Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone-Looking Back July Through December (Lots of Photos)

   We just finished up with our shrimp boil. Turned out really good. I have not done this for quite some time, the shrimp needed about another 30 seconds in the boiling water with herbs and spices-but they were a real treat for us.
   We used to go over to our late friend Lilburn's house for a New Year's Eve party. He boiled up allot of shrimp and we all brought sides. He stopped doing this when his wife had gotten so ill.  We love shrimp, so I wanted to bring this back to honor good times
   I am hoping this near by grocery store sells this shrimp over the summer months-this would be good boiled over the outdoor fire.

Larry said the shrimp needed to curl just a bit more

I did not have any Asti Spumante on hand but I did have this sparkling rose-which was really nice. I brought out the handmade  pottery goblets.

and I brought out this large handmade pottery serving dish

Looking back:


   July is when Fiber U is held-I always have so much fun-especially the dye classes

a weaving class to make a bracelet on a small loom-that's me on the left

Celebrating 6th year of T

Working on second fabric journal for 2018

We lost our sweet kitty Miss Calico

A drink reference

Began seeing the eagles more


really enjoying the sun rises more and more

Apple crisps I now also add fresh blueberries and or cranberries to the apples

Happy with this project-vintage wicker got new paint and I made the liner from an old sheet

I did work hard to finish up with book 2 of my 2018 fabric journal-I had posted those in video form

A drink reference

Still spinning up the buffalo-bison roving and the bright color yarn is silk spun from a silk hankey- new to me

September was Larry's heart valve transplant on Friday the 13th


 Started making cushions for the bench seats

Made pizzas for the both of us

Black walnut collecting for ink and dye


Beans and cornbread

A new for me-no flour cookie-very good

Made pecan bars for the supper after our friend's funeral

A drink reference


 cushions completed

For the most part a warm December

If you made it to the end-I hope you enjoyed the recap with photos.

Happy New Year

Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy T & Looking Back & Forward (Note: Long Post Full of Photos)

Happy T everyone-and this Tuesday is a rather special one-the last one of the year and also New Year's Eve. Please join us with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth with your drink related post (share a photo of your drink reference)

  I thought I would look back through my 2019 posts and share a few photos of the past year So it won't get tooooo long this is part 1 January through June and New Years Day I will post for July through December

   Wow we had soooo many cardinals

   Also in January I had completed my first 2018 fabric art journal


   I was continuing work on book 2 of my fabric art journal and we started working at the lake house

The deer loved their corn (at woods house)

    More painting at the new lake house

and staining

Happy Mail from Mia

More progress

   A drink reference

Food cabinet now in place-in front of that stained wall

My big rug loom sold to friends in Kentucky

   Happy Mail from Barbara

Redbuds in bloom

Ice at the woods house

A drink reference

At the woods house: wild violets and dandelions-love these to make lotions with


   Start of the season for seeing lots of boats at the lake house

Friends over fishing

Hard root beer drink reference

I love peonies so glad these were here at the lake house


  We worked on getting furniture etc moved to the lake house, and enjoying watching the boats

The chicks are growing

  Grandma's Hoosier cabinet

New rack-and perfect spot for my copper and cast iron-I really love this

The guys made this for us

Finally cupboards for all my dishes and pottery-so enjoying this

Another drink reference

I have enjoyed blogging again thanks to the T gang and also so I can go back and review my year- I will post July-December on New Year's Day

Looking forward to 2020 Wow a new decade as well.

    I have been retired since 2003 and we have always still worked a bit and always had projects for getting the house finished. I am hoping this coming year will be the end of that. We are in our 70's now so we need to feel retired haha
   Part of the reason I agreed to move was to get Larry to finally retire from his scope business and enjoy his boat and fishing.
   It is another one of those dying crafts that there is a need for-rebuilding vintage scopes so they work as new. Allot of knowledge now will not be passed on-which is sad. We have tried and no one is interested in learning-at least we haven't found someone over these past few years. Larry was working on scopes for celebrity's scopes too and they just keep sending them-lol

   As for me, I also want to continue with my fibers but I will be branching out into even more mixed media than I have already-so I am excited about mixed media journal pages and altered books for the coming year, and learning calligraphy-right now I am in the reading stage and getting my thoughts in order as to where to begin on that.

I will leave you with this morning's early photo

My new cup with decaf coffee typing up this post

And wishing you all a Happy T and a very Happy New Year's Eve

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