Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Happy Earth Day & a Book

  The 22nd is Earth day 

Ever since my "hippie days" I have always worked at recycling, organic veggie gardening and putting up my own food, my arts and crafts, being kind to our planet-it's our home-everyone on the planet's home.

    If you search your local area news and/or online there are many many events happening on this day.


   I just finished reading the book Beyond The Ice Cream Cone by Pamela Vaccaro Someone on T probably about a year ago shared this book, I think it was Mae. Since this was about the World's Fair in St Louis, Missouri in 1904 I was intrigued and searched out the book.

   I had heard about this fair but did not realize til reading the book that this was a world's fair. When I was a kid living at home my parents took us to the New York World's fair and also a world's fair in Canada. These are massive fairs and have so much to view-along with lots and lots of walking, and lots of new foods to try

 I don't think there are worlds fairs any longer. This had me searching for the answer and this is what I found  The last world's fair in this area of the world was the one in Canada in the '80s  Looks like there are still world's fairs but they are totally different now, not like a "fair" and held in other countries.

   This was a fascinating book, the author must have spent years researching as I don't think any aspect of the fair was left out. I hadn't realized the magnitude of all the temporary buildings that were put up. After reading the book I wanted to visit this fair-go back and time travel to enjoy it. On the back cover someone else thought the same "Reading this book made me regret that I was born 100 years too late. Pam's stories made me wish I had been at the fair in 1904"  I am wondering now if any of my ancestors visited this fair.

  The author on several occasions in this book, wrote about Sarah Tyson Rorer who was a food expert of her time-I think she would have surpassed Martha Stewart of today with her knowledge.  In the beginning of the book the author mentioned her cookbook that she gave out as a souvenir Thinking--I wonder if there is a kindle version of this book--and there was for .99 cents-a very detailed book if you enjoy reading vintage books. Of course I found the original on sale at Ebay for around $100.00   

  If you enjoy reading about history, I did not get bored once reading this book-so fascinating.