Thursday, June 27, 2019

Offline For a Bit

Just wanted to drop in and let your know I am unplugged for the most part.
  My desk computer is now in boxes and am dropping by from Hubs computer
We are in the big push to get the house stuff we are keeping moved now. We hired our friends to load furniture-heavy oak furniture that they had to walk down into the lake house. So thankful-we always pay them for their work and time and I make a meal as well. This was a long day loading and then unloading two trailers full.

   So didn't want you to worry about me not being on-my comments are set to moderate so I may not get to those in a timely manner-

  It is super hot and humid here so summer has arrived for sure-stay well and happy

Sunday, June 23, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday & Videos and Photos at the Lake

  Happy Tuesday everyone, and it's T time again where we share a beverage in our post with friends. Hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth-you are most welcome to join in the fun.

  We have been at the lake house just about every day now.  I will be happy once we get all the heavy furniture moved and we can stay at the lake house.  Once moved there will be lots of things to do at the woods house to get it ready to sell. Of course we are so way off schedule in this move but can't be helped.

  We are still getting allot of rain and severe t storms in Missouri. First day of summer it was pretty cool watching one come in over the lake. I caught a short video before all the hard rain.

Saturday was finally full sun and and beautiful-hot and humid and perfect for the boaters to come out and play-and they did. We had allot of fun watching them all-while eating our lunch and then later a light fruit snack.

A bit after lunch I brought out some homemade brownies, and sweet bing cherries. My drink is almost gone which was a sparkling water with fruit juice

Early morning these two groups of Canada geese swam by

And Sunday at the lake house-rained all day, a peaceful view of the lake as for the most part was not stormy-and quiet with no boats.

   Hubs is still repairing things in the bathroom, I brought a few boxes in and then went through other boxes to find things I could put away. More handmade pottery pieces and flower vases found their new homes. I have allot that I need the furniture in place to be able to unpack those items. I did also bring in my two spinning wheels.
   The last few weeks now I have been making our 2 pm main meal at the lake house. Learning how to use that electric stove-ugh I do Not like electric stoves at all I am all for cooking over fire haha. 
     I am getting the hang of it much better though. Learning I need to set the stove top burners to medium or lower to keep things from burning. 

  Sunday I made us a huge veggie salad with avocado slices, grilled chicken breasts, and Bush's white chili beans as a side dish.  We still have sweet cherries left, and I also sliced up some of my gluten free fruitcake with a cup of tea for breakfast when we got there. While eating our main meal with a fun little visitor outdoors on the deck.

This is my other beverage reference-the Lipton tea was a mint tea

I did get the other Hoosier cabinet in place and filled. Hubs put a new back on and I stained it several coats. Really happy with the way it turned out. I also scrubbed all the painted shelves too. I also rubbed down all the wood with Liquid Gold wood protector.
   We decided to turn this cabinet into a bar area. We really don't drink all that much but when we used to go to Sam's wholesale club every few months or so we would purchase something new to try. Our friend Mr L a couple years ago bid on a liquor store's contents and won-he couldn't believe he won. lol  So we picked up several different things really inexpensive from him.  So we have a variety now to offer friends if they want something. Kinda fun. 
     I enjoy wine once in awhile so I was happy to have a special place for my crystal and hand thrown pottery wine glasses-I really love them

I decided to use my vintage wine box for wine bottles instead of threads in my craft room like it has been used for years now. It fits perfectly up on top of this cabinet That empty bottle was a special civil war commemorative bottle-one was red and the other a blue bottle. It has been awhile now but Hubs visited a friend that lives near Gettysburg and he had taken them to the winery.

On the second shelf behind the pottery wine glasses are these two special wine glasses for us. I bought them early in our marriage for one of our anniversaries. They are crystal from Japan with those beautiful birds. The glass is very very fine and thin At the time I bought these we were raising exotic birds and had a bird store selling both retail and wholesale.

I see I have ended up writing a very long post-hope you enjoyed it all I am really really missing not being able to craft or do art, so I have been spinning up yarn at both houses.

