Tuesday, September 19, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Roasting Coffee Beans & Autumn Magazines

Good morning, 
   Hi everyone, especially to the T Partiers since today is Tuesday where we share a drink related post. I have really enjoyed this group and reading about their travels and art. To join us click on the link in the right column. Thank you Bleubeard and Elizabeth our hostess each week for making this event so much fun 

   I do not have much new to share with you this week. Yesterday I did finish the first section of my hallway and it is now ready to put the final paint on. I will start with ceiling today. I am mostly anxious to see if I love the grey I chose for the walls. I added allot more texture with the tissue papers this time than I did in the bathroom walls. The two areas will look a bit different-I am hoping.

  I have been able to stick with my walking and yesterday finally was able to make the 5k or 3 miles.  With the weather change that gets to my asthma a bit when the seasons change over -it took me over a week to get back to the 3 so yeah me lol

  On my walks the goldenrod is in full bloom-I love that plant especially since I had finally accomplished a lovely yellow with it in the dye pot a couple years ago. For me if I did not take it out of the dye pot right away when I got the yellow it would turn to a brown-a pretty brown but not what I wanted  The goldenrod always makes me smile; at it's peak so beautiful 

  Our friend's teenage son has gotten into roasting coffee beans-he loves the process. He buys them green and then roasts them. He handed hubs a small bag of them since he always compliments him on the flavor of the coffee.
   I decided to roast them the old mountain man way-in a very hot cast iron skillet-but not over a camp fire instead over a gas stove flame.  The beans did not roast even and I did not want to burn them which I read is easy to do so took them off the heat after 10 minutes. The articles I had read said to roast for 8 to 10 minutes. and I asked our young friend about them roasting uneven and he tells me that is normal doing at home
   Hubs said the coffee was good though. Here are a few photos.

I did totally forget to take a photo of the brew-it was lighter in the cup than regular coffee.


   For me now a days, purchasing magazines is a splurge and a treat. I love mail so for awhile I was receiving quite a few-quilt magazines, cooking magazines and others of interest to the both of us. I think they are too expensive now especially since the main stream ones are quite thin with loads of ads and they refer back to their website for the recipe and more of the article-I don't like that.

    I do enjoy Mary Jane Farm's magazine that I read cover to cover and then since she uses recycled paper I make my handmade paper with it.

   I did subscribe for one year a spinning magazine named Ply which is written and sold from here in Missouri. The owner is a very accomplished spinner and has a couple spinning videos on Craftsy. This magazine is quite thorough on the subject like buying a small book almost.

   In the fall especially I love a good food magazine for ideas. I have been hunting for the new Pioneer Woman's magazine which sells out fast-I finally got a copy last week at Wal Mart. I have also run into a new magazine about cast iron cooking-baking that has some really good recipes in them.

   So when we went shopping at Sam's Club last week I went to their magazine rack and Wow I found several to bring home with me. They were even selling Sift which is a new baking magazine by King Arthur Flour. The one I picked up was all about sourdough baking.
     The recipes in all of theses below that I picked up look wonderful using lots of sweet potatoes and fall fruits and veggies,  so I am excited to try some of these new recipes.
   I even picked up the new Farmer's Almanac which I have not done in a few years. 

note all photos will enlarge just click on them

   What magazines do you enjoy??

                                       Taste of South Fall Baking

As you can see in the photos I am enjoying a cup of my herbal decaf brew-this time no cream. I love this cup it is a big one but not heavy and well balanced. Probably over 12 years ago now when I was doing more quilting this quilt shop was sending along this free cup with an order.

Happy T Day everyone!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We Have a Winner for my Corn Husk Paper Challenge

  Good evening everyone, I am going to be running errands in the morning so decided to draw a winner late tonight.

