Monday, October 29, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & a Lovely Autumn Weekend

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
      It's T Time again this Tuesday. 
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  We had the most gorgeous fall weekend in my area of the Ozarks. Deep blue skies, full sunshine, upper 60's f for the temperature, and not much wind--just a perfect October weekend.

   I grabbed the camera and took a couple photos-out back. 
Our oaks here mostly go right to brown, so we don't have allot of color near the house. The nut trees give yellows but those leaves have dropped, we do have the pretty red on the sumac, and we have a maple tree near the house that is pretty and has reseeded in a few places around the ponds

Deer foot prints

Tepee poles. 
    We brought down with us when we retired-Hub's handmade tepee that him and his re enactment group had made-many years ago now.
    My vision was always to get it put up and do a sleep over and then early morning go on a primitive hunt- sadly never happened.
   We finally got the poles made though-in hopes of selling it all before we move.

Miss Calico enjoying the warm sun Cats never seem to show their age-like dogs do. She is going on 19 years old now-amazing

My last little sunflower-these grew in this pot on their own from bird seed that fell in from the birds Around 5 plants grew-this is the last one.

I am going to see if I can start walking again now that the weather is nicer and more comfortable-we still need a hard freeze though to kill off those biting bugs.

     I made up several Christmas cards this past week, figured out a way to use those stamped pieces that were on tracing paper too. I totally forgot to take some photos before I sealed them in their envelopes.  
     I ended up gluing down another piece of parchment paper on top of the inked piece-then glued that piece to the card-and then hand stitched the sides down.
   I had about 8 or more of those stamped so didn't want to waste them. They turned out really pretty.

  I am still waiting for my Christmas sealing stamp to come in the mail-couldn't figure out why it was taking so long from Amazon-turns out it is coming from China-haven't figured out how they can say it is being delivered with usps (our post office)  Oh well-So I ended up purchasing another different Christmas stamp in case that one doesn't get here in time.  I want to get them in the mail early this year right after Thanksgiving.

      Allot of the stress is finally gone with our lake house.  
The bank wants us to have flood insurance which is very very expensive, the new fema maps show us right on the line or just away from it. 
   The seller and that area says no it doesn't flood.  Well after much digging and looking into it all-we discovered we needed to have a survey with elevation--Happy Dancing on late Friday-the report came back-- this property is Not in the flood zone-- they also did all the paper work with fema for us that needed to be done. 
   That was a big one for us to get done. 
  So I think we are all set now for the closing which is the end of November.

   We went to the eye specialist for my husband last week-he has been putting this off for several years now til we could find another eye surgeon. We were learning about allot of dissatisfied patients from the office we were thinking of using. We are very pleased so far with this new doctor, and scheduled his first catarach surgery.  There was a cancellation so he got moved up to next week. 

    So we have lots happening here it seems.  

   Our friends from Wisconsin that come down for deer hunting-"deer camp" -will be coming in on Wednesday instead of Friday in a couple of weeks-being our last one we'll need to make it special.  They have already asked if they can come down to the lake house-of course they can-lol

   Oh and update-our friends just called, and they are coming down on a Monday instead-a week before deer hunting-gun-to tile our two floors for us that need to be done. How special is that??  I have been putting off Larry doing this because he is just not healthy enough any more to tackle this job and I was getting ready to study how to do this-they must have been reading our minds---so thrilled over this kindness.

  Sorry this post got so long  

For the drink I am sharing this week, I made a treat after working in the garden area over the weekend.
   I had one ginger beer (no alcohol) left so I added it to a glass of frozen vanilla yogurt.  Yum

Happy T Day everyone!!

and here is a photo of my blueberry Bai water from the weekend when I was water sealing the wood stairs and decks  I finished that project up today-looks so nice now-ready for winter

  More photos on my previous post--this is the building I shared  a while back-the upstairs is our sleep over spot for out of state friends, and the downstairs is Hubs business space

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Gorgeous October Sunday

  I could use a whole month of days like today-I could really get allot accomplished for sure.
   Saturday I pulled spent plants and hauled them to the compost pile-I still have another day at least of work of that.
   Today-Sunday though-another gorgeous October day.  We are to have another perfect day tomorrow too before lots of rain moves in.
   Sooooo I grabbed my cans of Thompson Water Seal and starting sealing the wood on the stairs and decks. I was hoping to get it all finished in one day but my body said to stop, will finish up tomorrow morning.

