Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Post-Race Boats and Projects

 Good Morning Friends,

    It's a cooler cloudy early morning here at the lake this morning. Looks like rain may move in. Nice for me, but not so good for the weekend race boat events-The Shootout-34th year.  I am actually looking forward to them all going home as many have been here since last week Monday.

  These race boats are fun to watch as they are all different boat lengths with bright colors, but they are also very loud and noisy.

   I caught a few photos but many didn't turn out as well as I wanted to. These boats are beautiful-very fast, streamlined, they cause no waves as they glide on top of the water  The race-timed for each category-is broadcast live both Saturday and Sunday. One boat's time was 199 miles per hour-that's fast.  If they don't get rained out today there will an air show as well.  This event raises allot of money for local charities and rural fire departments-their goal is to surpass 1/2 million dollars this year.

This first photo I found online-a view of some of the spectators

All photos will enlarge for better viewing-just click on them

A smaller one

Yes the ocean boats were in the mix of boats too. Late afternoon Saturday there were kayaks too-scary for them I would think  I saw the pair near our dock waiting for the lake to clear-thinking they were headed back home at the time.
     It was a very very busy lake Saturday, Labor Day weekend will be very busy on the lake too, but then finally much quieter. I expect if it doesn't rain today will be busy too with race boats and spectators.

Early Saturday morning, we watched many boats full of people headed to the event. One needs to get there really early to be in front of the lines of boats to watch the Shootout

Not a good photo but only one I was able to capture-the film crew

This larger boat to the right broke down in front of us-they managed to get over to the bank opposite us The boat on the left came back to help-they were there for a couple hours before they got the boat running again.

  My calendula plants are producing lots of flowers now-so I am still picking a few more to dry. Want to have enough for a couple batches of soap.  The rest I will leave to bloom and enjoy and then gather the seed heads for next year.

  I am still not inspired to create journal pages, or pick up the sashiko project not sure why. Actually this year is the first time I have actually felt old-so perhaps my body is changing into the next phase of my life cycle. I will blame it on that for now-haha.  Speaking of journal pages, I just ordered a handmade journal that I am excited about-more when it arrives in the mail.

    I did remember that I still have lots of fibers to spin. I need to get out the bags soon and see what I can hopefully sell. At the time I bought too much.

    Haven't done any spinning in over a year. I have a bag of fibers to spin that are Yellowstone inspired colors, so I grabbed the last project I was working on and finished that skein. Then I grabbed my bison fiber-which I love to spin. Just love the feel of this fiber-very short fibers but they just seem to stick together well. Most of what I have spun already is more bulky yarn but so far I got this finer-finally.

   I wasn't totally pleased on what I spun Saturday to finish this one off-very thick and thin and bulky-but for weaving it can always be wove into something fun-pillow covers, shawls etc I sprayed it down with water to set the fibers and let it dry outdoors-it was in the shade here.

   I was fortunate at the time to find this bison fiber at an affordable price. This is labor intensive as this is the extra top layer of fibers for the bison over the cold winters. In the spring it falls off or they rub it off. So one must find it and gather it.  The person I bought it from had her own bison herd out west and was in a co op so she was pretty much selling it wholesale to the public
   I have allot of skeins where it came out very bulky, the rest I will work on getting it much finer. Would like to make some sort of garment with it. Thus is very soft  fiber that I am in love with. I still have enough left to make several skeins of yarn

  I also dug out a bag with more of the Yellowstone inspired colors, and will work on getting a finer yarn with these too. I need to search around as I know I have a few other colors. Thinking I will switch off spinning with these and the bison fibers. Feeling better getting back to my fiber craft-maybe back to weaving is in the near future-the project is waiting for me.

 I have been thinking about my Christmas cards too that I want to make this year. It's time for a new stamp, so I spent hours looking online.  I fell in love with two rubber stamps that I "had" to have. They came fast in the mail and I really love them-so now to decide on papers. If you would like to swap a Christmas card just message me with my contact form in sidebar.

  Yesterday I also dug out another project that I started on back in 2015 I had gotten stumped on how to do it, and with the move to the lake house,  just hadn't thought about it again. It's time. 

   I have been wanting to publish an ebook on Kindle of my late sister's poetry. At her early death (car accident) my Mom years later had split her writings up with me and my brother-and then I later learned she tossed allot of it-why she would do that is beyond my understanding.  I also have an original art piece for the cover that a friend painted for me and gave me the copyright for it-should I get it published. 

   I am working on figuring out how and where to type this up and get it ready to publish. Looks like Amazon Kindle has a better program to do that in now-so I will see how that goes. I am computer illiterate for sure.