   Two of you had an interest in my corn husk paper challenge so I put the two names on slips of papers folded to same size and tossed them around and had hubs choose one. The winner is Valerie-Jael  

  I want to thank both Valerie and Erika for showing an interest in my challenge. If she decides not to do this do to cost of postage I understand and will give the challenge to Erika.
   I have decided to send along three of my papers to Valerie-one for her, one for me, and one piece for her to use as an experiment to see how the paper reacts to different mediums-paints, stamps etc. I did add gelatin to the pulp to help with the pens and inks not to run but this is my first time using plant materials from the raw plant to make paper so this is all new to me too. Sounds fun to me.

   I am excited hope Valerie is too

Monday, September 11, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and a Giveaway (with a special condition)

   Hi everyone and Happy T Stands for Tuesday
  Where we share a drink related post with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth-link in my right hand column. You are most welcome to join us.

  Since last Tuesday I have delved back into my hallway project-tissue papering the walls for textures. The hallway is in three sections so I am working on each section from start to finish-I think it won't be so daunting this way. One section is full with so much stuff-that will be the last section lol.  
    Tonight I am almost finished with the texturing in the first section-a little more on the wall to go and about half the ceiling-so getting excited about this first finish.  It will get another coat of kilnz paint and then painted. I chose a very light grey for the walls.  all photos will enlarge just click on them

   I have also gotten back to walking every day even if it is just a mile-I strive for 3 miles but I don't always get 3 in but I figure if I can stick with walking each day this will hopefully get me back into a routine. I am soooo bad at sticking with exercise routines.

   For my Giveaway-which also comes with a condition-I would love to share one of my cornhusks papers with one of you. I would also like to send along a second piece for you to create a woodland or country theme for me which I will want to frame and hang, My art expertise is not paper art but fibers. You all make such beautiful art that I was hoping you might be interested in this challenge.  If so just say so in comments and I will draw a winner.  

     for my beverage tonight I am enjoying a diet root beer along with a gluten free blueberry fig bar  This is sitting on one of  my handwoven placemats that I made years ago.

This is also a day of reflection being 9/11 here in the States-no we will  never forget what happened that day-wow 16 years ago now.
   Also prayers for all those in harms way of the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and the storms around those states-we have a friend that lives in the keys I pray he still has a home after the hurricane. 
    Also prayers for all those in harms way do to the fires out west-so many in Montana and other western states.
Happy T Day all of you!

Monday, September 4, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & More Baking in the Dutch Ovens-Over & Under the Coals

 Hi everyone, those of you in the States hoping your Labor Day weekend was awesome. 
   The weather was perfect for us here in the Ozarks with Monday being the exception with the very hot temperatures and high humidity returning.

   T Stands for Tuesday where we share a drink related post, find the link in my right hand column that will take you to our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

     The first thing I want to share is the lovely postcard I won from Val. (oops should read Valerie) It arrived so fast in the mail I couldn't believe it and l love this quote so much that I was so happy to win this one. The link will take you to her gardening post that I really loved too.
    Sorry I did not share this sooner at the time I was immersed in canning tomatoes and relishes and forgot.  It has found a home on my refrigerator door so I can view it easily along with my Yellowstone magnets.

 Note-all photos will enlarge just click on them:    

  I decided for this 3 day weekend-although being retired every day is a weekend now lol-I would do lots of baking in my cast iron dutch ovens. 
   Saturday I baked up another lemon meringue pie and a gluten free zucchini bread. Both turned out really nice.
   Sunday ended up being a very long day out in the heat for most of it.  I have neglected the wheat and rye sourdough starters for a couple of months now and they both just needed to be fed really well and used. My original thoughts were to make rye bread and pizza dough for hubs. 
    I hadn't read the recipe the night before for sourdough pizza and it needed very little rise time so decided not to do that this time. 
     I ended up making two loaves of sourdough caraway rye bread and two loaves of sourdough cinnamon raisin bread. I was jumping for joy how well these baked up---well almost jumping for joy (smiles) as by the end I was really hot and my back was hurting a bit from picking up the two dutch ovens a few times-but all was good I enjoyed the day.
   However, I will not be following the instructions by Lodge on how many coals to place on top and the bottom of the dutch oven according to size and temperature. They wanted 19 charcoal on top and 10 on the bottom I really thought that was odd and not right but since I had not baked yeast bread before and needed 400 degrees f for the rye I did it--wrong-- the tops got too brown (not burnt) and the bottoms needed more coals--so no more following directions lol 

