Monday, February 17, 2020

T Stands for Tuesday & Another Heart Journal Page

  It is time for T again, the days seem to be flying by still  and way too fast.
You are most welcome to join us with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth, to link up only requirement is to share your drink related photo.

   Like allot of you the weather here has been so up and down-down to 1 degree and up to 50 degrees f the next day. No wonder my asthma, and allergy systems are all over the place this season-worse than I have been in a long time. Nothing seems to help-my ears are constantly draining, and making me light headed-not fun.

  Since Friday I have been binge watching the Outlander series on Starz. The first episode started at 11:30 am my time and I  stayed up til 3:30 am. Went to sleep but woke up in four hours-so I turned Outlander on again and pretty much watched all day again til around 2am. No wonder I am tired lol I had not seen this show before except for some last year.
    Some of the episodes on Sunday I had seen before but watched again after about 10 am. Only show I missed that I really wanted to see was Jamie seeing his daughter Brianna for the first time.

  This year's episodes are based on the book I haven't read yet The Fiery Cross during the time leading up to our revolution-perhaps including the war. I will start reading this one tonight.
   There are of course some changes in the series from the books but not too bad. I really loved the photography and all of the actors and actresses.

  I did get some spinning done-I am pleased with the results. This has been easier for me to spin than some wools I have spun before. This is polwarth wool with silk.

  This afternoon I made another journal page for Elizabeth's Heart theme over on AJJ

  This one I took a page out of a mixed media notebook to work on-and then glued in my journal.
   I wanted to play with stamps, pens, and try to draw something. I drew the umbrella and the puddle of water that the one heart fell into. I hope it looks like a puddle of water.

This week I am still drinking my lemon-ginger water, decaf teas and coffee and Sunday evening I decided to open up a bottle of wine-some of you will remember this one. It came from Aldi and I really like this one.
   I took this photo on the kitchen table so you can see my coffee cup to the right-and ignore the background clutter.

  This "glass" I bought from one of our favorite potterers back in the '80s or so. This was one of his first attempts with porcelain  I have two and use them for small size beverages.

  Originally I was scheduled to go to Springfield, Mo with a friend to get our taxes done and to visit craft stores. However, early this morning I got a call that our appointment got changed to next week Wednesday morning--so that means I will be able to visit everyone.

  Happy T wishes to all of you