 A few early morning views today

a lone duck

I was trying to capture crows flying by, not sure if this is a crow though I did also see the back of an eagle flying by to far right of me on the deck

  Happy Sunday and new week ahead


  1. I understand. Around here in tourist season everything gets complicated!
    This weekend we have the sea and mountains rally!

    1. sea and mountain rally sounds intriguing yes I will be so happy to see the end of tourist season soon-after next weekend it will be much quieter here-Happy weekend and new week ahead

  2. I love those beautiful lake views much better than the boat races. Ha! You captured a beautiful sunrise, for sure! Your spinning of fibers, especially of the buffalo, really sparks something in me...must be in my DNA from ancestors long gone. The yarn you have drying is drop-dead gorgeous! Somehow, your posts always get me going! Thanks for making my Sunday morning!

    1. You are most welcome dear friend. I wish I was better with my spinning, but I don't need perfect yarn to weave with it. and when I look at my yarn from a few years ago I am getting better for the most part. I love that purple yarn too but I didn't do it justice. I always felt the past calling when I would watch women hand quilting around a large farm near my Grandma's farm when I was younger-I did enjoy that allot too. Happy Sunday and new week-hugs

  3. It must have been very loud for you with all the boats, but fun to watch. I ddin't realise the lake is so big! I know what you mean about not wanting to do anything, and you get much more done than I do. Getting older sucks, and certainly doesn't help! I don't even cook anything anymore, cheese sandwiches are easier!. Have a great week, take care and be happy, hugs, Valerie

    1. Yes when the boats were practicing and enjoying the lake this past week-it did get very loud here. In my next post I will share a map of Lake in the Ozarks-this is a manmade lake for making electricity for the area They call it the snake as it winds around all over Has allot of shoreline here.
      Yes getting older is no fun for sure, I can really feel it this year. I do love to cook and bake, but even that is a chore this summer instead of being fun..

  4. You know me i could NOT handle all those boats.. but we won't go into that this That purple yarn sitting out in the sun looks very pretty.. But then i may be partial as its my favorite It is purple isn't it? It looks purple.. but maybe thats just the sun? Well whether or not your in the mood you have a lot of projects waiting for you.. just like me.. Now that the fish painting is done i feel a little at lost ends.. i find myself wandering around looking at things seeing what i want to get into next.. Finally i pulled out my Project Book.. a composition book where i have written down every little project i have that came to mind.. starting hopefully with the oldest ones first and then i just pick one.. I've had a small 8x8 i think canvas i started of a bench waiting on the sidelines.. so i've picked it up and started messing with it.. Its just driving home i have no idea what i'm doing with a landscape.. lol But i'm enjoying messing with it.. Alvin is off playing golf this weekend.. so quiet at home. need to get in there and play.. Hugs! deb

    1. Hi Deb, Yes this is a lovely mixed purple-my spinning did not do it justice for sure but I will weave it into something. That is an awesome idea my friend to have a project book for notes on want to do projects love that. I am anxious to see your new painting. with the bench. Sounds like Alvin is finally able to enjoy retirement-in place of all that hard work you two did on your previous home. Happy Sunday Hugs

  5. Kathy, you are a woman with many talents! I can't wait to see what garment you are going to do with the spun bison fiber. Always love the morning lake view from your beautiful!

    1. Hi Angie, I do bounce around allot-my first love is always fibers, hand dyes. I need to get a move on with the spinning so I will have time weave some cloth for a loose garment. I love our morning lake views too-

  6. Those boat races are something else. I can't imagine going that fast in a boat. It must be fun to watch them, but if anyone wants to do anything on the lake, it must be hard for them. Glad you pulled your spinning fibers out. I pulled out an old knitting project yesterday myself. It needs to be finished. HAve fun with your projects and Labor Day will be here soon too. Hugs-Erika

    1. I know today there was a boat that went over 200 mph and they have to stop after 3/4 mile not sure how they do that.
      We don't get in the crowds at all which is fun for younger people, we are a ways from the event but the boats go up and down the lake when not racing.
      I am up for finishing projects, need to stop adding new ones til I get caught up. yes Labor Day is coming up fast happy new week

  7. This sounds - despite of the noise - like a really great and helpful event. 199m/h I would never ever join, though!

    Oh, boy, is that crowded! And then a kayak?! Oh, help!
    Cool pic with the shootout!
    I will try to fond out if calendula flowers here in Germany and on a balcony. This sounds soooo good.