the sourdough starters

The sourdough caraway rye bread risen in the pans and ready to be baked

The sourdough caraway rye bread out of the dutch oven. this bread came out so perfect. I can not eat gluten but I had to take one small bite of this one (something I Never do)-it was heavenly

Sourdough Cinnamon-raisin bread-this baked up so well too, and smells divine. I was short one large and wide bread pan so had to settle for the next size I had-when it rose it went over the sides-so after baked I had to cut that all off to get the bread out-kinda funny at the time.

I won't bake two breads like this again on the same day in the dutch ovens-I started at 9 am getting the coals going and ended around 5 pm  I definately got too much sun-but since it all baked up so well was worth it to me.

Today-Monday, I have bbq baby back ribs on the grill. I just need to check on them each hour and then run back into the a/c lol it is extremely hot here today.  I was going to cook the veggies on another grill but it is just too hot-so "cheating" and will finish up everything else in the house.

Yes I am still spinning bison yarn-loving it, and still reading in the evenings.

For my drink related photo I am sharing my favorite yellowstone cup filled with my dandelion root-chicory hot beverage with a splash of cream and a slice of my gluten free zucchini bread- that was still warm from baking-with cream cheese-fabulously delicious lol 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd & Fabric Painting a Sky

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

August sure went by fast didn't it?? I still can not believe we have started September already.  Which brings us to Second on the 2nd where we share a previous post. Hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth see link in my right hand column to join in

    Instead of copy and pasting like I usually do I decided to share just a few of the photos and the link to the blog for better viewing-as the format on my original blog is so different it does not fit here well.  I tried bringing it over it just did not look good and as you can see the fonts have even changed lol

This was posted December 17, 2013 and titled Reveal of that Special Project I was Working on  Click here to read the entire post.

      That year I was approached by a blogging friend that was making a special quilt for her cancer recovery and she commissioned me to paint sky fabric. Me???  I told her I really don't know if I can do that as I am not that kind of artist-she assured me yes I can.
   This ended up being a challenge, allot of fun, and with good results. Please click on above link for more information. Also if you go to the original post you can click on all the photos to make larger for better viewing.

I really need to try this technique again I remember having allot of fun with it-I had done several attempts and this was my best one.  and wow this is bad-it is almost 4 years and I still do not have the hand sewing of the binding completed--It is all pinned and I have finished one side--more fun spinning now lol  but I really want this quilt finished so we can use it-that one had allot of history-which is another post once it is finished. I am just so bad at bouncing around with my crafts-but that's what I do.

Monday, August 28, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Tomatoes-& More Tomatoes

  Happy T Stands for Tuesday everyone. This is our weekly gathering and sharing of a drink related post.
  Our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth just click on the button in my right hand column to join us.

  If you have not seen my last two posts you will find my two updates with the corn husks papers-I am very pleased with the results-now to decide how to use them. 
    My friend finished harvesting the rest of her sweet corn from her garden and brought over a huge bag of husks. Since I am in the middle of canning right now, I don't have the time to play with these-so I went through them and saved a big bag full and put them in the freezer for later.