   You have seen photos of this building before when I was painting the upstairs.

This first photo you can see that I stained the upper level, by end of the day I finished the next section down to the landing.

You can even see my blueberry Bai water there on the upper landing

Views from the decks

Below is the last of wood pile we were working on for our wood stoves.-Hubs can no longer do that

This below photo is from the lower landing-I will start here tomorrow and finish up

Hoping your October weekend was perfect weather too

Friday, October 26, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

   I am joining in with CJ to share a favorite movie that we enjoy watching more than once.
  You are welcome to post a favorite movie of yours as well.

This week I am sharing a newer movie that I just watched on one of the movie channels on the tv.  
     My husband said it was really good and that I would like it since in the end it is a love story.
   I started to watch this movie-ugh it was a Sci Fi type movie-which I don't watch very often. This movie had interesting people in it with different personalities and characters that one would not usually find. I didn't like the "bad guys" at all and almost changed the channel but decided to broaden my movie watching-lol

   I ended up loving this movie and will definately watch again. It's a movie about reaching out with kindness against the odds.

The Shape of Water

Image result for the shape of water movie photos

Information about the movie here

The trailer

Update: Deb mentioned in comments that she thought this film won some awards-I just looked it up and Wow it took lots of awards including best picture.

Monday, October 22, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
      It's T Time again this Tuesday. 
        In this blogging event we join our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T. We share a drink related post with friends. 
     You are Most welcome to join us, just show us a photo of your beverage and then link up with our hostess. Find the link in my right hand column.

  Wow another Tuesday is upon us. The time is just really flying by fast for me this year. I really wish it would slow down a bit--and I am not even all that active running around outside my home these days either.  I am beginning to think it is a senior thing lol

This weekend the weather has really felt like fall for sure. We have gotten chilly at night but no hard freezes as of yet. Saturday I pulled up a bunch of weeds and this coming week I want to work on pulling up the spent veggie plants and weeds from the garden-and get cardboard down to slow down the weeds in the spring.

   With the not so hot summer temps any more, my flourescent ceiling light will finally turn on-I really don't want to change that up if I don't have to. I have been enjoying my time in my craft room for sure this past week.
     Sooo I am still playing with making Christmas cards for a few days. Testing things out.
    I had posted a couple of posts about problems with ink drying, what glue to use etc. but I have discovered now that the problem with the Encore metallic inks not drying is that I stamped on to tracing paper-I love the look but they are not drying and its been at least a week now. So I stamped onto a different paper and working fine. I am still hoping those others will dry eventually so I can use them.
    I have gotten a couple tips from your comments so I want to thank everyone again for that-some of you mentioned a craft tool that heats up like a hair dryer but works better-I have decided not to invest in that right now-but I am loving the idea of playing with embossing powders and inks and using it to dry the inks.
    For the glue I am using glue sticks that I have on hand by Scotch brand and they are working out perfectly-so thanks for that tip as well-thinking that was CJ
   So for my cards projects I am using what I have and not buying anything else. They are turning out to my liking so far.

   Also, I checked with our post office-even took a sample card  in for weight-and Yes I can mail overseas!!  
    So if any of my friends here that live across the ocean and wish to swap Christmas cards please contact me with your address-use the contact form right here on my blog page in the right hand column. 

  In Monday morning's mail box I received more sealing wax for my cards-I needed a red. I love this wax because it is hand made and works really nice find the shop here on Etsy she is in Canada  Her packaging is so lovely too.

Here is a box of blues that I purchased before and was already open

I ordered a new seal for my winter cards which I am hoping will arrive this week too.

