Sunday, December 9, 2018

Demo At the Lake House

  It seems like Sundays is our day to visit our lake house. Right now lots less traffic too.

   Between the kitchen and dining area leading into the living room and wall of windows facing the lake-are these two brick walls. I didn't like these but Hubs really does not like these and wants them taken out.

This is the one on the right

and this is the one on the left we started taking apart

Originally Hubs just wanted to take this one out, so more room in the kitchen. The mystery was-did they place this on top of both floors or just set the tile and wood around it. I had fingers crossed. I didn't take another photo when we removed all of this-will do that next time. 
   The tile was set around this but the wood is still there-I need to see how it will clean up.
   This was filled with large and small rocks-with shells on  top with a glass cover. When we got into it-ugh-this was all saturated with kitty urine. So the second one of these will definately come out. We found a couple tiles in the basement but not enough, so will see if I can find something close-or perhaps change this to a row of feature tiles.

  Hubs also was anxious to sledge hammer out some of the concrete walkway which is in the front of the house. and they have decided this is the water problem in the basement-No where for the water to drain away from the house. So he did a corner of that project too-

   I also grabbed lots of bags of fibers for spinning, plus my box of ornaments and little Christmas tree-but didn't get them set up in the closet of my new craft room.

and this is not even all of it lol

This is new for us-steps into the house from the driveway

Hubs down there in the corner of the house-sledge hammering concrete  I am the shadow with the camera 
      Loving this view we have-so awesome, it makes me smile

This is part of what was in the suburban

We felt good getting something accomplished. We will be back on Thursday to get the internet set up and work on the other demo