Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hi Everyone & a Question on the Art Journal Challenges-thanks

  Hi Everyone, we are still enjoying pretty warm temperatures-in the 50's f during the day-loving that.
    Thursday a very long long day driving to get labs for Hubs and then on to Springfield for a follow up appt. He should be starting his cardic rehab very soon, once the in home nurse discharges him. They finally seem to have the medicine correct now.

  Progress on my cushions-for these cushions I bought the cushion foam online and chose firm-these are for sure very firm. I had to really struggle to get the covers on them-they fit pretty good, corners not perfect but I don't think anyone will really notice. I am doing the hand stitching now for the sides that are open to be able to get the cushion in. Even if I would have put a zipper in these-I will not be wanting to take them on and off. I will give them a good coating of scotch guard instead.

  I am thinking of joining in on some of the Art Journal Journey challenges next year. I need something to add to my art-craft journey and to help keep my creativity and mind busy.
   I checked the rules and it says nothing smaller than 4.1 x 5.8 inches so I will probably go larger as I don't like working small. I am thinking mixed media means I can also use fabrics with the papers, stamps etc?
   I have another question-do you create each page seperate that is not in a journal type book-or do you work in the book itself?
     I was checking amazon and they have lots of choices in spiral bound form, which I thought might be nice to have it all in a book-but then perhaps more difficult to work in?  So thinking do you put your art journal pages into a book later or do you work in the book?

  Also on the gesso-to seal the page first-do you use clear or white? I even saw black but I don't think I would want then now.

Thanks in advance