Happy T Day

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy First Day of Summer Solstice

Happy first day of summer here in the USA

(image found on the web)

  Of course since we seem to be continuing the rainy cycle we have been in here in the Ozarks-lots of rain and storms this morning but then heats up with humidity and mid 90's F
   A little different than Yellowstone Park area-they are getting a foot of snow-wow

Enjoy your Friday

Monday, June 17, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday & A Peak into the Hoosier & Kitchen Cabinets A Photo Overload

Hi everyone, and especially those of you here for T

   Hubs and I have been driving up to the lake house every morning-early and getting back to the wood's home late afternoon.  We are working on getting the different projects finished. Almost there.

   The new central a/c is in, which is much nicer and more even temperature within the house than our woods home is.
   The battle of the basement issues is pretty much complete now-that was allot of work. Our workers spent a few weeks digging out the soil that was sitting on top of the slate rock in the basement (crawl space but with high ceilings)-it was full of mold too. Once they got that accomplished, they power washed it several times and we bought clean rock to cover the area. Now all that mud and mold is gone. Hubs also designed a sump pump like we had in our farm house in Illinois before retirement-that does not need a hole in the basement to work-don't know what this is called but works with a bucket-they tested it-works good and very quiet too. Hubs was very happy to get that finished today.
    He spotted the pipe that comes from the clothes dryer from the main floor into the basement that was just hanging there-so he needs to get that vented outdoors.
  Hubs also redid a wall in the bathroom-it was totally bugging him-that is now complete-I just need to do some painting.

  Last week I carried in cast iron, and other car loads of boxes, and unloaded boxes for the hoosier cabinets.
      My Grandma's cabinet is now filled with my Great Grandma's and her aunt's dishes, pink and green depression dishes given to us years ago by a dear friend of Hubs. In the bottom I have allot of baking pieces, and hope to get my large pottery cookie molds into some of the drawers. The deep drawer has my rolling pin collection.

All photos will enlarge just click on them

The clear glass canisters on the shelf and the sugar bowl is original to this Hoosier cabinet-my Grandma's & Mom's Cabinet and now mine.

   I also added the green depression glass.  That lovely pottery bowl underneath the flour container and sifter I bought at a garage sale here in Missouri. I fell in love with this piece and asked the elder  (more elder than me lol) if she knew anything about the bowl. She said it was her Great Grandma's-I asked if she had family that may want it and she says no the young ones not interested. I told her I would give this bowl a loving home. I have a collection of old bowls, but have never seen one as pretty as this one.
    Between the bowl and the sugar bowl are my Great Grandma's dishes, and the blue plate was from her aunt. This is the first time these pieces have been unpacked since my Mom gave them to me maybe 15 years ago. I remember seeing these dishes at my Grandma's house when I was a kid.

  To the left is a marble rolling pin that a friend gave me years ago, and I found this pottery large candle holder-these are here for now.

When my Mom had passed, I chose to keep this little glass blue bird. My Mom collected pretty glass pieces to display in all the windows-very pretty when the sun shown through. I placed it here with her Grandma's dishes.

Inside the upper cabinet my tea pots, on the other shelves I placed the pink depression ware dishes.

These are the cookbooks, and the household notebooks from my Grandma. They have always been in these two racks inside the doors of the upper cabinet. The newspaper clipping in the back is from the '70s about the history of Hoosier cabinets in Nappanee, Indiana

I need to get my step stool to straighten out the copper shelf, and to hang another piece since there are a couple nails on the wall already-these pieces are all vintage
   On the floor between this shelving and the hoosier cabinet are my two dutch ovens with legs, etc for outside cooking-baking I am loving this shelf rack. Once moved I will get busy cleaning up and seasoning all this cast iron so ready to use.

Last week I got the fire pit painted, needs another coat but we are back to rain every day again  I am going to enjoy this fire pit for sure. Need to find some chairs that can stay outdoors.

We have had sooo much rain again that the flowers are suffering a bit.