   October is birthday month for my husband and I. Sorry, I totally forgot to take photos of the food-our friends know that Hubs loves reuben sandwiches (corn beef, sauerkraut, cheese, thousand island dressing grilled with rye bread) so they went to the meat market and got all the fixings. a really thoughtful and nice gift. I just happened to have the perfect gluten free bread for me on hand too.
     This week Wednesday  is  my birthday so they are doing up a fish fry for us--fun and more good eats. I will try to remember to take photos of the food-this time it will be walleye instead of catfish

For me October also means caramel apples-I love them!! I have made lots in the past for us-fun to make and eat. As I get older it's actually more difficult to eat a caramel apple on the stick-but that will not deter me 😃  
     I now slice up an apple, and warm up my favorite caramel sauce and pour it all over and eat with a fork-yum  Only thing I could add is some nuts or to really indulge warm up some chocolate sauce and add on top of the caramel-None in the house at the moment so I am safe lol

I also really love apple cider-cold or warm. I have been enjoying warm cups of apple cider this month too, especially in the evenings.  This is a handmade pottery mug that I picked up from a favorite potterer of mine years ago-has a little chip in it now but I still love using it.

And I got chili going in the crock pot too-grilling up some brats that I will add to it soon Perfect for a cool autumn day.

Happy T Day everyone!!

My friend tells me she is back to not being able to comment again and can't get into her own settings-sigh  I like embed comments much better so going back to that. If any one else can not comment here now please send me a note-contact form in my right hand column-thanks

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Thanking Eileen & A Question

A couple posts back  I had asked about glues.
   I had this idea to use tracing paper-stamp on to it-and then glue it down to the card-using construction paper to keep the card lighter. Eileen did several experiments with glues and posted about it-thanks again to Eileen-link to her post in above linked post.
  Last year I had bought silver and gold metallic Encore inks-they are beautiful but I am discovering they take forever to dry-and now I am thinking they just do not dry well at all. I am wondering now if my Christmas postcards I made last year got smeared in the mail?

  I used Elmer's all purpose craft glue and the ink was rubbing off. No good. I stamped about 9 pieces several days ago just assuming they would be dry-Not.  
   So I did a google search on this issue-and most users are saying these Encore inks just never really dry. So I am wondering why then are they still being sold or at least with instructions on how to set the ink so it does not smear??
  Suggestions were to emboss them-don't know what that is, or heat set them-is that with a hair dryer?? but in the end they still will probably not be completely dry. ugh

  So have any of you used the Encore metallic inks??  if so how did you get them to dry. 
    I can see I need to rethink my Christmas cards technique.
  thanks much

Update:  I have redesigned my cards and I am loving them now-stamping (changed to Staz on inks) on construction paper and then gluing down with a glue stick-working perfectly happy dancing 😄

Friday, October 19, 2018

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

  Welcome to our Saturday movie share. 
       This is where we share a favorite movie that we love to watch more than once.  
    Inspired by CJ to post.

I know I know it's only October-however next weekend Hallmark channels start up with their Christmas movies. (smiles)

      I will admit allot of the movies are a bit awful but there are many that I really enjoy too. Sooooo I am going to start even earlier with a Christmas movie 😃  to share this week.
     My Christmas at home now is just enjoying movies during the season-I pretty much stay away from most stores from after Thanksgiving til Christmas weekend

I love this movie so much that I should buy it so I can watch without commercials. I have seen this many times and it does show up on different channels on tv often. 

The Holiday

Image result for movie the holiday

I really love all the actors-great chemistry, loved the two stories, and the ending.

Information and plot of the movie here

Trailer here  and I didn't see a free one online.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I Have a Question About Glue

  Hi to all of my paper crafters/artists--I am playing around in my craft room tonight-yeah my overhead light is finally coming on now since it's cooler. 😃

     I stamped onto tracing paper and I want to attach it to construction paper-I am experimenting for my Christmas Cards.
   What type of glue would you suggest that will stick to the paper but not show through to the tracing paper-any ideas will help thanks.  
   I had thought of hand stitching paper down too
   thanks in advance.

Update: blog friend Eileen at Artful Blogger did some glue experiments-thanks soooo much here is the link

Image result for cartoon thank you

Monday, October 15, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & Fiber Arts and Quilt Show& Christmas Cards

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
      It's T Time again this Tuesday. 
        In this blogging event we join our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T. We share a drink related post with friends. 
     You are Most welcome to join us, just show us a photo of your beverage and then link up with our hostess. Find the link in my right hand column.

   This past week was definately an Autumn week-very cool temperatures with rain or cold drizzle most days. Tonight we are to get a frost or possibly a freeze.

