Sunday, November 19, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday Deer Camp & Christmas Card Swap

Good morning everyone,
    T Stands for Tuesday is when we get together and share a drink related post. Link to the T Party in my right hand column with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

(I found this photo online-I may need to make something like this)

  I had been talking about our deer camp for a couple weeks now. The event was last week and we all had a good time-mostly eating good foods and socializing with old and new friends.
   A couple of you have asked me what exactly is deer camp? Deer camp is when friends gather and yes hunt for deer, at our deer camp hubs has rules for ethical hunting, only bucks and young bucks can be taken for meat processing. and No hunting in our "back yard" where we feed them-that is their safe zone-always. 
  Over the last several years conservation allowed unlimited hunting of does-I still have no idea why they let that go on for so long. Just a little ways from us there is a couple that took advantage of that and processed 12 to 15 does a season-unheard of. So the consequences now- fewer does in our area-so we don't allow on our property any does to be taken til the doe population increases.
    The hunters took two nice meat bucks home to process and  home can.
   I have been wanting to can venison but hubs is not in shape any more for all the work involved-and all the walking in the woods as well. I am still hoping that perhaps we can hunt for one though.

  Sorry I meant to take lots of photos of the food-I do all the cooking for the evening meal, and the guys coming in we ask for lunch food-so we had lots of chili, beef stew, goulash, deli meats and breads for sandwiches. For extras and gifts one person brought me a gallon of his own homemade maple syrup Wow that was a huge surprise-He lives way up north near Green Bay Wisconsin. He also made homemade blueberry muffins from his own blueberries to go with their coffee in the morning. The guys all said those were sooo good.  I have to say that I was thankful that for the lunch meals they were gluten free aware so I could eat most of the food-very thoughtful.
    They also brought dozens of hard boiled eggs, Wisconsin sausages, lots of Wisconsin cheese and the list goes on lol  As a gift for my hubs one Wisconsin friend's wife bakes up two cheesecakes for him and the group every year-his favorite.
    We had an Illinois friend that came in on Wednesday in case he wanted to bow hunt, and brought 3 meals of fresh Mexican dishes-sooo delicious.
    Friday is when the others came in and I always invite several other friends and ask that they bring a dish. I made a large crock pot and a small slow cooker full of shredded pork and peppers for grilled sandwiches with provolone. The sides were potato salad, taco soup-delicious, three bean salad and much more. Early in the day Friday I got out my dutch ovens and made two apple-raisin-dried cherry pies.

We had drove to the big box store Sam's Club (over an hour away from us) to shop and they had this large crock pot with a mini crock pot on sale. I have been wanting a larger one to go with the slow cooker I have (yes there is a difference in how these two work) I am in love with this new one. It holds allot of food. Sorry these were the only photos I remembered to take. 
   One night I grilled chicken breasts with sides, another night grilled center cut pork chops, and another night we all went to our friends for fried catfish. The Wisconsin men had never ate catfish before.
   So yep this is mostly a fun eating event lol  We enjoyed the two new men that came down with our long time friend. The little space we put together above hubs shop worked out perfectly too.

             Christmas Card Swap

For the last couple of years I have been making handmade papers and then turning them into Christmas cards.
      I would love to swap cards with you all if you care too. For international I am going to send postcards-hopefully those will go right through and not get lost and since our postage is so high here the postcards will be less to send.
   If you would like to swap my email is located on my profile page-just send me an email with your name and address and I will send you mine back. 
    These cards can be handmade or not up to you. I searched for blank postcards and found some-so I may be creative with those this year.

    I haven't been drinking anything new and exciting lately lol Somehow a couple weeks ago I got into a food allergy so I have been drinking mostly water, juices, and adding aloe vera juice or drinking my herbal decaf beverage in the mornings.
  ( I am pretty much back to normal now-thank goodness.)

Happy T Stands for Tuesday everyone
 And for my friends in the States-Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 13, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Hub's River Trip

Hi everyone,
   Happy T Stands for Tuesday where we share a drink related post. You are most welcome to visit and/or join us-our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth. Find the link to the party in my right hand column

   I have a bit of time before I need to gather ingredients for supper tonight-this is the last night of deer camp and our guests will leave for home early tomorrow morning So I thought I would share a few photos. I won't be around to visit everyone or possibly link up til tomorrow morning after everyone heads home.

