Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Just Checking In

  Hello everyone,
      I have no art or craft of any kind to share as last week was stress city here.

    I am finally getting calmed down a bit, and I have an appointment for me tomorrow to check out a new primary doctor that is close by and is connected with the hospital system at the lake here.  Still having difficulties working with our long time doctor to get Hubs some in home help-which is like pulling teeth, hoping they call me back soon.

   I did take a pretty sunrise photo over the weekend Ever since I watched a few painting classes online-my eye is seeing more than just a pretty sky-all the reflections in the water and how it matches the sky, all of those pretty ripples.

and for comfort food-I made us my Christmas treat of dark chocolate covered popcorn over the weekend-this is really soooo good

   I worked on a couple more masks-and really I just don't like making them and I don't really like the results as they don't fit real snug like they should to really do their job properly. My friend feels the same way about her homemade masks and referred me to a company in Texas USA she found online, that is a shirt company and is now making masks. These also have filters that last 8 hours so I bought extra replacements for the two of us. Here is the link  I got the sense reading on their site that their cotton is USA sourced.

Updated 4/29-paragraph just below this one.
   I want to thank Elizabeth for pointing out that this information is incorrect, I couldn't find the article again but I am thinking now is that 70% of the beef that is coming in from other countries and then being packed here in the USA is being labeled as being sourced in this country when it is not.I had thought that was a very high number of all of our beef.  there was a bill being proposed to address this issue-we have the right to know where the beef is coming from. they say they did this as many people would not buy the beef if they knew it was not from our own country-shameful of them

  After what China did to the world I will be more diligent about Not buying China-which is difficult right now as most of the world has given them all the manufacturing.  I am also learning that 70% of the beef here in the USA is Not raised here but imported-then packed here and then stamped USA. That has got to stop-I will be searching for a local butcher in the Mennonite community soon.

Sorry, I not did intend to go on so-but this dependance on China goods has got to stop, and the American worker needs to be able to go back to work -Sooner than later.  Missouri is opening up our state May 4th with guidelines so everyone can go back to work.

Happy Tuesday

Friday, April 24, 2020

Good morning Friday

Sunrise this morning

about 5 minutes later

  Just a little update-yesterday was super stressful for me, allot of it from the situation but also from not sleeping and not feeling great from allergies for awhile now.
   We made the decision to get Larry to the hospital for x rays yesterday. I called 911 for a transport and they arrived in less than 10 minutes.  I was grabbing my keys to follow when she told me no one allowed in the hospital except patients
   This is the first we had used this hospital. This doesn't have the best reviews, but its the closest (45 minutes) and Larry was happy with the care.
   We need to find a new general doctor too that is closer than an hour and a half away since our doctor we have used for 20 years may not return do to back problems. I did locate one near by. So will follow up next week for me first to see if I like the doctor or not.
    The good news is no internal bleeding which was a concern but he has several fractures in small circular bones in the pelvic area Slow healing but no surgery needed-which I am sooooo thankful for. They did an mri instead of x ray.
   They would not transport him home, but instead showed him how to use crutches to get down the steps with help. Not sure if that was the best idea.
     Since one had to have a cell phone to communicate with the hospital (don't use one) to pick him up,  I called our friends and they picked him up and helped him down the steps-and then we chatted for awhile-with masks on.  It was good to see and talk with our good friends again.

   The doctor said there was nothing to be done for the healing, but they are working on getting us set up with rehab in the home. The problem with that is we are between family doctors at the moment. I did also get a call this morning from a specialist wanting to see him-I am thinking why? since there isn't anything they can do and would be too painful and a long day for him

    Yesterday was a long day with the mri and waiting around so by the time he got home he was in the worse pain that he has had since the accident.
   Always good to be back home again for sure.

     I need to get myself inspired again to accomplish something-I have been spinning some pretty wool this week and reading plus I made a mask for Larry so he would have one yesterday.

     I shutdown my computer for awhile yesterday in hopes that an upgrade would download to fix the photo issue. I haven't been able to download my photos off the camera--and this morning I was able to download these two photos-so hopefully will stay that way haha

Happy weekend everyone

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday

   Good morning everyone, Time for T where we gather with friends over with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth to share a post with our drink reference.

   I almost didn't join in today, but I am up in the middle of the night and decided to post.
   I did get a couple masks made last week-once you make one they are pretty easy but I had such a hard time getting a first one made-as the two instructions I had followed first had errors in them and I just couldn't visualize these. My friend referred me to Joann Fabrics site where they have several videos of different styles.
   This was for sure a recycled project-I have kept bags of elastic and sewing tapes that came from my Grandma's and then Mom's sewing rooms and I had saved in my fabrics a cotton skirt that I made back in the 60's (back when we wore dresses and skirts and blouses) I saved this because it was sort of an oriental print but the cotton was soooo soft-this was back in the day when there were fabric stores to make clothes.
  I also grabbed a pretty brown t shirt back that I had cut up which I have not made into a mask yet

all photos will enlarge just click on them In the first one you can see my coffee cup to the left

I ended up making two of these

I am in the same mindset as Kate mentioned last week not to wear one. We don't see anyone, and I only go food shopping every 14 days or so mostly for fresh foods, and I am careful to wipe down surfaces with clorox wipes and to wash up well when I get home.  But I decided to make a couple mostly to keep from touching my face in the store.  These do not really protect you from the virus.

