Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy T Stands for Tuesday and Catfish Dinner

Good morning everyone, 
    Happy T Party where we all share a post with each other along with a beverage photo. Click on button in the right hand column to take you to our hostess Elizabeth.

  Not allot new going on this past week but we did enjoy a catfish feast at our friends, I am still sewing my hexagons and am on the fourth focal "flower" and then I will be cutting and basting up more hexagons.  Still spinning with my drop spindle working on finishing up that bag of cheviot wool roving. Got another skein finished. 
     I started back on the rock work in the bathroom yesterday-and sigh I discovered my bag of mortar that I have been working with this year has gone bad-sitting too long and had absorbed moisture-although covered up and in a bucket-some of the rocks I have already done may need to be done over-sigh hoping not too much. This happened to me already on one of the walls in the shower where after I finished it I discovered that the mortar was not right so it would end up crumbling away-so of course I am not pleased and frustrated. My new bag and these are heavy at 80 pounds went bad too and turned hard so I needed to break that down and get it outdoors. My back is not feeling so great this morning-and I did break down the bag-oh well-such is the way of things.

Photos: Our catfish dinner-we were invited over to our friend's home-the one that built the huge gorgeous log home, and whom is just a really good friend-one of those people that is always there for you. The guys went out fishing a week or so ago in hubs new boat and they caught a huge huge catfish and several smaller ones-soooo good eats-enough for a few more dinners!  (photos will enlarge just click on them)

In the background above photo you can see their fun loving dog-Hattie-she is a sweetheart

Of course plenty of sides as well, I brought the bean salad and the pineapple upside down cake, and a jar of grilled pickled zucchini-which were really good-found those at Aldi   When we sat down to eat I noticed only one bowl of catfish-oh no I was so bumbed as he always makes a batch of gluten free for me. (and I am used to going to picnics like this in the past where there is nothing I can eat)  So hubs says just take off the batter-no I can't do that I say-so he asks our friend what flour did you use for the catfish? he says oh everything here is gluten free-instead of making two batches we are all going gluten free today even the pasta salad is gluten free as well--so of course I dug right in to the catfish lol   I should have known that he wouldn't forget me.

and for my beverage this week-my new found drink is a mule-which I had never heard of before. I had purchased a bottle of huckleberry vodka on my trip that was distilled and bottled in Bozeman. I looked on their site for drink recipes and found their huckleberry mule and I love love this-ginger beer (which is not beer at all no alcohol), splash of lime, and vodka. So this is my go to vodka drink now. This one is made with Tito's gluten free vodka. I am searching online for a diet ginger beer though-the one I bought has way too much sugar.

In the background is my next skein of spun yarn, my bag in the back is the wool I am spinning, the newest Ply spin magazine, and if you look in the background you can see my loom and my sheep-that I have had since the late 80's-the wife of a friend at work at the time was making these at Christmas time and I had to have one.

Happy T Day


  1. Sorry to hear the cement had gone bad. I know that's disappointing as it's happened to us before, too.
    The catfish, my fave, and the pineapple upside-down cake look fabulous.
    I made that very same sheep back in the 80s, and when my younger sister begged me for it even though I gave her a flat NO, she slipped it into her suitcase and took it home with her. o.O I had made the large size, too. LOL I still have the pattern but have never made another one.
    Have a great day!

  2. So glad you had such a good time at the party Kathy... I don't do catfish but with all that yummy food i bet i could make Very nice of your friend to think about your allergies. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  3. How sad to read about the mortar. I've not heard of it going bad like that before, but I usually just buy enough to complete whatever project I'm working on at the time. That might be why it's not happened to me.

    Your meal looks fabulous. That catfish looks great. Your host is very thoughtful and it was so great to have someone looking out for your dietary needs. Even the salad was geared to your gluten-free demands. You won't find a better friend than that.

    Thanks for sharing that bounty of food, your pineapple upside-down cake (a fave of mine), your skein of spun yarn, and your vodka drink with us for T this week. I'm not a drinker, so wouldn't know to look for gluten-free vodka. Glad you know to look at ingredients.

