Friday, October 25, 2019

It's Comfort Foods Weather & Health Update

   We have really cooled down here over the last couple of days with rain and wind-and the leaves are really coming down too. so I decided more comfort foods are in order this week.
    I hadn't made us homemade biscuits and gravy since we started living at the lake house. I even made me a gluten free batch of biscuits. First photo is wheat and the second photo is gluten free. Mine I added in a little almond flour with the gf flour. I have learned finally Not to roll the dough out-just to pat into a shape and cut them out. Next time I will try a smaller cutter-but these turned out perfect-finally can make biscuits since I found a southern biscuit recipe.

For the gravy I like Jimmy Dean's natural sausage-and I used organic 2% milk and cornstarch to thicken I also sprinkle in few red hot pepper flakes.

This is my dish, Hub's prefers his yolks hard

Yesterday the 24th I turned 70-another milestone year for me.

    We had thought of perhaps going out to eat here locally at the restaurant we like but opted to eat at home. It was a long day driving to the family doctor's appointment in the morning. When I got home I checked my facebook page-where I am hooked up to many blogging friends that no longer blog, new friends, and a few friends we know personally-and I had almost 50 Happy Birthday messages-Wow so that made my birthday special for me-and I am thankful and grateful to have Husband here with me today and his health improves each week. So I feel blessed-and not alone.

    We went for Larry's follow up appointment from surgery (instead of going back to Springfield to see our regular cardiac doctor) -and our 6 month appointments with our family doctor in the morning. That was the first time available so I just took it.
    We have the best family doctor-it is a long drive again but in a different direction. Wasn't quite sure how much drive time to allow since first time from the lake house and we knew we would run into rain-it didn't rain much near the lake house but the rest of the drive was all rain and allot of traffic-unusual for this area.  We ended up getting there with a half hour to spare-someone must have cancelled as they called us right in. That was really nice as Hubs does not like waiting on doctors.
    Hubs got his flu shot and booster pneumonia shot, and we learned more about him. Doctor went through all the surgeons notes with us as well.
    We also learned there is a blood test to determine if he still has congestive heart or not; which will answer the question when he retains water in his lower legs does he need the water pill and potassium back at a lower dose, or can he wear compression socks instead.
     Our nurse wanted him on those compression socks and the water pill.  I had asked our nurse if he wears these tight (she wanted him wearing very very tight socks) where does the water go?-she didn't have a good answer for that.
    Our doctor said if he needs the socks-use Not the very tight ones or the water will push up to his heart-and cause major damage--the least tight compression socks we can find-so I am really glad that was one of my questions.
    Doctor also said not to concern myself about the warafin as it is the best for now and in 6 months he knows of other medicines that are good for his condition-new heart valve-that the heart team won't use as they are not fda approved yet. Family doctors are not afraid to try some of these other medicines he told us-so I liked that answer too.
    Our visits are 30 minutes for each of us and more if we need it-another reason we love this doctor.
    For me I got a booster pneumonia shot, (I already got the flu shot at Walgreens) and my asthma has been rough the last month and we are going into colder temps-so I opted for a steroid shot instead of those pills-ugh. and the blood tests will show if my thyroid is in check. It was a productive visit, he has been our family doctor since we moved to Missouri back in 2003. This doctor is worth the longer drive to us, instead of searching out one closer.
    We stopped at the woods home, and didn't get back home til after 2 pm That was a long day so I said let's go home and I will fix us food.

  Today though I am going to bake us up homemade pizzas-wheat for him and gluten free crusts for me. There will be enough left over for tomorrow and freeze the rest for later-another first at the lake house-and in an electric oven. So far I am surprised how good this oven is working out.

  I tried to capture a few fall photos in the car-turned out pretty watercolor photos for the most part haha.

windshield wiper in this one and I love all these rocks that we drive through.

In the back left-you can see a bit of the lake-one of the two bridges that we cross over

  The ozarks is a beautiful area where I live so despite the rain and the very heavy traffic in sections-I enjoyed the views-prettier than my photos.

   I know probably most of you are not into "sappy" Christmas movies-Hubs included-but it's my way of having Christmas-and it starts on Hallmark tonight. A bit early I know but I am ready for it haha

Thanks for dropping by Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday! 🎂 The biscuits look delicious. Sounds like good news from the doctor. Always good to have a doctor you trust. I really like how your Fall photographs look like water colors. Enjoy your Hallmark movies and the weekend

  2. Happy Birthday Kathy! Biscuits and gravy is one of my favourites and the ones you made looks so delicious, I could eat them right now - yum 😉. So pleased to hear that your hubby is recovering well, it sounds like you are doing a great job looking after him too. Wishing you a happy Friday and Weekend! Hugs, Jo x

  3. Glad to hear you are keeping up with the control visits at the doc's and are taking good care of yourselves. Sounds like a lot of driving, though. And happy belated birthday from me, all the best, health and happiness for the coming year is my wish for you!. Your food looks great, too, yummy! Hugs, Valerie

  4. A good day for you! Hope it was a happily memorable birthday. Some pretty color in your trees right now. Enjoy it all!

  5. Happy Birthday! Wishing you and your husband all the best.

  6. PS...I really like a good Hallmark Christmas movie! I’ll be watching for them now. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! and congratulations on your good dr check-ups :) Your fall color is lovely, and since Memphis is not too far southeast of you maybe it'll come this way soon :) Your biscuits look tasty.

    I'm still enjoying Halloween Horror lol, but Christmas movies will come soon. We don't get the Hallmark channel, but I do love our DVDs of the old Christmas movies :)

  8. Sending belated happy birthday wishes to you.
    Pleased to read about the Dr check-ups and appointments.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  9. Sorry I missed your Birthday Kathy, I hope you had a good day.
    Good news as well from your check ups, it is good to read your hubby and yourself are going along okay. Its good you have a doctor that you are happy to travel to see.
    Those biscuits looked delicious as well.
    Yvonne xx


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