   I was finally much less stressed last week- that was until Sunday.
       I was in my sewing room figuring out these masks and Larry was working in the garage as we finally got some nicer weather.  When I finished I figured I would enjoy the sunshine and burn more leaves.  That's when I learned that Larry had an accident getting a heavy tool cabinet out of the trailer-by himself. The wheel must have caught in the grate in front of the garage (to carry away rainwater) and he fell with the cabinet on top of him.  He did get up and get the tool cabinet into the garage. I have been reminding him to carry a cellphone with him so he can call me if he needs to and he didn't  (we don't use these so something we don't think of-we do throw it in the car for emergencies) He wanted to give this a couple days-he has a major groin injury of some sort and we need to figure out how to get an xray. He can barely walk-I have been pushing him around in his desk chair. I am going to see if I can get an evisit today and see what we can do. With this virus around I do not think that hospitals are safe for him for right now.
   So healing prayers requested.  and with the weather warming up I had hoped he could finally go fishing and we have so much to do at the woods house to get it ready to sell. Trivial things to worry about right now.

  Last Saturday I made sourdough biscuits and gravy. I made a batch for Larry and then used the sourdough starter for a batch for me with gluten free flours. These breads are not making me sick (celiac) and this one baked up and tasted like real bread-a first

gluten free batch

Wheat batch

 I did take a photo of one of our plates with the sausage gravy and two eggs-but for some reason starting with that photo the photos will not upload off my camera.
   These past few weeks when microsoft/windows upgrades it has messed up our photos. First it no longer will delete the photos off our cameras-I finally figured out how to do that off the camera itself, now since the weekend the photos will not upload from my camera to the computer-so of course I won't be able to share photos now til we figure out what is going on.
    I almost have the feeling that computer programs are not going to support much except smartphones since that is the majority now. One of my banks online wouldn't let me sign on for over a day-thought that was really strange so scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page looking for customer service and found they had a seperate link for signing on with a desk top computer (at the bottom of the page for this).
      Not happy about this new change.

One evening last week I made our first batch of mango margaritas for 2020. When I had food shopped a couple weeks ago they had these huge mangos-so had to buy one

Closing with a couple lake views last Saturday

When we look to the far right of our deck-that area always has lots of boats

Happy T everyone

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Try it On Tuesday-another entry for Have Fun with Stencils

  I want to thank Try it on Tuesday for this fun theme. I have a few stencils in my craft stash but I usually go with my stamps instead.

  I wanted to use my Canada Geese stencil for this page. I am glad that I decided to try out different things on paper first to see what would work. The lines are very narrow-so color pencils, crayons, pens, fabric ink pens did not work.
   So I was thinking my acrylic paints will work with a fine brush.
Clean up went well with a clorox wipe-soap did not work on this brass stencil

   I glued down a cotton quilt fabric scrap-backside up into my art journal. Still got a nice background showing from the print.
  I went into my magazine pages to find the water scene.
I recycled scraps of fabric from my stash, recycled magazine pages, the stencil was purchased used.

At first I thought this piece needed something more but I decided to stop here.

I will be linking up with Try it on Tuesday

Thank you for stopping by

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Try It On Tuesday-Have Fun With Stencils

  I liked this theme, because I could just play in my craft room and not think too hard-haha.

   I have allot of stamps but just a few stencils, I like the small brass ones that I have. I also found a large plastic stencil that was a free gift from somewhere. I never cared for it much-but I thought I would use it today.
  I am not big on palm trees and I didn't like that the border on top was different on each side. That really showed up in the completed project.

   I decided to grab a piece of soft scrap leather and glue down in my art journal that I am using for these challenges.

  I also grabbed some metallic pens that are totally new to me. I bought them from Crayola just to try last fall when they had a big sale on their site.

  I also grabbed the birdhouse and bird stencil.

The metallic pens were probably not a good choice for this project because they have a wide point that was difficult to get into small places. and the pen did not quite make it through the whole stencil. I filled in the design with another pen otherwise you couldn't see what the image was suppose to be.


This piece of leather had character so I left the extra on to the left-

I decided to take a pen and outline the little bird-but now seeing the photos I liked it better before.

