Friday, February 3, 2023

An Ink Journal Page for AJJ

 I wanted to make another journal page for Erika's theme Red for Art Journal Journey-link in my side bar.

I am really enjoying working with my inks, both my own botanical inks and Winsor Newton's watercolor inks. The journal page is all inks.

My inspiration page on top -I changed the violet flowers to red

I really love the richness of inks

Happy Friday and weekend.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rain's Art and Dinner Date & Also linking up with Art Journal Journey

 We have endured a very very cold week so far, down in the low teens most nights, today first time in awhile we made it to the low 30's F during the day. A little warm up coming our way for a couple days-with sunshine I am hoping.

  I thought I would link up with Rain's Art and Dinner Date this week-find link in my side column to participate.

  Today I decided to make a gluten free pineapple upside down cake in my Grandma's 10 inch cast iron pan.  Have not made one in quite awhile-turned out really delicious. When I flipped this cake over on to a handmade pottery large plate-it came right out of the pan perfectly.

This was so moist and delicious. For gluten free cakes I use a quality gluten free cake mix-makes it less stressful for me that it will bake up right. This one was a Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Yellow cake mix. Instead of the water I used the pineapple juice, and I also added a teaspoon of pineapple extract to the batter, and used olive oil instead of butter.   For the bottom I used melted butter and a blend of brown sugar and coconut sugar. Then I added a can of drained crushed pineapple. I prefer this pineapple over the large rings-nicer to cut the slices this way, and we do not like those red cherries. smiles

For my art

  I have been working with my own botanical inks and watercolor inks and paints a few days a week-to get more art practice in.

  This painting, I used the red ink for the roof and flag thinking I would also link up with AJJ for the theme red-but I am not sure if this qualifies as a journal page or not? Update: Erika says I can link up my page so will do that-thank you. Find link in my side bar for Art Journal Journey

 The page on top is from a magazine and used for inspiration. I had a line out of place on the log house so turned it into a flag. The red is one of the Winsor Newton watercolor inks. I was trying to write KC Chiefs but I had a hard time writing over the ink for some reason-I did manage to get just KC on the flag.

The log cabin is all done in different inks-iron gall, black walnut, and Winsor Newton inks

The background is all watercolor paints except for the bush-tree branches are black walnut ink

Sorry as I was taking these photos I was losing day light the colors are a bit muted. Another fun little painting for me to practice  and learn using the inks and paints

Happy Thursday!