Monday, April 23, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & My March Fabric Journal Pages

   T Stands for Tuesday is where we gather together with friends with a drink related post. Our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth can be found in the link in my right hand column.

  Sunday was a nice lazy day for me, it rained all day long. I worked on my journal pages, and read more of the large book Sacajawea (Lewis & Clark Expedition) This has been on my want to read list for a very long time. I had no idea she had lived such a rough life as a child-most of her family had been killed and many children including her were taken as slaves by another tribe)
    We have two couples from Wisconsin that will be driving down for a long weekend visit. They will be arriving around 2 am in the morning, so when they wake up it will be Friday. Looks like perfect weather too by then.  So I will be cleaning up the house and getting ready for their visit. 
  On Wednesday our local friends and us will be going back to the Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield, Mo (where I posted about the aquarium) to take advantage of the free tickets to see the wildlife area of the museum. In this post  I explained that we Did get a call back about our concerns, and I also told him that we were not able to see both parts which we had paid for. So am looking forward to seeing the rest of the museum.

     Over the weekend I have been working on finishing my March pages for my fabric art journal. I needed to stitch everything down and also make up a couple more event pieces. This morning I just finished sewing the first half of the March pages into my journal-loving it!  I noticed though I need to go back and correct one of the sewn in pages as I sewed over the line I needed to-for turning the pages. Other than that I am loving my book so far.

I made a couple videos of my work on these pages. The videos are fun to make but with my very very slow rural internet it takes forever to upload a video and these are just 2 minutes or less. So I will rethink that and go back to more photos probably.

  If I can believe the weather people, then this coming week we will finally see no more freezing and very cold temps. I am sure hoping so. We really needed this good soaking rain today as well.
      How is the weather where you live??

I have been getting back to walking when weather permits. The wild violets are up-I love those. I have used them in all sorts of ways in the past. Healing salves and lip balms, in salads, candied flowers, and one year I blended up allot of the flowers into sugar-violet sugar-it's awesome and very pretty on frostings, and it lasts a long time too. The sun was really bright so the violets look a bit faded

 Up near the house I love to let them grow-here is Miss Calico amongst the violets

I will see if can get some better photos of these violets when it stops raining.

This is the time of year, actually earlier, mid April but we have had much colder weather this year-when we only see a very few deer come up for the corn. Things are starting to sprout out in the woods and many of them are having their babies. This past week we have had this group of 2 or 3.  I usually stop putting out corn now but since the ducks and geese are here I will continue for them.

   I made a fresh batch of my handmade laundry soap last week. I have been making my own laundry soap for over 10 years now.
       I had gotten down to nothing so I needed to motivate myself to fine grate 4 bars of soap-after that it goes super fast. I make up a 5 gallon bucket full-it turns into this nice thick gel when set up.  I save so much money doing this and washes clothes well, no plastic to recycle and safer for the environment especially here in my woods.

   I tried a new cream for my morning decaf beverage. This one is all real no added salt or other unknown stuff haha

Happy T for Tuesday!