   Hubs and his friend went on a long river trip with his new boat and they totally enjoyed themselves-I have not seen my husband soooo happy in a long time. His friend is so good too with helping him in and out of the boat. He broke a bone in his knee area about a month ago that has really added to his pain and now difficult to walk now too--nothing stops my husband though if he can manage it.

  I did not go along but they both took some gorgeous photos that I thought I would share.

These photos should enlarge further just click on them.
They started the trip very early in the morning and got out of the water just before dark so was a long day-but the weather was perfect too. This area of the river had not yet been cleared of large trees that had fallen in. So his friend needed to get out of the boat and guide it over the logs-fun  at least they said so haha

For the drink I am sharing today-this was the "hit" of the party-after supper we would sit around and talk and those that were drinking a little bit loved this the best. I should have grabbed two bottles-one can really taste the apple and then the cinnamon This is very very smooth and is low in alcohol only around 35%

Happy T Day everyone

Monday, November 6, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Fun at the Alpaca Farm

Hello everyone and welcome to T Stands for Tuesday where we share a drink related post.
   Link to the event on right hand column with our hostess' Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

 Last Saturday a couple of friends and I visited a local alpaca farm for their open house. This is something I have been wanting to do for many years but I am not someone that enjoys going to events like this by myself. I mentioned it to a friend and she was all up for it and brought along another friend.
    I buy allot of my alpaca fiber for spinning at the Fiber U event in July from their  ranch. exhibit at this event.
    We were the first ones there so we pretty much got a private tour. She shared knowledge about her alpacas and then when we went into the buildings she explained more with displays and then of course she had a nice shop. After shopping and we went outdoors again wow lots of people had arrived and the daughter was presenting-so we stayed another half hour or so and learned more.

  This was allot of fun we all really enjoyed this adventure.

Just click on each photo to enlarge for better viewing

   I totally forgot to take photos of their shop. Sorry about that-they had allot of offerings-fiber to spin, yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving, clothing items, and cute little stuffed alpacas for display-those were really adorable,
    I was a "good" girl lol and did not bring home more fiber to spin-I really do have lots of different fibers to spin already in my stash.
    I did purchase this very soft and thick head band to protect my ears in cold weather I think I will really like this one, I don't wear hats much but enjoy these better. They had some really nice fingerless gloves from alpaca but I decided to pass on this time.

   The farm was in a gorgeous setting-the buildings and allot of the pastures were up high and the leaves were finally turning this past weekend. Thus area of Missouri is full of hills and hollers I also forgot to take photos of their large white great pyrnees that guard the herd. The dogs were gorgeous and definately on guard with all the people.

I haven't been feeling myself the last few days so I am behind on getting things ready for our deer camp-the first two arrive this Wednesday from northern Illinois and the other three from Wisconsin come in on Friday. I also invited a few other friends to join in the feast Friday evening. 
    This year I decided to make shredded pork sandwiches with pepperoncini peppers stuffed into grilled buns with provolone cheese with lots of sides. One friend sends down 2 handmade cheesecakes-yum  we definately eat good lol

For my beverage I have been drinking watered down juice today.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd

  This is where we share one of our previous blog posts on the 2nd of each month. Our hostess for this fun event is Bleubeard and Elizabeth-find the link in my right column

  This post is from December 23, 2012 and we still love these waffles. original post here

Homemade Belgian Waffles This morning

I only make these for a treat for us, and I don't change up the butter to something healthier like I will do in most recipes I make now

. To go with this I cooked down to a thick fruit sauce-blueberries, strawberries, and rhubarb from my freezer. I also tried out my boiled down apple cider-awesome!

The photo shows my gluten free ones. I have followed a recipe I found at allrecipes for years now.Here is a link to the recipe.

 Since we put sugar on top of our waffles-fruits, syrups, I don't think the recipe needs 1/2 cup sugar so I put in 1/4 cup sugar instead which I usually use splenda or a blend of sugar and stevia.. This works out well for us-I divide the recipe in half and make Larry the regular version, and I use gluten free flours plus xanthan gum in mine.

This recipe always turned out perfect too. We splurged and bought a Krups waffle iron about 6 years or go so for this-very nice.