I finally have kitchen cabinets-happy dancing!!-which I have not had ever in our woods home. So I am now able to see and use my handmade pottery pieces when ever I want to haha I have been collecting hand thrown pottery since the early '70s-I just love using it-

Below photo-the middle shelf is all handmade pottery, the top and bottom shelves are dishes from family-the leaf pattern pottery was made in California and hand painted-my Grandma had it and when it was too heavy for her to use I got it-most of the every day dishes are no longer but the serving dishes mix well with the other pottery-and the bottom left is what is remaining from my late sister's dishes made in England. When she passed in the early '80s my Mom took the dishes and used them-I always loved the pattern with the wildflowers, I have the bowls and two cups and two dinner plates left-a little remembrance

I need the step stool to get the soup terrain and ladle up there-this has 8 soup bowls  The second shelf-a handmade pottery bowl, and a pottery colander, and I love this beautiful handmade pottery pitcher with cups-bought this in North Carolina back in the '70s

More handmade pottery, vintage deviled egg platter that I love using and was part of the collection of depression ware from Hub's friend, and two glass vintage ice cream sundae dishes

Here is my drink reference for T this week-I made me a cup of mint tea today

   You are most welcome to join us for T with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth-find link in my right hand column.

I have picking up a few things at the closest food store now and I found this coffee made for the lake area. I wish I could drink a cup but Hubs will enjoy for me.  I have had such a taste for real coffee lately-I am going to get brave and try another decaf coffee-which is hard to actually find one that is low enough in caffeine.

  I hope I haven't bored you all too much 😊

We have been seeing lots of wildlife as we enter and leave the circle drive where our lake house is-deer, red fox, turkey, turtles, and on the lake- herons, two geese families, eagles.

Happy T Everyone

  Oh and I almost forgot-my black walnut tree-looking up from the front of the house and it rained all day today at the lake house

Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Tuesday

  Just wanted to post a big Hello to everyone, especially for our T party.
We are still busy busy, working on getting things done and more packing and moving most every day.

 I am not linking to our T party as I may not have time to visit everyone.

   It was quite the effort to find someone to do our a/c work last week as everyone was booked up. We knew the a/c at the lake house needed to be replaced-eventually-but was not expecting it to pretty much blow up when first turned on. and of course it went out the week when we were in the 90's f with high humidity. and they came out to start the work in the evening-so Hubs insisted on being there himself-of course we had words over that with his heart condition but he won out. stubborn- sigh
  It was quite the project and very expensive, as everything for the a/c needed to be replaced, but the good thing is they were able to match the brand with the same as the heating system. The size we got also matches the house space better as well. So I think we are good to go with the heat and central a/c now.
   We found out from our neighbor that the owner had a chimney fire from the woodstove-we had not planned on using it anyways til checked out well, cleaned, and a stainless pipe going in. but this can wait til later.

  June 5th was our 37th wedding anniversary. I always make up bbq ribs with sides-this time a large veggie salad, with steamed fresh asparagus, mini fresh corn on cob, and sliced avocado.

   Two trips up in the suburban with my cast iron pieces, I will need one more trip to finish up. We also have collected many vintage crocks-small up to very large-so we will need to choose which ones to keep and which to sell. This load going up on Tuesday has a few of my favorite smaller crocks-1, 2 gallon and a 5 gallon very vintage.  I will take some photos this week.

  The one Hoosier cabinet that needed a new back is ready for me to stain and Hubs is screwing down the tops to the bottoms of both cabinets-which have not been done since we owned them. I will be ready this week to put that one in place and fill up-we are going to set it up as a bar-wine glasses-pottery and crystal, Harley glasses, shot glasses etc. We really don't drink all that much, but nice to be able to offer a glass a wine or something to friends-and now we will have a place to put it.

