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T Stands for Tuesday & Eco Printing Update (lots of photos)

Hi Everyone,
   T Stands for Tuesday is a weekly event where we share a drink related post. Post about anything on your blog-just show a photo of the beverage you are drinking and join us at T. 
   Our Hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth's link is in my right hand column

  Yesterday I did a batch of eco prints and was really really pleased with the papers. I am really liking the 140 pound weight watercolor papers-they hold up well in the dye bath submerged and give really nice prints.  Here is the link of the papers I posted yesterday-just taken out of the dye water and laid out on towels to dry. Of course like any hand dye the colors are the brightest and prettiest when wet.

   I am still very happy with my papers today-once dry-and my stack of bonus papers-the papers I place on top of the leaves and then the next watercolor paper-I really love this technique-it does make the print on one side more clear-and not muted from prints on the back side-and you get bonus papers to craft with.

This post is full of lots of photos-click to enlarge photos to full size for better viewing

   We still have pretty yellows

Below: The first full view of paper on left-I love that bottom image-this was a tall weed with flowers-it printed beautifully

Here are photos of my set up-I have two sets of tiles stacked on top of each other. Rocks on bottom and heavy rocks on top-the lid still fits tight-I keep the water at a simmer for 2 hours-just enough water so that it can bubble into that top stack.   
    First photo-- the set up and now-second photo---
    I am waiting for it to cool down enough so I can get the two tile sandwiches out and see what I have.
   Note:  I am typing this up as I wait for the newest reveal-so exciting!!

Oh My the reveal does not disappoint!!  

I think I got this technique figured out now--
      1) soak your leaves in watered down iron water-I had a gallon going of iron water that was very very brown-I poured that into a 5 gallon bucket (designated now for dyeing) filled it up with cool water and added all the leaves. and I collected that one weed flower-that prints so nice. Let soak over night or even 24 to 48 hours.  when ready to print-discard the iron water.
    2) I used a tablespoon of alum acetate mixed in with hot tap water to dissolve-I added that to a longish plastic container about 2 inches deep-poured that in and added warm water, stirred and added in my water color papers. No need to soak overnite. I soaked 5 watercolor papers at a time-layered with the leaves the butcher type wax paper (but not waxed) and another water color paper-added in the next 5 watercolor papers. I did 10 per tile sandwich.
    3) I sandwich these between tiles and tie as best I can set on rocks as flat as you can find, I double stacked two sets of tiles-just fits into this set up I have and place two heavy rocks on top-these help to press the leaves into the papers for better prints.
    4) I then added in very hot tap water to just cover the papers on top of stack-added in some blue Rit dye stirred that in and kept at a low simmer for 2 hours-no need to let papers set over night-now fabric I would let sit in the bath over nite and take out-and leave alone for a week or so before looking-hard I know lol

     When I first saw the video with the craft person using Rit dye-my first thought was this technique was cheating using a commercial dye like that. But when I saw the results-so amazing! 
      I have used chemical dyes from Dharma Trading when I was dyeing cloth for quilt fabrics-so I now look at Rit dye a different way. I think a green would be pretty to use as well.
   I think allot of the natural dye stuffs would not work with this eco print project if it is one that would lose it's color with the 2 hour simmer time. I think onion skins would work out nice in this method though

     Ok on to the reveal---Wow so beautiful---if you have an urge to try this technique please do-it is so exciting when you open up your sandwich

and a few of the in between papers-this time I cut them close to the size of the tiles

Tomorrow I would like to eco print with eucalyptus-I have dried leaves that I purchased a couple years ago and am soaking them in water today. Not sure if these are the right variety or not to get the pretty reds-but I am going to give it a go-along with the eucalyptus leaves in the water as well.

    We had a taste for ice cream one evening over the weekend-here's a photo of mine-vanilla frozen yogurt, fresh blueberries, and caramel yum.  Hubs loves chocolate mint the best.

The beverage I am sharing:  Kathy's made up Yellowstone-ginger beer beverage ha ha

    Fill a tall glass with frozen yogurt, a shot of huckleberry vodka (I found this bottle in West Yellowstone last year) fill up slowly with ginger beer-I use diet now. (note ginger beer has no alcohol in it)  Delicious! and thanks to Jo for mentioning ginger beer-I really enjoy it now.

Happy T everyone


  1. O-: Those papers are stunning! After all that work, you deserve your ice cream treat. Happy T Day

  2. wow- gorgeous prints Kathy!! I am so impressed! And yes, I thought the same as CJ- your treats are well deserved-yum. Happy T day!

