Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good morning Wednesday-Very Hot and Humid Here in the Ozarks- a Little Gardening and my Crafts

  Last week I spent several days pulling weeds and more weeds-they were all waist deep-at least-so quite the job. Still didn't get it all finished-the veggie garden was the first area I worked on so I could plant a few things along with my tomato plants. I got about half the flower area completed.
   I have been having critter problems though-from getting all of my little tomato plants I grew from seed ripped out of the big pots in front of the house, to eating down to the roots all of my impatients-geesh has been quite aggravating to say the least. I have never had a problem like this before-thinking some of it is raccoons and thinking deer decided to eat my flowers-which they have not done before with impatients.
     We are at the point we need a good rain so I can finish up with the weeds and get more flower seeds planted. We are to have some rain come in this week.

     Yesterday I needed to do a food shopping run and I also had two photos that I had purchased from a photographer that takes amazing shots at Yellowstone-so I wanted to get them to the framer.  We have a local glass and paint shop nearby that does a good job framing. I had taken my own frame in and a piece of my art work to get framed a couple years ago and was very happy with the work.
    I haven't been able to shop in Springfield for frames so I just decided to order them in--I think they will be beautiful when finished-can pick them up next week. Of course they are photos of bison-lol

   I got out my pattern layout and dug out the fabrics for my Yellowstone inspired quilt. Hoping I got the math right for a queen size. I had found a pattern of different size blocks that used 5 fabrics and then they just mixed them up in the pattern. So I printed the layout and then needed to make it much bigger-from a lap quilt to a queen-I want to start cutting and stitching soon. I have 10 fabrics instead of the 5. I am going to cut and stitch each row at a time so I can see how the fabrics look-so then I can change a fabric if I want to. (I found this free online sorry don't remember where-click to enlarge so you can read the pattern)

      I got motivated to start this project as a friend of mine Val is a long arm quilter and is taking in work-so I am planning on using a wool batting with the flannel fabrics both front and backing for a warm and comfy quilt. She uses pantograms and has the perfect one for this quilt. So am excited as I don't know any one near me to quilt it for me.

   I am also still spinning up the cheviot wool with my drop spindle in the evenings.  Am sticking to this one til it is all spun up-and then I will decided how I want to dye it.

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. hi Kathy, thanks for leaving me a comment:)
    today for me also was a gardening day. i´m not picky with "weed" (whoever decides what this is), but at the Moment it overgrows everthing and i had to care for a few spots not to get lost and overgrown. especially the raspberries, which look promising this year, yeah! but we could Need rain here, too! hope it works out, it is often either no rain or heavy weather.
    sending you wishes for a good week, johanna

  2. Hi Kathy!! Yes! Its been hot and humid here... uuughhh... I will survive the summer... Fall IS coming... Haven't tried to grow anything here yet with the animals... but i'm sure i will have stories like you when i do.. lol I plan on going with all hanging baskets...for my flowers.. Hubby plans on building Ft. Knox so he can grow a Take care... I'm still sitting on my butt scraping floor...uuuughhh... only a 2ft x 20ft section to go... Hugs! deb

  3. I know about garden weeds. Since I couldn' do any weeding early because of my surgery recovery now I have tall grass. Why is it the grass doesn't want to grow in the yard but does in the garden? hugs-Erika

  4. I have some weeding to do, putting it off for now, it is too muggy during the day. I am quilting a charity quilt, and need to get it done by tomorrow! Your Yellowstone quilt looks like it will be lovely, and I'm sure Val will do a great job!

  5. Yesterday in the heat of the day, I also was out weeding, mowing, and edging. Not my favorite pass time, that's for sure.

    If you live close to Springfield then we used to be practically neighbors. I still own a home in Webb City, which is just north of Joplin, in case you've not heard of it.

    That is going to be one incredible quilt. I wish you luck with completing it. I know I could never make anything like that, but I can do the math, if that's any consolation (grin).

    Whatever you do, don't get overheated. I learned the hard way one year, and I've since learned to take water breaks. Weeding is hard, and I can appreciate what you are going through.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Weeding is a never ending job :( The only upside is that it feeds the compost pile :) We've had 2 inches of rain in the last 2 days. Which is good because I was tired of dragging the sprinkler and hose around the place to water the flowerbeds. I had harvesting herbs on my to do list for today but it's too wet so I'll go on to another chore. Like mopping the floors or something else entirely boring. LOL! Can't wait to see your framed Yellowstone photo and progress photos on the quilt ♥

  7. Weeds! They are on my to do list too...luckily they are not waist high yet. I'm soooo glad to think I've motivated ya to make your quilt. The pattern seems like it will be quick. ENJOY!! Looking forward to seeing those framed pictures....

  8. Dear Kathy,

    Your Yellowstone quilt will look lovely. When we lived in Idaho, Yellowstone was just a hop, skip, and a jump away; not so, from Kansas City!

    My husband has been looking for work in the Springfield area, so hopefully soon we'll be moving to your neck of the woods.



  9. We are now in very hot triple digit heat for the next few days. I try to weed a little every day or I would never get it all done. Those darned critters do cause a lot of frustration and damages. We have a bear who likes to swim in our pond and she always seems to knock down a heavy rock from the edging. Your quilt will be stunning and with flannel and wool it will be so cozy come winter's chill. Happy Gardening and Sewing and Spinning Dear...<3


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