Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Food Wednesdays

Welcome to Food Wednesdays,  I wrote up this post over the weekend and then set it up to post on the evening of the 24th.  

  Over the weekend I am getting comments, how did that happen I am thinking-well searching I goofed and had it post on the 17th and not on the 24th-sigh. Since we already had a link up I left that post up

  and note: this post was not to go live til late today so not sure what is happening with scheduling posts here-oh well

  Please go here for this week's Food Wednesdays  thanks everyone

Sunday, May 22, 2022

T Stands for Tuesday

   Here we are again joining friends for T over with Bleubeard and Elizabeth-link in my side bar. You are welcome to join just share a drink related photo.

  It's been another week with lots of storms and rain, and over the weekend we dropped to the 40's f with lots of wind all day Sunday.

  I was able to finish up that gardening area I was working on,  in between the rains. I added allot of bags of soil to this hard clay-which will need more this fall or next spring. I had a large area left unplanted, so I dug out my coffee can of saved marigold seeds and spread that out really thick. These are old seeds so hoping many of them will grow. I also have another tin full of zinnia seeds I will be planting in another area.

  We will need to tackle the tall grass again this week, and I need to learn how to use the weed eater soon. Sadly lots more rain most days this coming week.

  On off days I have played with watercolors for a journal page for AJJ and also another page for  AJJ's theme this month Birds with mixed papers. Here are a couple photos in case you missed those posts.

    I don't have new lake photos this week to share, but I did take this moon photo over the lake before the eclipse.

My drink share this week is a decaf coffee with a splash of my homemade Kahlua This is another handmade pottery cup in my collection of handmade pottery pieces

Those of you that enjoy working with watercolors I wanted to share an article from Winsor and Newton's newsletter this month about the Golden Age of Watercolor 1750-1850  found this an interesting read

  I also wanted to share a beautiful watercolor painting that I received from one of my slow mail friends. It is so beautiful that I have it sitting on my desk in my craft room so I can enjoy it and be inspired.
     Thank you Debbie  of blog View From Harmony Hills

 That's it for me this week Happy T Day Everyone