Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Saturday

  It was cool this morning, so I got myself outdoors early to start the task of pulling weeds-and are there ever so many out there.
   I started with the area that I had weed sprayed a couple weeks ago which is around the carport and to the right and back of my outdoor firepit-dutch oven cooking area.
Miss Calico always cracks me up-she was sound asleep in the middle of the dead weeds so I just pulled weeds around her-she ended up moving to here-had to grab the camera cause she looks so cute and comfy.  She has been sound asleep in that same spot for at least 4 hours now.

  Yesterday a couple friends picked me up and took us to meet an elderly lady who has lived in the same spot for 40 years and has gardens of flowers everywhere-a very magical place. Sorry no photos, I did remember to take my camera and then left it in the car-and didn't get back to get it. Hopefully we will visit her again soon.

   Yesterday I grilled out supper-hamburgers, leeks-sweet peppers-elephant garlic, and french fries.  I keep the french fries in the freezer and then just pull some out place on foil and place over the coals-love the smoky taste they get.

I may just bake a pie or cobbler in the dutch oven tomorrow morning.

I learned about Shutterfly this past week and decided to make up a hard cover photo book with photos from my Yellowstone trip-my book turned out soooo nice-much better than I had expected. It arrived in the mail today. I happened to catch them when they were having a big sale too-which made a big difference. I ended up adding 10 extra pages. It was difficult to decide on which photos but I think I captured my favorite moments. Here is a photo of the front and back covers. all the pages were very thick paper like a heavy cardstock-loving it

Happy 4th of July for all of you from the States.

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  1. Your kitty does look so comfy, and she must have been sound asleep to be there for 4 hours. And I love Shutterfly books. They are pricey but I figure its better to have the photos in a book out where they are easy to grab and look at them sitting on a computer where they never get looked at. Happy July 4 holiday. Hugs-Erika


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