   If you missed my last post, I wrote that I want to send out handmade Christmas cards again this year.  With the postage getting more expensive I can only send out within the United States though, which does really sadden me since our group is mostly overseas.  I may rethink that and see how expensive it would be to send out an atc or postcard overseas.  I will post about that if it is doable for me.
    Last year I hand stamped Christmas postcards, but this year I want to make cards with an envelope.  I have some new ideas from Elizabeth I want to try-her Thursday tutorial last week.
   If you would like to swap please contact me with your slow mail address through my contact form here in my right hand column. I have tested that out and it works, for some reason using the contact in my profile is not working. 

   I still have not done anything creative this past week. I did hand quilt a little but I am thinking soon I need to take that down again and off the frame and put it away for now.  Our deer camp is coming soon in early November-our last one, and real soon my friend in Kentucky will be driving up to pick up my big rug loom. and the quilt frame is totally in the way-I know I will miss my big rug loom, but I still have my smaller loom a 30" and also a mini loom to play with. Just will not be able to make anything that takes a heavy beat like rugs, although I wanted to try weaving yardage for clothing-but in the end it's all good and a friend is getting it.

   Hubs is doing well selling things online, so far I am only selling a book or two a week-but I am getting more money for them this way.

    I have been wanting to check out a fiber arts guild event that is more towards the lake for the past couple years-but I don't enjoy going alone-I need to get over that.  
    This year in the same building they also had a quilt show sponsored by the quilt guild in a different city also towards the lake.  My friend (that has the log home)  went with me-we totally enjoyed it.
   This was really a good idea to put both events together I thought. Many times quilters especially only quilt and do not explore other fiber arts-this way a good exposure for both.
   I grabbed my camera and got a few photos of the quilts-but the way they were displayed in narrow aisles I couldn't get the whole quilt and after we were there for about 15 minutes it was packed with people.

  The guild made the show more interactive by giving us a piece of paper with the categories to vote for our favorites. They had already given out the ribbons from the judges so I am thinking they will probably award again from our picks
   They had many categories, sorry I didn't get allot of photos after the crowds came in

The one above and below are more vintage-all hand quilted-the one below was a very large king size with this block-lovely work

The next two are also hand quilted

The one below was vintage

Below was a large quilt-I loved the blocks, and the borders were all appliqued
   There are a few quilts I wish now I would have tried harder to get photos-there were some amazing detailed applique pieces and also clothing.

The quilt area also had some things for sale.
     I had my friend  "model" one of the aprons-I thought these were just too special and clever-made from a large men's shirt-they just cut around things to make this and added some lace-love it!!
    I didn't want to show her face in the photo-but the collar is still attached (you slip it over your head) with the sleeves and the back cut off.  I asked permission to take a photo of one of these.

They had lots of wall hangings, purses, things for your tablets and phones, cute things for baby.

I had followed a blog in the past (she no longer blogs) that loved to make these pin cushions using antique tea cups and things-so I enjoyed seeing these here at the event-someone also made spool holders for hand sewing.

After the quilt event we walked down the hall into a large room for the fiber event. For some reason by this time I wasn't feeling real well-kinda "spacey"  These sudden changes in weather does that to me for a couple weeks. 
     Soooo I didn't get any photos-which would have been difficult anyways as the room was filled with vendors around the edge of the room and in the middle the fiber art guild members had their booths. And by this time the room was packed with people. There was a woven garment I really wanted to take a photo of to figure out how she put it together, but didn't think that would be proper.
   My dye teacher had a booth and she remembered me-I will be watching her Facebook page to see if she has another dye class near where I live. She teaches an indigo class that I would love to attend.
     and Speaking of Facebook if you happen to be on there the guild has a page with lots of photos from this event-just scroll through the posts-there were hand dyed scarves and blouses as well Once we get moved and life settles down I will be looking into perhaps joining this fiber arts guild-looked like allot of different talents. I am thinking their meetings would be around half an hour drive from either where I live now or from the lake house.