Welcoming November

(photo found online)

     Wow I have to say October just zoomed right past me this year-must have been all that hard work I was up to lol
    I really can't believe this is the first day of November-but it is.

   I started cleaning and straightening up in the house yesterday after putting the kilnz paint coat on the textured hallway wall-I can't do anymore til the tile gets moved-I talked with one of our friends that is coming down and he said nooooo problem at all. Hubs never wants to ask for help-I also asked him if he would hang my Yellowstone framed photos for me and he said of course. well that was easy to ask lol  we need to be able to do that sometimes.

  My last craft adventure was making the corn husk papers so I really miss not creating--once things calm down a bit I want to do that-I usually  make my own Christmas cards to send out so I am planning to take time to do that.  
    If you would like to swap Christmas cards just drop me a note with your address-my email is in my profile-and I will send you mine. 

   Tomorrow is suppose to jump into the mid 70s and also only get down to the 50s tonight-so hubs and a couple of friends are going to take out his new river boat and explore-and hopefully catch some fish-we wanted to smoke some for deer camp.

Have a fabulous November!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday & Autumn Walk in my Woods With Lots of Photos

Happy T Stands for Tuesday Everyone

     Each week we share a drink related post with friends-you are most welcome to join us. Link in my right hand column with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth

  Last week I did get all the steps and landings coated with Thompson's water seal just before the temperatures dropped 40 degrees-which is normal for this area during the changing seasons.
  After a couple days off to catch up on domestic chores and reading new books from some of the authors I follow I got back on the hallway project.
   Phase two section was finished up with coat of the kilnz paint and I have started on the third section. I have removed items in this section-which was allot--I still have no cupboards at all in my house and no closets came with the house-so this ended up being a conglomeration of things and allot of canned foods etc, hunting gear. It is all boxed up and in our huge bedroom for the moment-ugh
   There are two stacks of very heavy ceramic floor tiles that need to be moved-one stack goes in the bathroom and the other stack for the hallway needs to come out from the wall so I can paint and texture the wall. So hoping I can get that done by friends at deer camp-which starts November 8th. 
   I am going to see if I can manage laying the tile for the hallway with hubs instruction-we just can not afford that couple we were using which is a shame-it comes down to the fact they are just soooo slow for what they are asking per hour of wages. 
  The hallway is long but straight so am hoping I can tackle that. Now the bathroom is a whole different thing entirely. Hubs with his severe arthritis  now and other health issues just can't do work like this anymore-won't think about his til after deer camp or after Thanksgiving.

  Late this afternoon (Sunday) it warmed back up to close to 60 with  no wind and lots of sunshine; so I grabbed my camera and took a 45 minute walk on our property.
   We just do not have the lovely fall colors this year do to lack of rain, but there are loads and loads of acorns for the wildlife this year. 

           I kept the photos smaller-just click on them to enlarge fully.

We have allot of this pretty moss here in our woods-I always thought of dyeing with it-have any of you natural dyers tried it??

                         Deer prints amongst the tire tracks

Late yesterday around 5 pm or so---check out our handsome visitor-so cool this is just outside our bay window in living room He stuck around eating corn for about 15 minutes while a doe and her youngster were eating too. After the buck walked back into the woods a whole herd of does and youngster wondered in.

   Last Tuesday was my birthday and the week before was hub's birthday so we treated ourselves to breakfast out. We rarely eat out anymore do to the gluten free for me and really lack of a quality  restaurants close by (we don't do fast food)-and I can put together a much nicer meal too (smiles) We do enjoy going out for breakfast though.

   The place we go for breakfast is called A Taste of Andy's (I looked for a website but they only have a presence on facebook) and they have a special breakfast which is their best value-biscuits and gravy, hash browns, two eggs, and choice of bacon or sausage, toast with any choice of beverage tax included also.
   First photo is hubs plate and for me to keep it as close to gluten free as possible I get two scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and they slice up a fresh tomato instead of the biscuits and gravy and toast 
  hubs had coffee and I had ice water.
   This restaurant also has an extensive lunch menu too perhaps we will check that out one day. I like that their breakfast plate is not greasy

and for my beverage this week I am sharing a new wine I picked up at our Aldi store. This one is from France and is on the dry side which we prefer. They had a note that the limit was 6 bottles so I figured it must me good-It was -I love it and next time I shop at Aldi hope it is still available. a nice to have around for the holidays.