   Also on one of my last posts I shared my huge batch of homemade canned salsa. This batch turned out soooo delicious. I also shared photos of more tomatoes and peppers from the amish country auction that my friend had picked up for me last Friday.
   My friend had gotten me two heavy boxes of canning tomatoes-that ended up being so much nicer than the tomatoes I had bought from a different amish stand and were allot less expensive too.
   Sooo today was the day they were ready to can. I have never seen such large canning tomatoes that were not the roma or paste tomato variety that I am familiar with and these were solid "meat". I wish I knew the variety name of this tomato. 
   Yesterday I canned up 5 quarts of tomato-soup-juice. This tastes great and it is also a great base for tomato soup. I don't add any thickener when I can it. (first photo is of the tomatoes-garlic-basil-peppers simmered til soft then strained out and canned)
   Today I decided I could get more jars of tomatoes canned at a time in my pressure canners in less processing time too ( 10 minutes) opposed to 40 minutes in a water bath canner where I could only get 7 jars in at a time. I ended up with 3 canners today.
   I filled one canner with 14 wide mouth pints, and at the same time filled another canner with 8 more pints. I still had a few more tomatoes that would finish this project up so I decided to go ahead and process a third batch this time with quarts.  The quarts are now cooling down in the canner.
   I think my joints are already hollering at me lol  Extra  boswellia herb for me tonight for sure.

photos will enlarge just click on them

Where I live here in the ozarks growing a veggie garden that will yield enough for canning and freezing is a real challenge. Unlike where I grew up and lived in northern Indiana and Illinois where the soil and weather is perfect for veggie gardens.  About an hour or so drive away from us in different directions the ground is better and there are numerous amish markets or auctions for produce. I think next year I will rely on those more for what I want to preserve than trying to grow produce.

  Tomorrow I will check my cucumbers and see if I have a couple more in the garden to add what I have. I want to make one more relish with the cucumbers and banana peppers.

  For my relax time in the evenings I am still spinning bison fiber and loving it. I am also re reading Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone and Teton series of books to refresh my mind on the characters and stories before her last book in the series comes out. 
    She is writing it now while she is living in Yellowstone with her husband for several months-while he works on restoring wood work in the Old Faithful Inn. I think that is so cool to be able to live in Yellowstone for that length of time. They hike every day early morning and evenings I try not to ever be envious of others-but this is the exception-lol 
   I did just get a package in the mail of items that I purchased from the Yellowstone Forever store. A calender for next year, a book, another mug, and a lainard for a spinning gauge tool-so that made me happy dancing.

   For my drink tonight while I type this post-I am enjoying a coconut beverage-I really love this brand and they have several flavors. this one is molokai coconut.

  The bag is full of spinning fiber, and the drink is sitting on a book I just got in-making papers with silk.

update: here is a clickable link to the Leadmine Produce Auction with map

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Corn Husks Paper Update #2 & Canning

  My papers are now dry-and I am loving them. They dried to a very pretty soft green shade. I ended up with 7 pieces

photos will enlarge just click on them

My friend brought me over a really big bag of more corn husks yesterday lol  I am doing allot of canning right now so will see if I have time to make more. I would like to try another method.


   Yesterday I made up a large pan of salsa-took me most of the day to hand chop everything-so I put in the frig. and canned it all this morning. When I canned it I divided into two batches-to keep from over cooking the salsa before it all got canned.

Late yesterday my friend came back from the amish farmer's auction with these beautiful tomatoes, large red bell peppers, sweet banana peppers and poblano peppers.

With the tomatoes I am going to make up and can tomato soup-homemade is the best ever, and will then just peel seed quarter the rest and can in water.  These gorgeous bell peppers are already in the freezer as are the poblanos. The yellow bananas I am going to make into another sweet relish with my cucumbers.

so am still busy busy lol

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Corn Husk Papers Update

      In my previous post I shared how I cooked and broke down the husk fibers. This morning early I got out my blender and my paper making items  Five hours later I have a few sheets of papers-more like art papers then paper but paper none the less. Was it worth all the time-not sure lol   
   This was not as easy as making papers with recycled papers which I really enjoy doing.