Thanks for stopping by to visit

Monday, April 13, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & TIOT and Painting & Spinning Yellowstone

  Hi everyone, with this virus concerning all of us, the last couple of weeks have dragged on for me, when before the time went by too fast it seemed.
   This all has stressed me out, I have stopped watching all news except for when the President and his health team speaks live. and I am staying away from reading much on facebook now-it has gotten to be too negative and really just too much and too many untruths as well. One has to work hard to search out the truth these days-sad.

   I hope everyone had a lovely Easter despite those of you that usually enjoy your large family groups. and Passover as well.

  And my heart goes out to all of those in harms way from the tornados last night.

  It's a new week and I am working on getting things accomplished-opposed to Not haha.
   Today we gather with friends for T with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth. You are most welcome to join us, only requirement is to share a drink related photo.

  I think I may have forgotten to share last week, that Bluprint has all of their instructional videos for free. (I don't know if this is for everyone or just the USA) I think this goes til the 16th.
     They have all sorts of craft and art topics. I have watched several acrylic painting videos my favorite being from the artist Reid he has two classses one on painting water, and another in depth video about trees.
   I had purchased a wet palate set up and I really like it-keeps my paints damp for a week or more, and this artist has a large one that he loves using too-so I was happy to know someone else that likes this set up.

  I just finished a journal page painting this morning. I used a birthday card for my inspiration. I have worked on this piece for several days now.
    As I got into this painting,  I discovered I had for sure bit off a bit much for my current painting talents haha. I did stick with it though and got a finish.
   I only painted the one butterfly as I wasn't real happy with the one I did and didn't want to do more.  I think I wasn't in the mood to practice painting butterflies first.  With any of my art I always just "do it" and never sample or practice first.  I like this well enough to share at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Beauty of Nature and also sharing on friday for Paint Party Friday
Inspiration-from a birthday card
  (All photos will enlarge just click on them)


Here is my drink reference-a cup of my coffee

   I am happy I finished this piece but not sure if some of the flowers make any sense-lol wanted to show movement with the wind as well.

For our Easter meal I found slices of ham in the freezer, and I prepared some frozen green beans with fresh mushrooms and red onion-I really liked this dish sauted in a cast iron skillet. I also steamed sweet potatoes.  and I spent the morning first baking two yellow angel food cakes. My Grandma always called this cake that but I have since learned it is also named a Hummingbird cake.

I made a wheat and a gluten free cake

   The cake in front is the gluten free cake which does not rise as high, but this one turned out really delicious.

                                   Wheat cake

                                     Gluten free cake

                               I found these lovely fresh very large strawberries when I went food shopping last week Tuesday

I was playing around with my camera and discovered the date stamp-I decided I didn't like it as too large and distracting so have since deleted that feature.

   Last Tuesday and Wednesday I did try painting the chairs and tables. I got several primed and then when I went to use the hammered rust oleum it came out of the can horrible-like it would not mix together. These were very expensive cans of paints that I had bought late last fall but I kept them in the house-so was not happy. Larry had a small can of professional grade black enamel rust oleum that he thought would be especially nice for the tables-well it was til I accidently knocked my paint over and watched it all run down the hill-ugh   I did go to the hardware store near us and they had everything rust oleum except for this enamel-so this has put a stop to my tables and chairs project until I fill comfortable to go to a big box store like Lowes. That will be awhile sigh.

   My lilacs are beginning to bloom today, there are two small bushes here

Very very cold and windy today-as you can see in the flowers

Do any of you know what this plant is? it is a wood vine that is growing on part of this stone wall

I spun a little over the weekend-it always calms me. This is more of my Yellowstone inspired rovings.

  Husband and I have been on a chocolate splurge haha happy feel good food. I picked up mounds coconut minis, and York's dark mint chocolate mini's in the egg shape-these are in a candy jar with Hershey's dark chocolate kisses. So if we need a little lift we just need to walk by the candy jars haha So please help yourself

Oh, and I found a lawn service. Happy Dancing!!
     I had someone come out last Friday-he was just a No.
Then I found someone from this area that does this for a living with his father, he came out today and turns out he services someone he said 4-5 houses down from me, so if he can come out the same week for the both of us he can keep the price down. I chatted with him for at least 15-20 minutes and I am so thankful-he sounds perfect. My grass is really getting tall here too-he will be out mid week.

So on a happy note--Happy T hugs to all of you my dear friends in my computer. Hope you are all safe and not going stir crazy in your isolation. Good thing many of us have our art and other activities we can do at home.

Monday, April 6, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & More Spring "Doings"

  Hi everyone, and Happy T Stands for Tuesday with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth. We share a drink related post and link up for T visits with friends. You are most welcome to join us.

   Today (Monday) we are back to spring like temperatures-we made it back up to the 70's F today-after having much colder weather with rain and storms late last week and weekend.
   The eagles have been sitting up in that tree again-one day it's the male and the next day the female. I think this is the month they are raising their newborns. I just love hearing the male sing.