                         and a closer look at the label

Since Tuesday is the official day of Halloween---
                           Happy Halloween to all of you!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday & Autumn Has Finally Arrived & Catch Up (Long Post)

  Good morning Sunday,
     I believe Autumn finally arrived last night to stay this time. 
We have been enjoying gorgeous weather for the most part all last week after the one day of dipping into the 30's F-no killing frost yet.
   Weather has just been beautiful with full sunshine and up into the 80's F here. On the way to town yesterday I even finally viewed some gorgeous fall colors in the trees-I will take some photos soon.

I am posting early again for T Stands for Tuesday-I have more time right now to post on Sundays This is where we share a drink related post. Our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth- Find the link to the T Party in my right hand column.

    I did get all the wood steps-railings-decks all coated with Thompson's water seal finished yesterday early afternoon.  Just before the big soaking rain that blew in with cooler temps-today it is to rain gently most of the day-we really needed this good soaker to avoid any forest fires here.
   I am finally finished with my contribution to the guest space. It took me 3 weeks from the sanding of the plaster to priming to painting-to painting the floor with grey wood stain-to rearranging the furniture-to the wood water sealing--seems like a long time-feels like a long time. haha This project really gave me sore muscles every day opposed to when I was working on the hallway project. Hubs does need to set up the lighting in there, and we have one of those little heaters I need to clean up and carry up there. I also need to clean and fix up the bathroom that is downstairs in the business space-there is a shower there too which needs cleaned and I bought a new woodsy shower curtain for it. I also bought a grey fleece throw to cover up the red couch that is in the guest space.

   This leaves me now with a bit over two weeks to get back to the hallway project, clean and tidy up the house, figure what food I will be making and be ready for deer camp.  
  I think I will be taking today off to relax and contemplate-lol and to work on our medicare plans today too. after that I am going to read this afternoon and just "blow" off the day. For supper making corned beef with all the fixins-easy peasy

    I have been reading a couple books about Alexander Hamilton The first one The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs. This is historical fiction-but I found it more historical than fiction. A really excellent book where I felt I really got to know his story. I would highly recommend this book to any of you that enjoy reading about American history    (photo found online)

When I finished reading this book and reviewed it-- on my book bub list that came in there was another book about Alexander Hamilton published in the early 1900's by his grandson that includes actual letters and writings by Alexander Hamilton-titled the Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton by Allan Mclane Hamilton
     I am glad I ran into this book-it contains all actual writings by Hamilton and his family and others with a little commentary, and for me I felt this book was a good compliment to the first book. 

        Alexander Hamilton was quite the man-a genius really, a very caring and compassionate person who loved his country and family so much-and would defend with his honor. (photo found online)

On another subject--
  On a sad note for me-remember my corn husks papers? I haven't looked up the date that I sent the package off to Germany but I am almost sure it is approaching a month. So I am thinking that the postal police must be testing and retesting the paper to make sure there is nothing suspicious in it-lol
      I recycle mailing envelopes and I had found a nice big one to safely pack the papers and also to include lots of little surprise bags of fibers etc for Valerie's mixed media projects.  I was worried with the distance it had to go that it would not stay sealed safely so what I had on hand was duck tape-which now that I think about it must have made my package stand out to the postal police.  So my fear is after all this time they have confiscated it or tossed it-either way it's gone. (although I do hope some day it will just show up-but at this point not holding my breath)  
     No one's fault but mine--but I hope they are still duped over the papers lol

  Not much different to share for my drink this week, I am still mostly drinking Bali coconut waters while I am working and in the mornings I am drinking my decaf herbal beverage and sometimes in the evenings I am relaxing with a cup of tea. In my Yellowstone mug of course-which is my favorite (you can find this mug on their non profit site Yellowstone Forever shop online)

   Behind my cup is a birthday postcard I received my author friend of the Yellowstone time travel books. My birthday coming up is on the 24th Hubs and I are a week apart on our birthdays-kinda fun.

   Back on that day of the solar eclipse I took a couple of photos on my walk. These are views of part of our 1/4 mile driveway-on both sides is woods or deep hollars

Happy T Day everyone-sorry this is such a long post-right now I don't have the time to post every day so I guess I made up for it in this one lol