Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Link to my Brand new Blog-this one is being retired

 Good morning everyone,

   I decided much less confusion to have just one blog-don't need two going as I originally  had thought to do.

   So I am retiring this blog to make way for the new here   The new name for my blog is My Artistic Endeavours at the Lake

   I know most of you are not concerned with the linking up, but when someone tells me that someone else was sent into her blogging settings do to an incorrect link, and  not into their own blog settings well computer geek that I am not--that is concerning to me. call me paranoid

   I just decided to feel safe I would still participate in the link up events that I enjoy, especially T by visiting all of you, but just won't set up a link.

   With 2020 being such a crazy year-as it continues to be-instead of staying with this blog why not just start out fresh-try out the new blogger platform as some day it may just switch over to that anyways.

  So if you are following me in your blog list please update   

     I have already transferred most everything over to my nre blog. Hoping to see you there as I have enjoyed visiting all of you  Below graphic found online.