Saturday, June 3, 2023

Good morning-a little update

 Good morning-Weekend.

    Hi Friends, Just popping in really quick to say hello.  Tomorrow-Sunday- friends from Wisconsin will be driving down visiting for several days. Rob is coming with a friend (we know Rich too) to go fishing and they are bringing Rich's brand new boat. Seems like a long drive (600 miles or so) to trailer a boat down when Larry has one. Smiles    Soooo I will be busy cooking up meals etc and won't be around much or for T this coming week.

  We did finally get a little rain, just enough so I didn't need to water the perennials for a couple days. We are headed towards the 90's though starting today and warmer at  night too-so will miss those cool mornings to start off the day.

   I am off to finish cleaning the house. Yesterday I went food shopping and ugh the dentist-I had a very deep filling between two crowns that needed fixed-I am still in pain from that, but thankfully I was able to get in right a way.

 Have a great weekend and new week-we will be watching the race boats on the lake-that came to play this weekend.

 Our 41st wedding anniversary is this coming Monday, so I made one of Larry's favorites-from scratch lemon meringue pie-one of the very few things I bake with sugar still

 and a pretty pre-sunrise this morning

Sunday, May 28, 2023

T Stands for Tuesday-Photos

   Joining T over at Bleubeard and Elizabeath's-just share a drink related photo to join in, link in my sidebar.

   I am sharing a few photos this week.

 Some  of you may remember from last year a visit from  the "deck duck"  I had just been wondering if she/he would visit us again and the duck arrived the next day. Larry thinks this is the same duck just more mature.

   This was taken early morning, full sun with steam from the lake. We are dropping into the low 50's and high 40's F at night for several days now. By 11 am it warms up to the high 70's and low 80's F during the day so really perfect weather for this long weekend.


 Friday I baked up yellow angel food cakes for the both of us to go with the lovely fresh strawberries and blackberries I had picked up at the grocery store. They came out so good even the gluten free version. 
     The first photo is the wheat cake and the second is the gluten free version. I had extra egg whites after separating the eggs so added them to the gluten free cake-gave it the extra volume it needed.
   These rose so much this time I had a bit of difficulty getting them out of the pans.

Gluten free cake below. I froze most of mine in single servings, as gf baked goods will dry out faster than the wheat cakes do.

 Of course the lake was totally bonkers with many many  boats of all sizes. I am writing this up early Sunday evening and the lake is still full of boats going every which way.  I only got a couple photos, as I pretty much "hid" in the house with all the commotion. lol  I did get to enjoy fireworks from the neighbors Saturday evening. Am hoping the one straight across from us will display more fireworks again tonight-he is a professional so the show is amazing. I have such an amazing indoor view of his fireworks show.

This photo below is taken looking to the right of the deck-where the lake really opens up for a bit and where lots of boats come in at. It is fun to see all the different types of boats-all sizes and some very very expensive ones too.
   We had friends that came up to go fishing for a bit Sunday morning off our dock-In a couple hours they caught a large bucket full of crappie, bass, and catfish-good eats. The grandfather lives in Colorado and he loves to fish when he visits his family (our friends)

   I forgot to take photos but I did finish up the limincello recipe on Wednesday. I divided it into two gallon water bottles and stored them in the freezer. Each bottle was about half full-for expansion. Will be better tasting in another month or so.

  For my drink share-a cup of white tea that I had picked up at the Amish food store

and I will close  with this surprise-This really nice bird feeder was gifted to us by our lake friends for Christmas. Told us it was squirrel proof. I had to laugh at that because I have yet to find a bird feeder that is squirrel proof or raccoon proof.  Over this busy weekend-the new squirrel youngsters have been a handful, that I have had to bring in the seed feeders so they don't destroy them Sometimes there 6-8 youngsters eating all the bird seed.

  Yep this squirrel managed to get through the cage area that is suppose to protect the seed feeder. I don't think an adult squirrel could get in though.

Happy T and new week