   Afterwards my friend and I went out to eat-it was after noon by then. Of course since I am not in the habit of taking photos I didn't remember to take any photos of our lunch-sigh  
   I don't go out to eat very much at all any more, but the Mexican place we went to always has consistently good food and the fresh veggies and guacamole are always fresh looking. and with my no gluten diet I have not gotten sick here.  My friend had tacos and I had the tequittos- fried beef filling wrapped in a corn tortilla.  here is a link with photos to the restaurant

   While we we spent the day having fun. Hubs and my friend's husband met with the inspector at the lake house and also went out to eat afterwards-we had found a really nice place to eat Chances R in a very nearby town to the lake house- Laurie, Mo.  This is one of those country diners that has been around a long time. here is a link  I think we will go here from time to time once we get moved. Very homey place with good food.

I had water with my lunch but since I didn't take a photo I will share a drink I made Sunday evening. Hallmark Mysteries channel was showing a new series Darrow and Darrow. It was good but I fell asleep the last half hour and missed the ending-don't you hate it when that happens?? lol  I found it repeated next Friday so recorded it.  the recorder is totally new for us and I really enjoy it.

I had found a bottle of my homemade Kahlua over the summer that I had made years ago-so the flavors are now excellent and very smooth. So I decided to make me a Kahlua drink with coconut milk and a little cream, with whipped cream on top.

I drank a few sips and decided this was way too rich lol-so I mixed it with my last can of root beer-much better   
     another version of a root beer float 😃

This is Monday morning as I type this up-off to get a pot roast going in the crock pot-perfect weather for it-no snow here as it stopped in Kansas before it got to us

Happy T Everyone

PS I know my post is already long but I wanted to say something about the comment format here on Blogger.
    I have always used embed comment option because my blog post is shown with the comments under it and any one can also reply back to any comment-I really like that feature.
    My friend Barbara for some reason-who knows why with cyber stuff these days-could no longer comment on blogs with the embed option. So she figured out if she changed it to full page she can comment. This full page option shows comments only but on the top of this page you can also click on the blog post title and it will open up with the text-this allows you to read through the post again while commenting.
    Then we learned that the pop up comment option works with the post in the background and a seperate page on top in left corner with the comments form. what I do not like about this one or the full page is now I have no way to reply back to a comment-I really do not like that. Especially since the email notification for me is still not working.
   For now, so Barbara can read and comment on my blog I went to the pop up option.
   These problems are occurring because I believe Blogger must be doing something to their software to make things "better" and don't see it or know that is effecting other parts of the program-this is just a guess-I know nothing about computers except to type on them lol

Anyways I am not complaining about Blogger as I am thankful that we still have a blogging platform to share on-and it is free after all. Google + is getting deleted so am hoping we will not be.  

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Sunday Wishes and Christmas Cards

Happy Sunday everyone,
   Brrrrr it has been quite chilly here, my body has not adjusted to it as of yet so I am just cold. 
   We set the thermostat at 68 f degrees which is cold for me-but if I move it up closer to 70 or 72 f degrees where I am more comfortable it seems to drink up the propane gas way too fast-so we will see how this goes.  
    We still have some firewood left so I am thinking if I get too cold I will fire up the two woodstoves again. I really miss wood heat-but Hubs is in no shape to do that heavy work any more.
  The new lake house does have a really good woodstove as well which makes me happy, I want to take what firewood we have left with us too, save us from needing to buy some right away.  (we won't be moving til next spring sometime-much much downsizing etc to do here first)

I have not had the time to be creative for several months now and I really miss that-especially working on my fiber journal which I am anxious to get back to.

I do want to make Christmas cards again this year. I think this year though I will make cards opposed to the postcards. I did like the postcards and less expensive  for postage but I decided I wanted to go back to cards with envelopes.

I wish I could afford the overseas postage but it is really so much higher from me to you opposed from you to me. Several years ago  the US post office had raised the prices which is sad for me. and I have been getting some of my overseas mail back to me which makes it even more expensive. so this all makes me sad to not ship out of the States any more.

Anyways I would love to swap cards with you in the States if anyone of you enjoy doing that too. 
    If you would like a handmade card from me just send me an email with your name and address. (my email is listed in my profile)

    Update: I tried out the contact form in my right hand column here on my page-and that message is going through ok-so contact me that way--Carole says my contact email in my profile is Not working.
     I have some different ideas for my cards this year-I want to thank Elizabeth for posting about those boards that you stamp all over and then make into cards-that looked like a fun project. and I just ordered a new wax sealing stamp too.

(found below online)

Image result for cartoon christmas card writing