Friday, July 19, 2019

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

  It is sooooo hot and humid here that we are both really feeling the weather, so stayed home at the woods house today. Sleeping, reading, watching the television. We are approaching 100 degrees f actual temperature not counting the heat index. A bit too hot for us, and Hubs needed a day to do nothing today (friday).
   I was thinking of a summer time movie to share and State Fair came to mind.
 I have seen the 1962 version several times in the past but just discovered there was also a 1945 first version that had gotten better reviews.  There was also a broadway version even earlier.
 I also discovered a 60th anniversary dvd   that was released in 2005 that describes more about the history of this film.

                                        1945 movie

Image result for state fair movie 1945 photos

                                           1962 movie

Image result for state fair movie 1962 photos

                                             Anniversary DVD 

                          Image result for state fair movie 60 anniversary  photos

Saturday is my classes at Fiber U. 
I am taking a saori style weaving class for making a bracelet which will 
have some weaving tapestry techniques 
and also a four hour indigo dye class in the afternoon. 
I left my camera up at the lake house thinking 
we would be there today-sigh I will see if I can use Hubs camera.

Happy weekend-and stay cool everyone that also has hot weather.