Monday, October 16, 2017

Hub's Birthday & Grilling and Baking

  I would say my hubs had a splendid birthday this year. Today is his birthday.
  Yesterday morning he did check out the river boat and brought it home. It is quite the boat made in 1960 for the Missouri conservation dept and is quite long 22 feet. They no longer make the longer boats. 
  We are close to the river so will be perfect for fishing especially on these warmer fall days and with conservation just building a brand new access down the road from us perfect!

photos will enlarge just click on them

This morning I went to town early to get every thing registered and tagged-the guys will try this out tomorrow afternoon-we'll be back into the mid 70s again too.

Hubs favorite food is bbq ribs on the grill so I always make that for him on his birthday. We have been too busy to fix my oven in the house so since a nice day a dragged out the dutch oven and made him a lemon meringue pie.

A neighbor friend of ours gave me a dozen of fresh cage free eggs-that's why the filling is such lovely yellow

I use my red flyer wagon that we picked up at a barn sale a couple years ago, to carry the hot dutch oven up to the house

My ribs got a little over grilled this time but they were still moist and delicious.

Right after lunch I even got a part of floor stained-so a good day