Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another Tuesday is Upon Us and and Yellowstone Trip-Next Week-Wow

Good morning everyone,
   This has been Such a few weeks for us. 

     With Hubs illness and then a couple days ago the passing of his father. So our emotions are all over the place.
   I decided not to join T For Tuesdays today as I may not be able to get around to everyone and really enjoy reading and commenting on all the posts.

   Last night I got invited by a friend to come over for grilled brats-such a wonderful evening with friends-the night was perfect too-warm no wind and a full moon. They have a huge pond and their property in the woods is kept up like a lovely park. Didn't get home til really late so had a good sleep as well.

   My father in law was 95 and he had quality of life until about a year ago-so we were preparing ourselves but is always a difficult time. Hubs needed to be there, so he drove up to the Chicago area and will be there for several days. We had friends that offered to go with but he said no.
   The sad thing about the beautiful place we live in, we always make sure someone is on the property do to all the thievery here and there is sooo much of it that it sickens me. Especially since this area is in the "bible belt".   If we would have known-but when you buy into a new area how would you know-we would not have settled here--but we do love our beautiful space here in the woods.

  Yesterday it dawned on me--Wow I am leaving on my Yellowstone Trip next week-how is that possible already?? lol  I am pretty much ready to go just need to get things packed and I need to buy a few clothes yet as I really don't have much in nicer clothes any more-especially since my size has changed over the last few years. 
  The one special highlight of my trip will be to meet my favorite author Peggy that writes the Yellowstone novels I had posted about previously. Her and husband will be camping in the park during a couple of the same days I will be there too. We will be doing a hike together on one of her favorite trails so I am very excited about that. There will be four of us taking the hike and we will all have our bear spray handy.

I probably will not post again til I return-Enjoy your May everyone.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd Today I Dyed with Goldenrod September 30, 2008


Besides being T for Tuesday today is also Second on the 2nd with our hostess Elizabeth where we share a previous post.

     Since this new blog is so new I went way back into my original blog to share a dye post from September 30, 2008-I remember this being a very fun day with good results. I also did the dyeing in a very big stainless pot over an open fire. 
(sorry it seems the photos are no longer enlarging)
    This post has reminded me again that I actually achieved some of the clearest yellows with goldenrod using a huge pot over an open fire.  This pretty yarn was eventually knitted into a pair of beautiful fingerless gloves by a friend of mine in North Carolina. I gave her extra of this dyed yarn so she could knit something for herself too.

Original post here

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today I dyed with Goldenrod

I have been wanting to play with natural dye stuffs, mordant and wool ever since I can remember. I have several books on the subject, and yesterday the beauty of all of the goldenrod was just calling to me. We live here in the woods, so the wild flowers etc are everywhere.
I have been so stressed over the financial crisis-all my retirement money is in the stock market, and the presidential race, etc, and I have been really sick with my allergies since friday-that I just decided to have fun and go for it.
I picked a bushel of goldenrod tops yesterday, and then looked for my big pots I have been saving, some wooded spoons, my alum, and my wool, and I needed some washing soda too since I was using purchased wool.
I just finished this up around 5 pm today, so it was an 8 hour plus day today, but the weather was gorgeous, and I had my dye pot on the open flame outside. So sharing the pictures. Yesterday I also gathered and hulled over a bushel of black walnuts, they are big and plentiful this year and we have two trees close to the house.

T Stands for Tuesday Rain Rain & More Rain & Tamales

It is time for T Stands for Tuesday with our hostess Elizabeth, where we share our week and also a beverage.
   Also Second on the 2nd falls on Tuesday as well, where we share a previous blog post-so I will have two different posts this week. Here is a link to my Second on the 2nd post

  Those of you in the usa I am sure by now that you have heard on the news about all the flooding and deaths here in Missouri over the weekend.
   We have been saturated with rain soaked soil for awhile now so this weekend came with just too much rain and no where left for it to soak in to-so all the rivers had gotten flooded and jumped out of their banks.
  . The southern area especially of Missouri I think got hit the worse-all those little communities nearest the rivers were just overwhelmed and many still can not get out of their homes since the roads in those areas are also still flooded.
   I don't remember a time since we have lived here when we had almost 24 hours of continuous lightening and thunder along with the hard rains-my area got 12 inches for sure and I am up 100ft from the nearest river down below me-the Niangua river.  The camp ground near me by the river was all flooded as was their buildings. With all the very low spots here do to the geography of the land many roads were all flooded.
   So needless to say we are saturated and have more rain to come wednesday and thursday.

   My allergies had gotten so bad that I decided on friday I needed to drive an hour to the walk in clinic to get checked out as no way was I going to risk driving through floods on saturday-and good thing as the exit I would have taken off the highway to get home was closed do to floods.
    Yep full blown allergies so they gave me a steroid shot-usually for me only thing that works when I get this bad.
   I am less than 3 weeks away for my Yellowstone Park trip so hoping the shot works. It has a little bit so far

   Today was again cloudy, but with strong winds and cold was quite surprised how cold it was today. I had been planning on making homemade tamales so we could eat a meal of them and also freeze some for hubby when I am on my trip.  Today was the perfect day for it. and our friends that are helping us get things finished in the house were here working in the bathroom-putting up antique lights and bath towel holders (photos soon)-so I invited them to stay for supper.
(photos will all enlarge just click on them)

   First photo is my set up-tamale dough, meat, corn husks

     Corn husks soaking in water I will finish making more tomorrow.

            Refried beans with chopped tomatoes and green chilies

                 Tamales ready to come out of the steamer

For our beverage I made us all mango margaritas-these are just the best ever

My recipe:  I use an old vita mix so I filled it half full with frozen chunks of mango-can also use fresh.
                 2 shots of fresh juiced limes
                 2 shots tequila
                 2 shots triple sec
                  agave to taste
Blend til smooth
For thick margaritas fill the rest of blender with crushed ice and blend til smooth-or add half the space left with water and blend til smooth.

In the mail I received my finish medal for the virtual running club's Earth Day race-I love their medals they are heavy and beautiful

and I grabbed my bag of cheviot wool roving for more hand spinning over the weekend-I think I will take my spinning along on my Yellowstone trip as I know my travel companion will be bringing her crochet projects along. 
    The past weekend was also a nice time to read since being so rural we need to unplug all of our electronics-tvs, computers, washer and dryer.

Happy T for Tuesday everyone