Friday, May 26, 2023

Remember Our Fallen

 Here in the States Monday is Memorial Day-where we remember and honor our fallen.

Too many though mostly celebrate this weekend as the beginning of summer especially here at the lake where many business's will be re opening, lots of family activities being scheduled, large family and friends celebrating with cook outs and boating.

Larry and I never did much celebrating over Memorial Day weekend, more  reflecting of the soldiers that served our country and gave their lives, and because too my husband remembers and honors those fallen soldiers around him in the war he fought in. ( I can't even reflect on that without sorrow)

Reader's Digest had several quotes-I chose this one

Sunday evening    PBS always has a Memorial Day Show to honor our fallen. I watch it every year. It had me in tears tonight listening to the different stories.  They stated since 1776 over a million American soldiers have  lost their lives for our country. 


  1. Wow, that sure is irony to party instead of honoring. Sad.
    I still have the "Legacy"-poppy-seeds by my private PC honoring those ANZAC soldiers. A Perth friend gave them to me...
    None from my paternal family members went to war (Ingo did his service, but luckily there was no war).
    His Grandfather could not eat bread cause that was all they had when this man served in WWII.
    And he often woke up screaming.
    I will never understand war.
    But I honor those men who fight for freedom, for our rights.
    Though... I still not understand. Take those who fight, for example, the Taliban for women´s rights. They leave their own families at home in fear of them.
    It´s a strange world.
    Hugs and to a not so terrible day of memories.... And freedom! And peace!

    1. Hello Iris, yes I find it quite sad more partying than honoring. I wonder if your Grandfather had celiac-no gluten-which is in breads pasta etc if made with the normal wheat.
      when we look back in history of the world-all mankind does is repeat itself over and over-I find that very sad always war of some king,
      great thoughts Iris-thank you

  2. Lest we forget...but it is just a long weekend to many.

  3. You are so right we also use this time to decorate the graves of those we love.

  4. Have a lovely weekend Kathy. And I like how you chose the Daniel Webster quote. He's one of our (New Hampshire's) famous historical politicians. hugs-Erika

    1. thank you Erika, I did not know that about Daniel Webster-thanks

  5. We always plant flowers in the cemetery for my parents and grandparents. I know my dad and uncle were in WWII, the others not. But for me, although the origins of the holiday are veterans and soldiers, I think of it far more expansively and remembering all who have passed. I hope you have a beautiful holiday!

    1. growing up my parents and grand parents did the same-we visited all the family graves and added flowers. I have moved away since my college days, so now I take the time to reflect on our past family and honor our fallen soldiers

  6. You're right Kathy, they're not days to celebrate, they're days to reflect

  7. I was sure I left a comment yesterday, but apparently not.. I agree that this is not a time to be out celebrating and partying, but reflecting and thanking/doing something nice for the families of those who have fallen.

  8. Kathy yes Memorial Day ought to be just that - a time to remember all the men and women who gave up their lives so we might be free. Thanks for this lovely post dear one. Hugs!


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