Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lemon Meringue PIe-Dutch Oven Style

Earlier this morning, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to make a lemon meringue pie in my dutch oven .
   How hard could it be??  I baked the pie crust in the dutch oven, made the filling indoors (it was just too hot outdoors to do that) and then I browned the meringue in the dutch oven--I am sooo thrilled with the results-and it tastes super delicious too.  Had to share with you all.

First two photos getting set up  (all photos will enlarge just click on them)

Pecan nut pie crust baking

 Crust baked and ready

Homemade lemon pie filling added

Meringue and lemon zest added on top

I baked this just til the meringue got browned-coals on top none on bottom

This was actually one of my best meringues I will be doing this again soon. we had a small piece with lunch-soooo delicious I can't even describe it 

T Stands for Tuesday and Fibers

  Good morning, T stands for Tuesday 
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      Despite our extreme heat here in the ozarks I have been keeping myself busy. It is still so hot and humid here that I have to do outdoor projects early and be in the house by 10 am. The a/c works overtime in the afternoons and doesn't seem to catch up til about 4 am in the mornings now. 
   My little veggie garden all things considered is not doing so bad considering I planted late this year. I have blossoms on some of the beans now, the summer squash plants so far look amazing, but that wilt has gotten to most of my cucumbers hoping enough survives for a little canning of pickles and relish. My tomatoes looking pretty decent too-but again I see many of the blooms are not getting pollinated. I would like to get enough tomatoes to can up a batch of salsa. Yesterday I laid out the soaker hose as we missed the last rain that was in the area and no rain in sight for awhile.
   My big bag of the cheviot wool is now almost all spun up-I will be finished this week--I see a dye pot in the works soon.

   Last weekend was the annual Fiber U event in a town near me. The last two years I took classes, this year I decided not to-which ended up to be a good thing as my husband's sister from Chicago decided on a last minute drive down. So we had a nice visit on Saturday. 
   Sunday I drove in early to go shopping!  I  never wanted to do things like this in the past by myself but now that I am older I don't mind as much. My one friend was busy making baby blankets with her church for charity and my other friend was out of town. 
    Sorry about no photos of the event-I did bring my camera but ended up not taking photos. I went early so I was the only one wondering around the vendors.
    I do feel bad for the vendors in this event as it is never crowded. Most of the vendors teach a class also so they get shoppers from the students but they don't seem to get many people in just shopping which I find sad. Many of my favorites were not there this time.

   I did bring a shopping list-lol  

         The buffalo fiber I have is so soft but not being a pro spinner I was having a difficult time with it so decided to mix it with alpaca. I have seen it being sold either blended with merino wool or alpaca. The lady at Whirlwind Ranch helped me with the right alpaca-she suggested baby alpaca as the softness and texture matched the bison well-so I think that will be my next spinning project-to get out my blending board and blend the buffalo and baby alpaca fibers together. I wasn't sure about the beige-white color since the bison fiber is a light brown but she assured me it would fine.
   The first photo is the baby alpaca up close and the second photo is her show special of three bags (in back of photo) our choice of colors for $12.00 which I pick up most years.      The vendor I also get good deals on alpaca from was not at the event this year.
all photos will enlarge just click on them

The next item on my list was to look for more spinning fibers that were Yellowstone inspired colors. I had several rovings already that I have collected since last year but I needed that blue especially- the one seen in the springs at Yellowstone, also a little pink and I needed a nice grey and what ever else I could find.

I fell in love with the gorgeous long wool you see in the first photo. It is from the breed Gotland. The fibers are long, luxurious, and will have a bit of a shine when spun. bred in Sweden. This one is also known as Stansborough grey I asked the vendor if she knew more about this wool and she told me that the producer of the Lord of the Rings film saw these sheep and loved the shine of the wool so much that he bought all the fleece and had it spun and woven into the cloaks for the fairies for the movie-thought that was fun to know. I have a breed book at home so when I looked it up it mentioned this movie and several others that used this wool to make into garments.

     In the second photo I found these three rovings-it has that blue I was looking for and the other one has the pinks and greens.

