Thursday, February 14, 2019

Gorgeous Day at the Lake House Today-- Photos Overload

  Thursdays is usually the day the guys work up at the lake house, only day one of them can work. This week we were to have Wednesday and Thursday as warmer spring like days so we all worked both days.

   The drainage project has been a huge job-jack hammering out the concrete, digging and more digging the ditch out-then laying the drainage pipes and adding stone-we made allot of progress this week.

   Hubs can't do this kind of physical work any more so we are paying two friends to help with that, and he takes them out for a hot lunch around 1 or 2 pm-which sorry I never think to take photos of.
   I worked on cleaning wood floors, finished scraping glue off the bedroom floor, and I was going to grout the new tiles Hubs put in it-but we forgot to grab a sponge so I only did a small area to see if I could do it with cotton rags-not so good.

   I took a walk out front by the lake-and it has dropped allot-they lower the lake during this time period-and many around the lake have mud at their docks-that's the main reason we chose this property-two lots wide and deep water since we are on a point. Loving it!! I walked the width of our property borders on the lake and was surprised how large it is-this property is a pie shape-wide at the lake and goes narrow to the road-and it is on a hill but not as many steps as most homes on the lake

  So I grabbed the camera this post will have lots of photos-so click on photo to enlarge to full size and better viewing

looking to the left of the deck

more straight ahead view-our boat dock

another view to the left

view to the right

the water level is usually just at the grass-now you can see the shelf rocks

caught this boat going by today

Close up of the exposed shelf rock now

   the bedroom floor-no more urine odor and most of the glue off

I am not into wallpaper really but this is the bottom half of the bedroom-I will live with it-kinda reminds me of my Grandma on the farm

This is that area from the kitchen area into the living room and wall of windows-where we took out those stone planters-we still need to stain the wood in those two areas. Hubs figured out a way to have enough tiles from the kitchen to go across-with a few we found in the basement, and the darker tiles are left overs from our kitchen here-so I like that

This is a cool cabinet that goes with the kitchen cabinets, the previous owners really abused this poor cabinet and took it out of the kitchen where it belongs-Hubs is fixing it so I can use it for cans of foods etc.

This area is just across from the above photo-where the refrigerator was. this was really a mess behind here-they did not apply the wallpaper properly, the electric here is a major mess-so Hubs took this all apart and will add wood paneling-then put the frig back, and with his changes the above cabinet will fit too

This wood stove area is across from the wall of windows. This needs to have work done to the chimney before it is safe to use. To the right is the perfect spot for my 30" weaving loom-facing the lake-awesome!!

Wow so spoiled-we actually have a closet for coats in this house

Drainage project in the front of the house

They designed this shoot to get the stone down to the ditch-so clever-and saved their backs and was faster too

On the way home Hubs said your eagle friend was here for awhile-same tree-watching the guys work. and he saw deer prints on the side of the house. I will look for those next time

Today it got to the mid 60s f felt so wonderful and little wind with lots of sunshine. Tonight though winter weather arrives-ice, snow, wind, cold--such up and downs in weather extremes this year.

Happy weekend everyone-stay warm and safe if you are in this winter storm