Thursday, December 30, 2021

My Year in Review-Heavy with Photos Happy New Year

  I do this some years, go back and look through my posts for the year and pick out a few to share-well actually turns out to be allot of photos-smiles

This year I did more journal pages with Art Journal Journey's monthly themes. This form of creativity is out of my fiber art comfort zone but I have enjoyed the process. For me it was a nice way to create a small piece spontaneously and not overthink it.

  This past year many of us loss a dear blogging friend Eileen-I will always remember her when I see "diamonds on the lake"  and from a Christmas card we learned of the passing of a dear friend from years past before retirement.

January-this was one of my favorites

and back in January I was struggling with how to hand quilt-I ended up putting it away til now. I had made a wool quilt, this large one and two gift quilts-so I think I was quilted out at the time and needed to put it away.


The Lake in the Ozarks froze over this month-unusual to completely freeze over to the shore line. This was pretty solid but not solid enough to go ice fishing

all froze in




 I bought me a weaving bench-a real splurge for myself

and I started Cast Iron Saturdays


  Brings warmer weather, more critters and boaters

towel weaving

Sewers came to our area of the lake


completing the towels

I went wine tasting with our long time Wisconsin friends


 Rock project began

new weaving project begins

horrible case of poison ivy and poison oak


speed boats at the lake

Honoring our lost warriors

chocolate popcorn

Belgium waffles-homemade



I searched out mullein for use as a tea for congestion 


collected our black walnuts

made black walnut salve and I also made black walnut ink

started reading about the Yellowstone wovles

harvest moon


  sweet potato pie with pecan crust and made with fresh sweet potatos

The big Yellowstone quilt back on the frame

homemade tamales


Amazing we now have a 5th bloom budding


Happy New Year 2022 

May the new year bring us peace, good health, good friendships, and happiness