These are some of the rovings I already have that I bought to reflect Yellowstone

My plan is to weave a couple scarves and I would really love to weave an artsy piece to hang on the wall. I am now anxious to see how these spin up-I may need to tone down the shine in some of them we'll see.  This grouping needs a rich dark brown added as well, and a bit of white showing for the snow.

At Fiber U I also learned about a new fiber arts guild that is near me that I think I will check that out next month. I also talked with a vendor that has a new shop in town near me driving towards the lake-mostly for crochet and knitting but she is also getting into rovings for spinners.
    I love gnomes and I had read about a vendor that makes gnome felted sculptures-allot of the wool she used was the navajo churro which I love. She also had gotten into pottery making so I picked up this new mug--loving it. I just filled it up with chicory-dandelion root that I brewed early this morning.

This week I dug out my handmade Russian spindle and played around with a little churro wool-I had to give this up a couple years ago too cause of my hand injury--but I didn't do too bad with it-although I needed to refresh my memory on how to do it. lol  More challenging for sure but one can get a finer yarn with this spindle.

Have an awesome Tuesday! 

    Note: since our internet provider does not play nice-I am visiting all of til 8am my time, and any of you that post a link later I will visit early tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Good Afternoon Every One and Happy T Day

Wow I have really missed all of you!  

    We live rural enough here in  our woods in the Ozarks of Missouri that our only internet provider is satelite-very expensive, not fast at all-so no streaming, wifi, watching too many you tube videos, uploading-down loading things as we are also timed for our useage.  
    We do not usually run into a problem of running out of time useage, but I down loaded from camera and then uploaded several hundred photos to shutterfly to get them off my computer-I thought I was using the "free" time 2am to 8 am but turns out it is not really free- the time just goes further during those hours. 
  So, anyways over a week ago we couldn't go anywheres on the net after 8am-all time used up sigh  I also discovered or just realized that when I visit all of you with lots of photos that eats up my time useage too-so I guess a double whammy for us this month lol  I will need to remember to visit you before 8am my time from now on. We won't be starting the new month of useage for several days yet.

   I am not hooking up to the T Party as I won't be able to visit you all again this week. and I can not upload any photos here either on this post-sigh
  Just wanted to drop in and let you know-I really do enjoy your blogs and visiting you all.

I have been busy-washed up the last 4 bags of navajo churro fleece, spun up lots more yarn can actually almost see the bottom of my bag now, and over the weekend I dug out the 12" dutch oven and baked up a wild blackberry chocolate upside down cake-it turned out soooo delicious. I will share a photo when I can  I have also been getting outdoors very early to work on pulling weeds-it is too hot and humid for me after 10 am here. my veggie garden is looking pretty good considering I got a late start this year. and the japanese beetles are enjoying my bean plants-ugh  for those guys I use 7 otherwise they will destroy my crops completely. I had just enough to shake on to all the beans and cukes.

Happy T Day everyone  and have a good week!!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd

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  I wanted to share a past post about an art journal I made-totally out of my norm-but I loved it.  I had the guidance of my online friend Shroo-whom I miss as she has not posted in over a year now, she is in England. She gave me a tutorial on how to take an old book-tear out the pages-leaving in enough paper on each page to then stitch on a new page. This was quite fun. I bought a stack of handmade papers-I hadn't start making my own papers at the time- and then used embroidery threads and ribbons etc to stitch them back into the book.  I also sewed back in some of the pages from the original book, made pockets even-I was quite proud of myself.  I am using this journal to save samples and information of my hand dyed yarns and fabrics.

and here is a link  to my second on the 2nd  this post came out a bit distorted when I brought it over-easier to read if go to the link. 
      also just a note Sir John and Izzy were a pair of Canada geese that nested in one of our ponds and returned each year til this year.