   Typical Missouri-very up and down weather here. We are in a dry cool spell for now til the rains return on Wednesday. Over the weekend I picked up a few flowers to plant-I filled up the large vintage copper kettle that someone already drilled drainage holes into with flowers, and on the property there were three small ceramic pots that I also filled up. The challenge is seeing how the sun hits the front of the lake house-lots of large trees and it is down from the road and our garage which also creates allot of shade.
    The fire pit is all covered on the outside now with those stone triangles. I kinda wished they would have waited til I got it all painted first-but since I have the paint will still paint the inside. I found a heat resistant paint for wood stoves that will work for this too.

  Hubs saw the Canada goose family swim by this morning, and if it is the same family they are down to only 2 youngsters. There are allot of eagles in this area, and I didn't know that many large fish will eat them too-sigh  Cycle of life

This is not a real good photo-but this is a hen turkey that has been hanging around in the back yard at our woods home-she must either have a nest near by or has lost her eggs do to the excessive rains here or predators.

Happy Tuesday everyone

   Oh and I did want to mention again that for some reason allot of your comments are not going into my new email address (or old one) to approve for posting, so if I forget to check comments here on blogger to approve them-you may have noticed yours not getting posted the same day-sorry about that and don't know why it is happening. Mostly with yahoo emails but sometimes international as well.  I am working on remembering  to check that every other day at least. I needed to turn this back on again do to spammers lurking here on blogger.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

  Saturdays are movie sharing day, I got the idea from CJ and Elizabeth joins in too.

  I did not have a movie in mind this week. I did watch on HBO The Deadwood movie which was the follow up of the series from 16 years or so ago. This was an excellent show (if you can get past all the swearing) and it was language and period correct, based on historical facts with excellent acting and director.  The show was a success but for some reason which I don't remember why now abruptly ended. It was amazing that they brought back all the original characters.
   Anyways figuring this one was not on the big screen I decided not to share-but see I actually did lol   If you have HBO it's there or probably can stream it.

Elizabeth shared Legally Blond which was really a good movie, fun and addressed allot of social issues as well. I really liked it and have watched it several times.  So I decided to share:

Legally Blond 2 which is the follow up and also addressed issues-testing on animals.

More about the movie here  and Here

from online:   Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) journeys to Washington, D.C., to have her say about animal rights, but is ignored by every politician she encounters and quickly learns that the White House can be even tougher to navigate than the Ivy League. Finally, Elle makes the acquaintance of sympathetic Rep. Victoria Rudd (Sally Field), who helps the young lawyer get her foot in the door of Congress. Unfortunately, Elle still has to convince the entire legislature to hear her out.


Happy Saturday afternoon at the movies

Friday, June 7, 2019

A Book Review

A couple weeks ago in a post I had asked what you all were reading.

  I wrote some of your book suggestions down; the book I wanted to search out first was  The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa which I believe was shared by Lisca.

  At the time when I was looking  for this book, the price for a hard cover was on the high side-averaging $15.00 or more and the ebook was high as well.
    I did end up winning a bid on ebay for around $10.00  Now that I was just searching for a photo-there are choices around $6.00 plus shipping. So right now the price seems to be a little less.
   Once we get moved I will check out the county library and find out how it works for ebooks and hopefully the membership will be free there too.
   I am glad that I bought this book and will love seeing it on my bookshelves.

   This book was written in Japan and translated to English. I don't want to give anything away in this story. but it was really well written.
    It took me about half way through the book to see where the story was going. by the end I was crying with real tears-If you are someone whom loves your family furry member as much as you would a person you would love this book.

Quotes from the jacket cover:

"Anyone who has ever unashamedly loved an animal will read this book with gratitude, for its understanding of an emotion that ennobles us as human beings, whether we value it or not" from Lynne Truss The Guardian

"Like the very best cats, Hiro Arikawa's inventive tale sneaks up on you and works it's way into your heart on it's own terms. Once it does, it doesn't let go" by Steven Rowley of Lily and the Octopus

Monday, June 3, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday Projects at the Lake House, Gold finches, Yellowstone

Still raining here in Missouri-but we no longer have the severe flooding as Arkansas has-prayers for all affected.