   I was burning more leaves again today-One more day and I will have the big pile finished-and then I have a bit more raking to do which which will give me another day or two of burning. I have to make sure there is no wind when I burn.
  The grass keeps growing and we don't have a lawn mower. Larry was thinking of buying one but I don't think that is a good idea with his health concerns-and all the yard is on a slope, This week I am going to search for a service to cut it for us-hopefully that will work out.

   This past week Larry has been up at the garage sanding and welding vintage iron tables and chairs for our deck area. We have had these pieces over the years and just never had the time to refurbish them. I am really excited about it. Originally the tables had glass for tops, but he found this cool piece of a patterned iron sheet I guess you would call it that he has cut to size and welded it in the tables.

  My job is to wipe the pieces down and paint-I decided it would be better to prime them first-so am hoping I can get that at Wal mart tomorrow (Tuesday) when I go food shopping.

  The larger table and four chairs we have had with us ever since we have been together-going on  40 years now. I always thought these were  garage sale finds-Larry told me today that when he was a young boy he traveled on vacation with his parents to Mexico. His Mom fell in love with this set and had to have it. They needed to strap the pieces to the top of the car-I can only imagine-he says he still remembers his father complaining as they had to constantly stop and tightened everything  back up.  So this is a special set that am just now knowing about.

  Those two smaller tables are quite heavy and he had found those at a garage sale. Behind to the right are two vintage farm tractor seats that have been converted to chairs. These will make cool seats for the deck too.

and we have two of these chairs and two plain ones that go with the table. He said these were beautiful and all the rage back when his Mom bought them
    I am going to see if I can find small cans of rust-oleum of the green and red. and will search for outdoor fabric to make cushions-I will check out Fabric.com as they seem to carry any sort of fabric needed. (going to their site to share the link, they say do to the virus orders will be slow to get out and they are limited on fabrics-so will see how that search goes)

Here is another look at the tractor chair seats. We have had these a long time too, The ones that still have the brand names on them are quite expensive now These pop up at farm sales still.

So this is my project if the weather cooperates with no wind this week. We are to be in the 80's F both Tuesday and Wednesday before we crash back down to the 50's F

  While burning leaves-I do a small amount at a time so I don't have a huge fire, gave me the chance to sit a bit. I am loving all the wild violets and dandelions in my yard here at the lake-I love those spring flowers-and they both make into wonderful healing balms. I have also made in the past violet sugar, and sugared violet flowers-fun.

now that I look at these photo above and  below-this is something else and not violets I do have the wild violets too

The wisteria has more blooms now and behind this area the redbud trees are blooming. This home has two lilac bushes which I am thrilled over. Looking forward to their blooms

  I also discovered, up on top by the driveway edge, I have 4 mullein herb plants coming up-when full grown they look like a horrible weed-but the leaves dried for tea have been used for years for asthma and respiratory so I want to keep at least one plant.  here is a photo I found online.  These plants can get quite tall-I have three growing close together-I think I will dig up two and save one plant. The forth one is in a different area.
   I have not found plantain here yet-that is an excellent healing herb (weed) as well.

Materia Medica: Mullein — Société

   Over the weekends I have been making us comfort foods-Larry more than me is a people person so this has been difficult for him not going off our property here at the lake, or having friends over.  When we were moving over one of our deep freezers last year,  I had found a 6 pound pork loin roast that I had bought to roast for deer camp  Our Wisconsin friends always bring down so much food we didn't need it. So thought perfect meal to get use up this meat.
   So I roasted that in the oven as it was too cold and windy to make it outdoors over a fire.
   I don't usually cook something this large any more-but was really happy with the results. Half way through I cut it in half for faster cooking.  I now have 6 more meals for us in the freezer from this roast.
    I dug out my large mortar and pestle and added sage, rosemary, thyme, garlic cloves, black pepper, and olive oil  for the top rub-yum.

  I tried another new tea from my purchase this past week. I am really enjoying all of these tea blends so far   Love their combinations of ingredients

Along with more of this coffee during the week, which I am really enjoying this brand

  I will be later than usual visiting, as I need to leave really early to go food shopping   The Wal Mart Senior hours are on Tuesdays from 6 am to 7 am-yikes I will need to get up around 5 am to leave the house around 5:30 am.  When I went shopping two weeks ago this store was not set up for covid-now it is according to their website. So will be a new adventure I guess.

Stay safe everyone, Happy T wishes. The world will conquer this virus Thanks go to all the hard working people from the President and his team, our military that is now organizing the supply chain, and all the numerous medical staff, and the list goes on-so thankful for everyone working against this pandemic

   Oh  I also want to share that Larry caught several of these fish while I was burning leaves-he threw them all back in the water.