I also had made an album at that time on photobucket that shows more photos   go here  to view

Sunday, May 25, 2014

 Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Art Journal and Sir John and Izzy with Youngsters Have Left

Happy Sunday,
    This past week I have started back on my handmade journal. I had taken a break to finish up that memory quilt and then later to work on the veggie garden.
   We have had a few rainy days so good time to get back to this-as I really want to complete it.
   I have had my photobucket since yahoo 360 days but have not used it much for several years now-it has really changed allot. I used to make my own slideshows over there but could not find that feature-so if it's still there let me know where to find it please if you use them.
   I have really enjoyed this creative process. I tore out most all of the pages in the Time Life Sewing book that I picked up for this purpose. I then went through and chose colorful pages from the book to embellish and resew back into the book, I also made pockets or envelopes from these pages too. These are alternated with the handmade papers I purchased from papermaker Gayle on Etsy
   I had purchased papers from two different paper artists and their work is totally different. The papers I purchased that fit the size of this book were very thick-which I had asked for-and much more expensive so I only bought one set and it won't be enough pages for this project-so I decided to save those for a different journal-they can stand on their own with just covers-so need to learn how to sew that together.
   The papers from Gayle that I am using I had bought with another book in mind but decided I love these Time Life books better-so with these papers being a bit to short I just tore a piece in four strips to then hand sew onto the handmade papers to make the right size-adds texture and whimsey so I love it.
   I am now needing to make 8 more pages and then sew in around 16 pages, and I had left the table of contents pages in tack at back of book-so am going to sew those into more envelopes-or pockets . I will end up having over 25 pages total or around 50 if I count both sides of the pages. So plenty of room to enter in my hand dyed samples of yarns and cloth. 

  Well, I wanted to bring my photobucket album I made to here but  can't get it to work-and I did make this album public-I added the link and it still won't work-sigh  so will bring over a few photos instead

  Yesterday morning Sir John's family was in the pond closest to the house-I saw them there when I was filling up the hummingbird feeders-but later when I went outdoors they were gone. I checked all the ponds and even walked about a mile to the fence line of a neighbor that has a big pond-and still no geese-sigh-so hoping they will stop by and visit us again as I miss them already. On another note, my Mom fell again and broke her other hip-but thank goodness not as bad as the one she broke a year ago-It's just about exactly a year since her first fall and the worsening of her dementia. I hope the scientist find a remedy soon for this horrible dementia disease. 

Loving my journal so far photo 018-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 003-3.jpgI sewed back in pages from book photo 005-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 007-2.jpgHandstitched pages into book photo 008-1.jpg  photo 010-4.jpgAdded in silk ribbons,buttons, beads photo 011-3.jpg  photo 009-1.jpgMy rust dye fabric on reclaimed lining with butterflys photo 004-1.jpg More handmade papers to go into book photo 017-2.jpgMy little work space on the coffee table photo 019-1.jpg

My Saturday

  It was cool this morning, so I got myself outdoors early to start the task of pulling weeds-and are there ever so many out there.
   I started with the area that I had weed sprayed a couple weeks ago which is around the carport and to the right and back of my outdoor firepit-dutch oven cooking area.
Miss Calico always cracks me up-she was sound asleep in the middle of the dead weeds so I just pulled weeds around her-she ended up moving to here-had to grab the camera cause she looks so cute and comfy.  She has been sound asleep in that same spot for at least 4 hours now.

  Yesterday a couple friends picked me up and took us to meet an elderly lady who has lived in the same spot for 40 years and has gardens of flowers everywhere-a very magical place. Sorry no photos, I did remember to take my camera and then left it in the car-and didn't get back to get it. Hopefully we will visit her again soon.

   Yesterday I grilled out supper-hamburgers, leeks-sweet peppers-elephant garlic, and french fries.  I keep the french fries in the freezer and then just pull some out place on foil and place over the coals-love the smoky taste they get.

I may just bake a pie or cobbler in the dutch oven tomorrow morning.

I learned about Shutterfly this past week and decided to make up a hard cover photo book with photos from my Yellowstone trip-my book turned out soooo nice-much better than I had expected. It arrived in the mail today. I happened to catch them when they were having a big sale too-which made a big difference. I ended up adding 10 extra pages. It was difficult to decide on which photos but I think I captured my favorite moments. Here is a photo of the front and back covers. all the pages were very thick paper like a heavy cardstock-loving it

Happy 4th of July for all of you from the States.