Monday, May 25, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & Lots of Photos (Long Post)

  Hi Everyone,
      Here in the States we are winding down our 3 day weekend with Memorial Day. Of course with Missouri being mostly open many and I mean many drove to the lakes.
    We were originally forecast to have a wash out with lots of rain and t storms but where I am we were mostly missed.
   So the two of us had "entertainment" looking out over the lake since late Thursday. There was also allot of fireworks going off too every night. I could hear them loud and clear but couldn't see most of them.
   I even saw on facebook where one of the bars on the lake made the national news-big signs saying to self distance but of course no one was doing that.

    Tuesday is upon us already where we share a drink related photo in our post, and link up with friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeth. (link in my sidebar)

    Saturday mid day was probably the busiest on the lake with boats everywhere. and I just don't understand these ocean boats being on the Lake of the Ozarks, so many this long weekend. I was making our dinner at the time and didn't grab my camera to video all the craziness.  I did get a couple videos that shows about a 1/4 of the number of boats that were here on Saturday.

  Lots of these ocean boats-all sizes here on a lake-Larry says people showing off their wealth and toys.

Lots and lots of these personal water craft "toys"   We call them motorcycles on water

This first video shows all sorts of boats, all different sizes. Towards the end of the video you will also see a very long and large boat that is used to shuttle people back and forth to the bars that are on the lake
   I also was showing with all the activity the water was splashing up over the rocks, and so much debris has drifted in around our dock.

   I made us a New York Cheesecake for the weekend-using Lakanto powdered sweetener. I also made a thin crust with gluten free graham crackers and almond meal, butter, Lakanto sweetener  This was my best bake ever sooo creamy and delicious
     If anyone would like the link to the recipe-go here  I did not bake this in a water bath per recipe, and I did add the crust. I baked at 300 degrees f for about 90 minutes. The other changes were two packages of full fat cream cheese and one package of the 1/3 less fat cream cheese, lower fat sour cream, and I used Lakanto brand sweetener instead of Swerve-both brands are really good I just prefer Lakanto now.
    If you are looking for healthy recipes-no sugar etc this site is really awesome and makes more sense to me then some of the other keto recipes I have seen.

This is our favorite jam now, comes from France not overly sweet, always thick with fruits I love it

 Off in the distance is a pirate ship-used for tourists. This little bird flew in while I was taking a photo If you enlarge the photo you  may see it in the distance.

A better look

Another ocean boat

Another painting with Valerie's photo. I wanted to do this again, and I will be painting from this image again, as this time I was learning how to use the colored pencils wet. You can see the black kinda got away from me. I do like it though

A drink reference-I found a box of the Strongbow hard cider that I had picked up over a year ago.Perfect for the weekend. I prefer this brand over Angry Orchard hard cider as it is allot lighter and less filling.  I also like that these cans are smaller in size too.

  More flowers blooming, my mints and lavender looking good after all the rains last week, and my tomato plants I grew from seed need to get planted soon.

The lavender had a set back from staying in the pot too long but looking good now-the center really died back on me. I am not going to harvest any of the blooms this time, to give the plant a boost

I am thinking of digging up some grass below and in front of where the lavender and mints are to plant some of these tomatoes One is Burpee big girl, and the other is a large heirloom tomato also for slicing.

This afternoon I poured this over ice-I really like it no fake sweeteners in it just Ozark spring water that's been carbonated with a splash of natural flavorings

Happy T everyone