  4. That's bad with the cement - happened to my hubby as well a couple of times. Take care of your back!
    WOW ... what a fantastic party - I would really love to taste this all!
    Your drink sounds amazing!
    Happy T-Day Kathy!
    oxo Susi

  5. That food all looks so good, wish I had been there to help you eat it! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Not good news about the cement at all.

    I can't imagine ever tasting catfish but it does look tasty the way it was cooked in your photograph.

    You sound very busy so have a Happy T DAY

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. sorry to hear about your Frustration with the mortar!
    the Food Looks fab! i would take some of the pineapple upside down cake, please. (unfortunately i can´t eat most of the other things like beans, corn & such due to a chronical colitis).
    have a nice summer week, Kathy!

  8. Oh dear! Cement can go bad so easily - hope you recover quickly! Your catfish feast looks wonderful, such a great way to share! Happy T day! Chrisx

  9. Your catfish feast looks so delicious, I would happily eat a plate full of all that lovely food 😀. Your huckleberry mule sounds wonderful too, full fat ginger beer for me though please! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  10. Making me hungry, Kathy! Beautiful food that looks as if it came from a Food Network magazine photo spread. Please be careful dealing with the heavy rocks and mortar. Our bodies often don't keep up our desires to accomplish tasks at this point in life. The photo of your yarn makes me impatient for my hand to completely heal. I will get back to it!

  11. what a wonderful looking meal!! Your drink sounds interesting too. Too bad about the mortar:( I just watched a show that interviewed a woman at her alpaca farm and she uses their wool to dye and spin her own yarns. very interesting and made me think of you. Happy T day!

  12. What a thoughtful friend and host to have, I think everyone would have enjoyed the food you all shared, it looked a delicious feast.
    I hope your back problems are getting better, it cannot of helped moved bags of mortar.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Catfish! That's one of my favorites, and that looks so good I can almost taste it. What a feast! Happy T Tuesday :)

  14. Oh that meal looks lovely and delicious! I have no idea what cat fish is and the potos don't really show the fish as it is battered bits, but I'm sure I would love it.
    Your pineapple upside down cake looks absolutely perfect. Yumm!
    How sweet of your friend to make everything gluten free!
    Mortar gone off. oh dear! What a bummer. Ours has a use-by date on it. (luckily) And we live in a dry country of course so we haven't had that problema. But it is a set-back for you nonetheless.
    Happy T-Day,

  15. ok, I need a better view of your little sheep! my daughter & sil raise sheep, but they are the 'meat' kind, not the 'wool' kind. But my daughter is in love with all things 'black faced sheep' these days. Looks like a fabulous fish fry...the pics made my mouth water! how thoughtful of them to go gluten-free for the day! happy T day!

  16. I haven't been to a fish fry in years. Bob doesn't like fish so I don't get to eat it often. Bummer about the cement. I've had that happen before too... Bob stored 6 bags in the shed and they all did that :(

  17. That picnic with your friends sounds great! And it's so nice that they made everything GF for you. My husband can't eat gluten, so I know how hard it can be sometimes to find "safe" food at a picnic.

    Good luck with all your projects, and I hope that things will go better with the mortar this time. Happy T Day!

  18. That catfish looks good. I will be honest I have never eaten catfish. They really aren't around here in NH, I don't think. We are more the haddock and cod fish area I guess. But the whole meal looks delicious and now I am hungry since I really didn't have much for lunch today. And huckleberry vodka sounds good. I wonder if I can find that around here also? Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  19. I'm from New England, like Erika, so we don't really do fresh water fish. I've never had catfish though I've seen it on menues at restaurants. I'm guessing the restaurant fish is farmed. It does look delicious. Happy Belated T Day. PS Love your little lamb.

  20. Hi Kathy...ginger near beer...hmmm...I'm an IPA lady! LOL!! Man...I love a good beer. Always love to see what you are working on. HOw are your hexi's??

  21. That meal looks like the prefect summer BBQ. Everything looks scrumptious. I'm glad you didn't have to miss out on the fresh catfish. How very thoughtful that everyone went gluten-free for the meal!

    Do take care of your back, Kathy. I wish you could get lighter bags of mortar or better yet - get that wonderful rock wall finished!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  22. Heavy work with that cement, whew. I am sure you wish it was finished. Quite a selection of food. Belated happy t day.


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