  3. Those pages are so gorgeous Kathy. You really outdid yourself. Thanks for the instructions as I was wondering how you made them. That ice cream (frozen yogurt) sure looks yummy. have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. OK, now I'm jealous. Your prints turned out so good, I can't believe the beautiful prints you got. I never get prints (I used fabric, not paper) that show how distinct the leaves were. These are stunning and incredible. Barbara used alum from the grocery store and got pretty good results, too. But yours are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing these and your ginger beer vodka mixed drink with us for T this Tuesday. I feel like I need something, too after seeing your wonderful technique.

  5. I was reading something last week where this eco-dyer soaked her leaves in rusty water, then added them to the paper. The rust made them much darker, though.

    For my fabric, I've never used a mordant, except alum (grocery store) when I dyed using turmeric. I use vinegar when I am making rust dyed fabric, but not for anything else. Vinegar accelerates the rusting process, as does heat when I place my fabric in vinegar and rusted elements, then close a plastic bag and leave it in the sun for a day or so. But to me, that is NOT eco-dyeing.

  6. Your papers are WONDERFUL, wow, I LOVE them. And your ice cream special looks fantastic, too, yummy. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. a hilarious post!!! everything turned out fantastic, and i will bookmark this post to have recipies for further dyeing experiences! thank you!! and happy t-day!

  8. Absolutely beautiful prints, Kathy! Now what are we going to do with all of them? I have a big stack, and haven’t even posted my latest batch here yet. I love using them as note cards, but don’t have a big call for those in this age of texting and email. Also, my handwriting is like chicken scratch after hand surgery. I think I may make up cards in batches of ten and use them as gifts!

  9. Oh wow your second batch of papers look stunning. I had to cheat and go look at the photos and then go back to read the post. It was good to read how you made them.
    It sounds an interesting drink and it looks quite inviting.
    Happy T day wishes Kathy.
    p.s Thank you for you notes about hemlock. We tend to think of it as a poison these days, but as you found it does have other uses.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Hi Yvonne thanks much, and you are welcome about the hemlock-I was curious as it is known for a poison-one of those herbs you have to know the dosage for and not recommended to use now

  10. Oh my goodness, those paper are stunning! I bet you are so pleased with them; the colours are spectacular 😁. I enjoyed the big reveals, it was such an exciting post 😉. Your ginger beer look so yummy and thanks for the mention too! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

    1. Thanks so much Jo, yes I am really thrilled with these papers=

  11. Your drink looks like a yummy root beer float or ice cream shake, Kathy.

    The eco-prints are really beautiful. Boy that's a lot of work! It's interesting how the blue dye edged the papers. So pretty - almost like someone inked the edges for effect. But this is more natural even if you did cheat a bit with store-bought dye ;-)

    About the big change I made to chia girl, you hit the nail on the head. I lightened the dotted circle, then had to re-paint all those little dots.

    Happy T-day wishes, Eileen

    1. It takes allot of time to get everything ready and assembled into the "sandwiches" but this is always fun for me
      great-and I love your chia girl

  12. P.S.. I forgot to answer your question: do I drink cola or the caffeine. No. It's just a bad habit I've had since childhood. I picked it up from my mother - lol. Just opposite to your experience.

    1. Just curious-lol allot of my friends drink cokes for the caffeine

  13. Gorgeous! Those colors! I'm curious what you'll do with them. I'd be tempted to frame them as-is. Happy T Tuesday

  14. Wow! What stunning papers! What are you going to make with them? I love that you always share your process. So interesting and I learn a lot.
    Your yogurt is so yummy looking! I love fruit on top of anything.
    Happy Tea Day,

    1. I was going to use these at notecards, possibly sell some in my etsy shop, and I love idea of framing a few. or possibly if I can figure how-to make a book with them

  15. I'm sure everyone will agree just how beautiful these papers turned out. Congratulations again! And that icecream looks fabulous! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  16. I am totally in awe of your prints Kathy and this frozen yoghurt looks yummie just to die for!
    Big hugs


  17. How absolutely gorgeous! I bet you are sooo pleased! Well done!
    Your vanilla ice cream and caramel yum look just that: Yum!
    Happy T-Day,

    1. Thanks Lisca, yes I am extremely happy with these papers
      Happy weekend ahead

  18. Gorgeous prints! Interesting process. Love the looks of your frozen yogurt. So, want some now! Happy Tea Day!

  19. Oh My! What fabulous prints - all of the colours look amazing! Loved reading how you achieved these results too! Oh! and that ice-cream treat looks delicious! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx


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