Monday, May 29, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Yellowstone Photos

Good morning friends and to my T party friends. Thank You to our hostess Elizabeth-click on side bar link to join in and learn about this event.

Where to begin-lol-this was a fabulous trip one I had been looking forward to and planned for a year now. 
   The only down side was probably the very long hours riding in the car-to and from, and only way to see Yellowstone for us was in the car. 
    I do want to mention that if you have breathing health issues you will have a difficult time. I have asthma and wasn't sure how bad the altitude, sulfur odors, cold air would effect me and my friend is on oxygen 24-7 do to an autoimmune disease of her lungs so she had a difficult time. It didn't help matters that she bought a new oxygen making machine especially for this trip that was not working right so that made things more difficult for her however the company did ship out a new one the next day. I came home with a terrible cough that I still can't get rid of-but let me tell you it was all well worth it in the end. I just wish we would have planned to stay in the park for at least 10 days instead of the 7 days.

   The highlight of my trip came on the last day in the park  meeting my favorite author Peggy Henderson-- author of the Yellowstone romance time travel novels I have shared about. 
    It started out as a hike and turned into an entire day with her and her husband showing me parts of Yellowstone I had not yet seen. They visit the park often and showed me some of their favorite spots-I could feel their passion for the park That day was very special to me.
    I am on the right of the photo-as I am getting older I am looking more and more like my Mom scarey lol

  We were only able to visit the park for about a half day (each day) do to my friend's low oxygen levels but we did get to see allot in the end.  Some areas of the park still had snow, some routes were still closed do to the snow, there was a water main break in one area too but the big plus for me--very few people in the park and baby bison-loved that.  Summer time visits would just be too much caos for me

    One morning while waiting for us to leave for the park  I did some spinning out on the narrow deck of our motel kitchen rooms. It was pretty chilly so I made up a cup of hot tea.  I was really pleased with our kitchen suite at the Alpine Motel in West Yellowstone-the owners did everything at the motel including all the cleaning of the rooms, excellent customer service, very very clean and cozy rooms  I highly recommend them.

My view was the backside of allot of the business's but many ravens flying around and the mountains in the background were awesome.

The owners Brian and Patty bought the motel 12 years ago and it came with a "pet" wild marmot lol  He is definately getting too many treats and is over weight. Marmy's favorite treat is dried apricots, of course we shared some of ours with him.  He would greet us at the bottom of the stairs many mornings. very cute and fun  Patty says he will go into hibernation in August.

I thought I would share a few photos more next week (do click to enlarge the photos for much better viewing) The sights were breath taking and an artist's pallet for creative ideas for sure.

I wanted to see bison up close and personal and we did-loved it

This is Yellowstone Lake-which looked like an angry ocean due to the 40-50 mile an hour winds that afternoon.


  1. Gorgeous photos! So glad you had a good trip. I was there as a youngster with my family on summer vacation. Very nice to see a picture of you. Every time I look in the mirror now, I see my mother. It happens to us all. That marmot is so cute ... looks like a little grumpy old man. :)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time at Yellowstone with your friend :-) . How exciting to have met your favourite author and then to have spent the day with her and her hubby seeing the park - fabulous! Your photos are beautiful and as I look through them they bring back many happy memories of our holidays (vacations) there, thank you. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  3. wow- gorgeous scenery! Yes, so much to be inspired by. And how cool you got to meet a favorite author of yours! The marmot is adorable-I'd be looking for him every day-and with a treat of course:) Hope that cough goes away real soon. Happy T day!

  4. Your photos are fabulous. I went to Yellowstone like 15 years ago and it was August and pretty warm. Those waves in Yellowstone Lake are pretty amazing. But Yellowstone Falls still looks as fantastic as it did then, so I am glad to see the park hasn't changed all that much. Can't wait to see some more photos next week. Happy T day. hugs-erika

  5. I was going to stop by sooner, but got caught up in something I couldn't get out of.

    I have never been to Yellowstone, so these photos were simply incredible. I was in awe of each one and had to enlarge them to see them in all their glory. I was especially drawn to the falls.

    I adored the image of you sitting on the porch spinning. What a fun way to enjoy art while on vacation.

    I was sorry to read about your friend and her breathing problems. It's too bad it affected your trip. But at least you got to meet and visit with your favorite author and that was definitely worth the trip. Now it's time for your cough to subside.

    Thanks for taking us on this dream vacation to Yellowstone and for sharing your tea with us for T this soon to be Tuesday.

  6. Kathy i have really looked forward to this post... First let me thank you for the beautiful bison postcard you sent me ... it really made me smile when i opened my mailbox. So nice of you to think of me that way! Your pictures are gorgeous... and i know pictures don't do it justice... Our pictures of the redwoods in CA are the same ...nice photos but still doesn't translate... I would love the baby bison too.. So sorry to hear about you and your friends breathing problems... thanks for the heads up as hubby has asthma and we would like to visit Yellowstone... Looking forward to seeing more!! Big T day hugs! deb

  7. How lovely to visit Yellowstone, that's a place I always wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing the fab photos. Glad you both enjoyed it in spite of health problems. Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  8. Kathy, i forgot to tell you that, although I'm not sure where you live in MO., there is a Buffalo farm just over the MO line in Oklahoma. It is south of Baxter Springs, KS. I can't remember the name of it, and couldn't find it on the internet, but I've been there and they take in buffalo that are sick or hurt. They ween them back to health and let them live their lives out in comfort on that farm knowing they won't be hunted down or shot at.

  9. wow really enjoying looking at yellowstone park and how great to meet that author who showed you the special places..glad you and your friend were able to visit despite your breathing problems..memories to last a lifetime

  10. Amazing photographs and so glad that you got to see the wonders. Hope your cough improves soon

    Have a very Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. the yellowstone photos are just AWEsome, i really would love to go there one day. fantastic scenery and wildlife!
    happy t-day!

  12. Absolutely stunning photos! Hoping and praying that wise minds continue whatever it takes to preserve such natural beauty, flora and fauna, for future generations.

  13. How exciting to see the park with your favorite author. I love the woodchuck posing for a picture. Too cute. I've never been to Yellowstone. Your photos are breath-taking. Happy T Day

  14. Fabulous photos, it must have been an amazing place to visit. Meeting the author must have been special, especially as you read the books.
    Happy T day and I hope your cough is getting better.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Wow - absolutely amazing - what an adventure!
    Thank you for sharing the fantastic photos!
    Happy T-Day!

  16. I'm glad you enjoyed your long-awaited trip, Kathy. Wow - a day spent with one of your favorite authors. How cool was that?!

    The two things I remember most about a family trip to Yellowstone when I was a kid are the awful smell and the freezing night in one of the rustic cabins with a pot bellied stove that had no door. lol. I'm glad you had more comfy accomadations.

    We didn't see any baby bison either :-(

    Maybe it's okay for Marmy to be fat this time of year - shortly before hibernation. He sure is cute.

    Your gorgeous photos brought back better memories of Yellowstone. Thanks so much ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  17. Thank you for showing these wonderful photos and telling us about the area! Lucky you to get to spend time with your favourite author! The marmoset made me smile! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  18. Oh, that thundering waterfall and river!! Beautiful photos...glad you had a good time despite the challenges! Happy T day!


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