Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wow Mother Nature is Out of Control & Tech Help for my Friend Plus Videos

Good morning friends.
   First off I am hoping everyone is safe from the crazy weather going on in the States. I am thinking she must have chosen Friday 13 for all of this.
   Elizabeth I am hoping the tornadoes missed you too and also Deb I hoped they missed you as well. We got the very very strong winds, rains but no hail. and we are to get below freezing again especially Monday morning with temps in the low 20's f again. It is colder and still very windy now as I type.
   I also just read about major snow blizzards in the plains-South Dakota, Iowa, northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Bad weather all the way down to Louisiana. I am hoping this is really the last of winter. My author friend now lives in Yellowstone Park-her husband is a master carpenter for vintage and his year round job will be the Old Faithful Inn  I am thinking they are getting lots of snow too.

   Also my dear artist friend Barbara just sent out an SOS on her blog. Any of you with blog tech knowledge she needs help. All of her photos have disappeared on her blog even her profile photo. I hope someone knows how to help her. She is just now feeling better to blog and create art again.

I also want to thank my friend Carole  who made a tutorial for me on a better way to load videos.
   I have been on You Tube for years now following different artists and others but never thought of using it to make a video. Also I can make a long video there and then link it from there to here which saves data on my blog-which I never would have thought of either.
   Here are the videos I did that day on my walk and playing with making videos-since You Tube is part of Google it uploads pretty neat-I just hit the video link then clicked on my You Tube Videos and just chose the ones I wanted--easy haha
   The background noise is the howling winds that day, and a look at some of our ponds.

Happy Saturday everyone


  1. I heard about the bad weather in the mid-West. A teacher friend from Iowa posted that the high school prom was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday because of the weather. Today is starting out nice for us. Sunny and mild temps, but that all changes tonight and into tomorrow. We'll be getting your freezing rain changing over to cool temps and rain for the Patriots Day holiday (Massachusetts state holiday)

    No suggestions to offer your friend. Blogger does get wonky. I visited her blog and did see blog pictures on her posts, but her profile pic is not visible.

  2. Kathy, I can feel you sincerely trying to help, THANK YOU! I don’t know where this is going yet. So frustrated!
    Now for the important stuff, I’m loving your videos! To hear your voice is special. You truly do have a little slice of heaven there. Did you say 300 acres?! Not little at all!

  3. Yay, I'm on the dreaded desktop computer and finally got Blogger to upload a profile photo. So, this is test comment, Kathy, to see if the photo shows here on my comment as well.

  4. We've had some dusty days here but otherwise it's just getting warmer and warmer. My Colorado boy has been getting lots of wind this past week, some dust and even a tiny bit of snow. While in NY the weather goes back and forth from warm to cold, snow, rain. Never know what one day to the next will be. Sorry to her about Barbara's blogger woes. Could be any number of reasons for the missing photos but hard to know what could have happened without some background. I watch videos on YouTube but don't know how it works otherwise. I just upload videos from my phone if I want to share. Take care!

  5. Crazy weather-yes it is. Hope all is well in your world and no tornadoes or snow. We were 61 degrees today and are suppose to get either ice or snow tomorrow. Cool videos too Kathy. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. The weather sounds crazy, it's seems winter doesntdoknow that it is meant be springtime now 😉. Thanks for sharing the videos too. We have sunny warm weather forecast for next week, it maybe even be hot enough to wear shorts 😎. Wishing you a Happy Weekend! J 😊 x

  7. I hoped the tornadoes missed everyone as well. The storms are headed to the Carolinas now and should hit this afternoon. We're in the minimal risk range though.

    Now let's see if this comment posts....

  8. It is pouring rain right now in western NC, that line is coming through as should last all day. Glad to see your videos, the geese are such fun to watch.

  9. It's been such a crazy spring all over NA! It's snowing (again) outside my window as I type this. We had ice storms on the weekend with freezing rain and pellets steadily for Sat & Sun. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow, and hopefully all this white will again melt away.
    Sorry to hear about your friend's computer troubles, but I'm afraid I'm of no help there.
    Love the videos you made! I like making short videos as well and have posted a couple on the blog and IG. Adds another special element to our internet friends. It's cool to hear your voice with your cute American accent ;)
    Let's hope spring returns and also summer!! Take care Kathy,
    Wendy xox


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