Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone

  It has been another hot and humid week here in the Ozarks, but a cool down is coming in later tonight-Next week looks awesome with much lower temperatures.  Perhaps I can get more weeds pulled in the garden next week.

  Yesterday I went into town and picked up the photos I had framed. On facebook I have been following a photographer that I really love
Thomas Szajner ,  I messaged him and asked if he sells his photos-he does so I bought two. One was taken with three bison females and a gorgeous backdrop as the sun was setting back in February and the other photo was a spring snow in April.  When I get them up on the walls I will share their photos as I love the frames.

  I will hang these in the living room so I can really enjoy them.

    I also needed to pick up a few items in town and ran into this Lodge cast iron square grill pan. I have been really wanting-needing a larger size grill pan than what I have so I snatched it up. Lodge is usa made though new they still make good heavy cast iron pieces. My favorite pieces and most of what we own is the vintage pieces by Wagner and Griswold but Lodge still makes good pieces. I saw one by the Pioneer Woman that was made here in the states too but not nearly as heavy and I liked the design and feel of this Lodge much better.

I found this photo online-I like that it is deeper than what I have and large enough for two pieces of meat. I like to get this super hot and then grill steaks etc-just like cooking over a fire outdoors but over a gas flame indoors.

We are going over to our friend's for fried catfish dinner. Last week hubs and him caught allot of catfish so tonight we will enjoy their catch. Our friend makes the best fried catfish-he has a fryer that gets super hot so that makes the difference-never greasy  and he makes a batch gluten free just for me-so I need to decide what I want to make and bring tonight. Perhaps cast iron cornbread not sure yet.

Have an awesome weekend everyone

Update: new photos
    I decided this morning to re season my go to cast iron pieces that I use all the time-about 10 of them. The new Lodge says they are pre seasoned but I still washed it up and re seasoned anyway
    First photo is the new pan on the left and to the right is my old vintage grill pan