Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Food Wednesdays-About & The Wolf Moon

 Hello everyone,

     I thought I would pop in and write up a little about my newest weekly food post I want to launch next week.

    If you are not familiar, I have been posting for about a year now for Cast Iron Saturdays. I love using my cast iron and reading about cast iron, so once a week I search online for recipes to share using cast iron pieces.

  Years before Facebook came along on the scene, I enjoyed reading food posts. I am someone that loves to read cookbooks too, I have always made everything we eat from scratch-well until recently I started using good quality gluten free mixes for breads mostly. I just never grasped making an edible gluten free bread. I wasted money on books and ingredients on this. I do feel guilty about using a mix too, but I don't eat that much bread anyways and if I want a little for a treat I want it to bake up right.  Other than that most everything is made from scratch in my kitchen with now mostly purchased ingredients (instead of all farm raised) and we don't eat out-haven't for at least 5 years now. I have always enjoyed working in my kitchen. Before really downsizing and moving to the lake I always put in a huge garden and froze, canned, and dried lots of fruits and veggies. Hoping this year to use the Amish farmer's market more to do that again. 

  I decided to post for Food Wednesdays. I know there are many link ups for art during the week, so hoping this day will work out for visiting or sharing a food post as well.

  I did figure out Mr Linky so you will be able to add your post if you would like to join in.

                  DETAILS:     Name of the event will be Food Wednesdays

                 TOPIC-anything you would like to share about Food. 

                         I don't want to narrow down the topic about foods either. 

   So this can be recipes for gluten free, or vegetarian, or low fat or low carbs, or keto, or paleo, and can also be full of sugars and carbs and fats, Anything about food that you would like to share. A new cookbook you just bought, or a favorite cookbook. Even history of foods can be shared if you wish. I love 17th and 18th century cooking, so I may share some James Townsend's videos  This can also be a favorite recipe, a new recipe that looks and sounds delicious, or can just be photos of a meal you shared at a restaurant or in your home.

   Hoping we can share and learn from each other. So not much in rules here-it's all about the food. 

                    (and being kind to one another)

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions before we get started next week as well.

Tuesday evening the moon was gorgeous over the lake

and this morning early in front of the house


  1. Oh a great idea! I like to read recipes and books too-even though I am a 'same old, same old' cooker! I do have a recipe I want to share sometime.

  2. I also have a couple of favorites I would like to share sometime. Like Debra I am a “same old, same old kind of cooker.” With you at the helm, this should be lots of fun.

  3. Good luck with this. I'll be by to visit, but won't be able to participate, at least most of the time.

    1. Hi Elizabeth-no worries-I know there are many art events happening during the week, but thought I would give this a go to see if there is any interest


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