Tuesdays we gather together at our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth and share a drink related post with friends. You are most welcome to join us find link in my right hand column

We are still working at the lake house-the move is going slower than we had hoped, but we have had soooo much rain here still which continues, and our projects are getting finished-but not going as fast as we had hoped.
  Hubs has many health concerns and right now it is his heart. He had a couple tests in April, and we just had the follow up visit on May 30th. I don't understand why when his heart health is in question right now that the doctor gives us the results a month later. They gave us results over the phone but nothing of the seriousness was even mentioned; that he has a heart valve that needs repaired-he goes in for another eco something test where if the repair is simple they can fix it at that time or he will need surgery. That will happen on the 20th of this month.
  Hubs has been very tired and is too pale for sure. but of course he is doing work he shouldn't be-He is someone that always pushes forward to get the job done no matter what. I think most of our men are like this.

  Any ways I didn't help matters by banging my foot into a solid oak table a few days ago-I am sure I broke a toe or two-I took a photo but it was so awful no need to share haha
    Pretty black and blue for the whole top half of my foot and most of the toes, and very swollen. One toe bright red and crooked. It's been a week now and still hurts pretty bad-I have managed to get the kitchen tiles regrouted which has been a real chore. The grout does not want to "stick" well in many places. It looks pretty but not sure how it will hold up. I don't think the previous owners used tile grout so that's the problem. and sitting on the floor working there are many tiles broken which we had not seen-fine cracks. No way do we want to add more work for ourselves right now by re doing this floor. They used cement to stick the tiles down instead of the right product for tiling-I think that's why some have cracked.
  Most of the tiles had the grout too low and some to the top of the tile-so this job has taken me several days. Today I sealed the grout so will see if it needs another coat tomorrow. Then we can move my Grandma's Hoosier cabinet on that wall by the door-and to the left I am hoping my new rack for the cast iron pieces will fit. On that wall there is sliding glass door to another room.

   Over the weekend, Hubs called out that the goose family was swimming by-I grabbed my camera and got outdoors just in time to see most of them-the youngsters really grew since the last photo.

We found someone to cut our grass which I am happy about, they cut today.

Over the weekend I turned on the a/c as it was very humid and approaching 90 f degrees. Good thing the guys were working in the basement-as no sooner did I turn it on then they were yelling to turn it off-freon and other stuff was pouring out-ugh  We have called two a/c companies so far and no one has returned our calls-so that is something that has to get fixed and soon. We knew the unit looked old but wasn't expecting it to "blow up" when turned on. oh well rather it happen now than in the middle of summer.

Our friend surprised us with a fire ring-this was originally used for water for cattle There is no bottom-so we filled the bottom with rock and sand and need more of those triangle rocks to go around a couple times-I love it Nice and deep and safe for a fire-we will love this during autumn.

We are really enjoying sitting at that patio table for our lunch or little breaks with watermelon or other fresh fruits. I am making food for us now instead of eating out.  Really fun watching all the different boats go by. Things have calmed down sooooo much since Memorial Day weekend Allot less bugs here at the lake too-so far no ticks or chiggers like in the woods-Loving that.

Lots of these little boats-I don't know what they are called but they go fast and the younger people like to ride over the bigger boats waves-so fun to watch them.

Back in the woods-lots of goldfinches at the niger seed feeders-especially the males that are in full color now. I took this photo just as it was getting dark

For my beverage reference I made a drink similar to the recipe that Divers and Sundry shared last week.  Instead of the soda I used pink grapefruit sparkling water by Perier and a squirt of agave for a bit of sweetner.

I also wanted to share a surprise package from Yellowstone Forever-the non profit for Yellowstone Park.  For my charity giving I like to donate to conservation efforts and I love Yellowstone so much that I give to them a couple times a year. For their last fund raising event they were giving out 200 gifts-and I got one. So this was a great surprise. I loveeee the bag especially-a large canvas bag-and I love bags for my craft projects.

They also included a hat, a candle, coffee, and a bottle of fragrance that captured the essence at Yellowstone in different locations of the park-I looked it up and wow this one is selling for over $40.00 a bottle 
  This was very awesome fun mail for me

Happy T everyone!!