    Hmm. Glad you can take the next life-phase with humor. I think that´s the only way to go :-)
    Oh, bison fiber? That sounds interesting for sure!
    I would like to see a bison for real. Reckon they are huge.
    And it really does look soft and warming. Temps came down here, sadly. I have to think of warmer clothing.

    Those Yellowstone colors are wonderful.

    Oh. Christmas-thoughts already? I want summer to stay forever!

    So sad about, certainly your Sister´s death, but really, why toss away her writing.

    Computer illiterate... I have a pain getting a new app, LOL - I hate the smartphone!

    Great morning-lake-pics!.

    Here shortly after 06 am and only slowly getting light...
    But, that´s life. Off to work, have a great start to the new week, hugs!

    1. Good morning Iris, we are a ways from the race boat event but allot of the boats come in early and "play" on the lake. They are very fun to see. That race boat that went 199 mph went way over 200 mph the next day so he won his division. I watched it live on the tv which was fun-they got rained out on sunday before noon and it was suppose to go til 4 in the afternoon. we got a little rain here where I live but they got allot of lightening and winds so had to stop the race.
      I will send you some calendula seeds to plant for next year. they have really pretty shades of yellows-and I will write you then how to use the petals in the melt and pour soap.
      I w surprised to see the couple in their kayaks but Larry says the ones they had could handle the ocean so they were good.
      Yes the bison fiber is my favorite to spin, I love alpaca too-very soft Yes the bison are huge and are Not pets haha
      I start thinking about how I want to make christmas cards early will start on them October probably Yes I couldn't believe my parents tossed allot of her writings sad I am trying to figure out how to type this up and get in as a kindle book. we don't have smartphones-no one to call lol and I prefer a desk top computer over reading a small phone screen-that's crazy to me
      You have an awesome week hugs back

  8. We had a young man die in the boat races here several years ago he left a wife and a young son. So very sad. Your fibers are lovely I wish I knitted more, and I do not weave at all. The number of crafts you do is just amazing to me.
    There is a woman in England who does poetry and she hand writes it and puts in in little brown paper covered books she sells them online (I love her simple poetry) She just got some large award for her books. Tales of the old forest faeries.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. it is sad to lose a life in a boat race-there was a fatality here too on the lake-a spectator, and another loss life nearby on a bridge over the busy weekend.
      I do bounce around allot -I like to try new things, drove my Mom nuts "why can't you just stick with one thing and perfect it?" lol I do love the spinning on my drop spindle, I am just resolved to the fact I am not going to make "perfect" yarn but that's ok.
      Oh I love that idea writing the poems out by hand and selling them that way-I may think about that thank you. I wanted my late sisters poetry published she died in a horrible car accident just a year or so after she graduated top of her college class she always wanted to be published. I want to do that for her

  9. Replies
    1. Yes lots and lots of people were at the race boat event, they raise allot of money for charity

  10. Wow -- that's a boatload of boats! The race looks fun to watch. Loud, but fun. I love that you have that fabulous roving. I will be using mine just as it is for my needlefelting which I plan to plow into in great extreme this next week. (My sale is in November and I have a lot to do!) Your spinning sounds wonderful and I hope you pick it up again but I know what you mean about motivation. I think we all go in spurts.

    1. Hi Yes lots of boats on the lake this past weekend for sure. It is fun to watch them. the spectators were a mile long and several boats deep to watch the race boats-they tie up to each other.
      Anxious to see your needle felting, I always enjoyed that too-I did mixed media pictures with needle felting as highlights Have a good week

  11. I've been by THREE times. I hope this one takes. I get "failed to publish" every time.

    Those boats must be loud and I can't imagine how fast 200 mph is. At least on water. It's amazing how all those boats go by and you get to see them from the comfort of your home.

    However, I think the sunrises are even more beautiful than the boat races. Have a great week, Kathy. Loved reading about that roving.

    1. Yes we enjoy watching from the comfort of our home for sure, too old now to get into a massive crowd like that any more. so glad your comment finally "took"
      we have enjoyed some wonderful sunrises this month for sure. glad you enjoyed about the roving

  12. That certainly is a lot of boats!
    Love your early morning views ... so peaceful.
    Enjoy these last days of August.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you Jan-yes allot of boats on the lake most of last week, so quiet today no boats on the lake today except for a handful of fisherman yep I am looking forward to fall for sure

  13. Great post. I would love to have some bison fiber. Very active on the lake. I do like boat races. Have a nice evening.

    1. thank you, it was a fun week seeing all the different boats this bison fiber is really special to work with-thanks for stopping by

    2. wow, I love the beautiful colors of your yarn :) And, it seems so soft. :)


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