into pillows or anything really that you want to put together..

 I found these wolf blocks and had to have it-smiles. This one is all X's I believe for the stitches, don't like the red at all but I am thinking of playing around with the background for sky colors and the ground area. Thought this was unique how the pattern shows up.

I found these flower blocks that I really liked and I may be able to play around with different stitches on this one.

  The printed blocks are all that is included-but they showed this idea for a quilt.

Before I bought those two I had put in a bid for these dragonflies. I won the bid so picked it up at very little expense. Thought they will go well with the flowers, as they are both 9 inch blocks.

  If you have any suggestions on what to make with these blocks please share, I am open to ideas.

I found better for me stitching videos than the class link I had shared  find here  I may not continue with those summer stitch videos as I like this new link better. I do have a couple small stitching books with photos but videos are better for me.  The two books I have in my library were for crazy quilts.

   Years ago, I made a pillow to try out a crazy quilt technique to see if I wanted to do something larger. The yellow is my own hand dyed cotton with dried mimosa leaves and the stitches are all on wool with wool threads.  Some of you may remember this one. I really enjoyed this project but decided did not want to commit to a large quilt. I had thought of just making a couple rows of blocks for the end of the bed-as a foot warmer-but didn't pursue it. We have an 1800's iron bed so thought that would like nice-and keep our feet warm too..

 This area is next to the living room tv. I wove the piece that the crazy quilt pillow is sitting on, the bottom pillow was stitched with  trapunto stitches that my Mom had stitched.  You can see a few handmade pottery pieces, the pretty painted  flower is from one of my slow mail friends.  The crazy quilt pillow is sitting on top of Larry's mountain man wooden back pack filled with different furs.

  Each day we are getting more humidity and higher temperatures. So far looks like we will reach 97 F degrees this coming Monday.  I have been going out early every morning to cut grass for an hour with the weed eater. Yesterday I got over heated so I did not go out this morning. Got into reading a good book last night and stayed up half the night reading-I do that sometimes but today I am dragging for sure.

  Happy Friday and Weekend! stay cool in this heat. I would love to send some of  this heat to friend Iris in Germany where she is having a very cold summer so far.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Those of you that Stitch-A Question--Updated

   Hello Friends,

       I want to do a little embroidery, I think it would be more fun to learn some new stitches if I had a small project.

   Years ago I bought sets of large blocks that were stamped with the design-and then just rinse when finished and the lines dissolve away Looking online I can not find anything like this. Just finding patterns that are pdf-ugh how would I even get that transferred onto fabric? 

  That all sounds too complicated for me right now

  Soooo do any of you have suggestions on where I can find this online? thanks   The last one I did was a set of 12 inch blocks that I sewed into a quilt and a pillow. Oh and no counted cross stitch for me-just embroidery stitches, don't mind a few of those X's


Update: I just found the company I was looking for Jack Dempsey they have towels and quilt blocks. Back in Illinois there was a sweet little shop with all sorts of craft items and threads etc and she sold these. Now I am remembering I have quilt blocks somewhere that I had laid out in a quilt per my Mom at the time it was soooo large took that all apart-have no clue if I still have that in my stash or not haha.

  The Jack Dempsey just uses very simple stitches but I could always change things up a bit I am thinking

Friday morning early--we are headed towards even hotter days with high humidity-so will be outdoors cutting grass very early this morning.  I am just doing an hour each morning now-to not aggravate my back and shoulders too much.

  I browsed on Ebay for Jack Dempsey embroidery blocks and they have pages of listings found one for flowers which I bought and put a bid on one for wolves-that one was different-all x's and plain is the wolf etc-interesting. 

   If you are hot where you are-stay safe and cool