Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Another Dreary Day & Comment Moderation

  The weather people keep saying sunshine but where I am in the woods-no sun. Foggy most of the mornings and then deep in cloud cover.
   A little warmer though-building up to the 50's F before it crashes over the weekend-down to single digits plus wind chills. Brrrr
   I wanted to share that I fixed the email notification on my blog here-again. It has been many months since this has worked for me.
   I know many of you are set up to no reply and also don't want notifications in your email either-but I love this set up as responding (to those that are set to reply) is much more personal between friends, and this also tells me if someone has commented on a much older post-how else would I even know that?
   I thought I had it fixed with Mia's instructions several months ago, it worked for awhile and then it just quit again-so on Tuesdays especially I have gone back to responding under your comments or if you have a question I go to your blog and respond in comments.
  Anyways I went through settings again and found a different spot-at least I had not noticed this one before.
  Click on settings and then click on Posts, Comments, Sharing. Under Comment Moderation it says email moderation requests to-and then add your email. In a couple days after I did this I got a request from Google asking if I wanted this-and I said yes. 
  Now I am getting notified when someone comments in my personal email-I do not need to go to the comment page on Google and look for comments that need to be approved. 
    So I am thinking perhaps this is now set up that one needs to moderate comments and then one now has this option to also go into our email as well. 
    So comment moderation is now going into my personal email, and the several blogging friends I have that are also set to reply allowed-I can now reply and answer comments direct to you-again.
  Hope this all makes sense. lol
   Anyways, I am happy now 😃 For me a much better blogging experience to be able to have a conversation with friends back and forth with emails-

  Yesterday was a long day in town-many errands to run. I also needed fresh produce and more bottled water in case we lose electric over the weekend 
    I think the only business I will miss when we move to the lake house is the Aldi store. I really love this store. They always have interesting foods from Germany, great gluten free line of foods, good produce and this one has been selling ground bison meat from time to time. When ever they have it I buy a couple to throw in the freezer. 
   If you like the organic grass fed low fat ground beef you would love this. The meat is very tender, no fat and a mild flavor I like it better than venison. I have saved a bison meatball recipe I have been wanting to make but I was not into something new today so I made us a goulash with the bison meat. 
     and Aldi is the only store near me where I can buy pasta sauces with no added salt. Now that we really have to watch the salt for my husband I couldn't believe that most pasta sauces are over 500 to 1000 of sodium per 1/3 cup serving-that's allot of salt. The Aldi brand is only 25.
   I meant to take a photo before I served this-but this is what is left over for tomorrow I used gluten free elbow pasta made from corn

   Today is catch up with laundry day-whenever bad weather is coming in I now always make sure all the laundry is caught up, house is clean, and we have water.  I am a little concerned with  the weather coming in over the weekend-along with single digits in temps we will have very very strong wind gusts. brrrr sounds cold to me.

   We just found out this afternoon from the seller of our lake house (Hubs is still connected to her on facebook) that just a couple houses down from us and one of her good friends-was badly burned in her house fire-that is totally destroyed. How sad and a bit scary being so close to our lake house. 
    Hubs will find out more tomorrow when he goes up. He usually goes up with helpers to work on Thursdays and I go with him one day over the weekend. Since we had wintry weather last weekend we didn't go up. The house fire was last Saturday. Am hoping most of the snow has melted in our steep driveway-that area was to get 5 to 8 inches of snow.

  Well I have rambled on enough-
Happy Wednesday