   The first couple of sheets I re did over 4 times-the problem was getting the sheet off the plastic. After sponging the water out it seemed to just really stick to that plastic sheet.  Over half way through I decided this is just not working. So I decided Not to sponge at all-let the sheet drain on the plastic grid piece and screen for a bit and then put a blotting paper on top-flipped it over- added more blotting papers and then used my trusty heavy encyclopedia book-that I only use for this now lol-and the paper came off the blotting papers better than the plastic. I still ended up with no perfect sheets-so decided this was an art project instead of just handmade papers.

  Here are some photos. These sheets turned out nice and green because I got the corn husks from a friend's home grown corn and she had left those outer dark green husks on so I included those. Am anxious to see how they dry and what shade of green they will be.
   In the photos the darkest greens are thicker papers which I didn't really want but since I had redone so many pieces I just didn't do those over.
   Also half way through the process my water and pulp got really foamy. My friend Barbara had mentioned that she added some gelatin to the pulp mixture so when writing on the papers they won't bleed-I re use the water when making more pulp so I am thinking I added in too much gelatin which resulted in that foam. I ended up just hand scooping most of that out.

All photos will enlarge just click on them

   All of you paper artists-any ideas on how to use these? thanks

Normally you would have the screen on top of this and then blot water out with a sponge.

I use my deep freezers for laying out projects like this-I have two so gives me lots of space

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday & I am Late to the Party

   Hello everyone, so sorry I am late for our T Party.
Seems I have been busy busy more than usual these past few days.  Our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth and the link is in my right hand column.

   Yesterday I got up early to join the VRC-Virtual Running Club where we walk or run a 5K or 10K race.  I had built up for a few days and was able to walk my 5K in around an hour.  I was thrilled to read that they raised so far $80,000 dollars for the National Park Foundation. They have fun swag too for all their events-finishing medals, t shirts, I got my solar glasses from them too for the eclipse.

I had grabbed my camera and took lots of photos along my route here in our woods. I will share those photos another time since it is so late in the day already.

After my race I got out my two 8 quart dutch ovens and made a chocolate meringue pie and also a beef roast with veggies. Everything turned out soooo good. These meringue pies turn out so well in the dutch ovens that I don't think I will bake one in my gas oven again. Here are a few photos:
   It was so hot and humid again yesterday that I really got over heated being in and out of the heat most of the day.
  I was definately exhausted by the end of day.

Pot Roast ready to go on to the coals-I put in beef broth then added in onion, garlic, tomatoes, seasoning.  This actually cooked faster than I had anticipated.

   While making the pie and tending to the ovens-I grabbed my special glasses and watched the eclipse-very cool to watch-we were around 98% totality

I added in potatoes and carrots, then later added in garden beans, and then last added in fresh corn from my friends garden.

The guys were planning on fishing at night-so dinner was served early around 4 pm I invited one couple.  After the guys left to fish for bass, us girls stayed up late talking.

I didn't realize how tired I was-when I ended up sleeping in til 8:30am this morning-unheard of for me lol  at 9am my friend was picking me up to check out a new Amish store about an hour away from us for getting produce to can.
  It's late in the season but we were hoping to find tomatoes. We each got a box of tomatoes and she also got a big box of fresh green beans to can up.  We ended up browsing in a few antique stores as well
    Sooo a really  nice day.

This past week I have spun up another skein of bison yarn,  and got another 7 ounces of fiber in the mail today. I also got my new celtic Scottish spindle in the mail too and I also received fresh corn husks to make paper with a couple days ago from a friend's garden
   I decided even though tired I really needed to get this cut up and cooking in the soda ash for the two hours-rinse well-and then be ready to make the papers tomorrow. Although I have kept the fresh husks in the frig I did not want them to spoil on me.

   If you do an online search for how to make paper from corn husks you will find videos and several articles. There is also two ways I have found to make the paper. 
   One can not chop up the husks still cook for two hours in soda ash (ratio-one tablespoon soda ash or washing soda per one quart of water) rinse and rinse and rinse again with gloves and then lay out the husks first in one direction and make a layer on top going the other direction and then use towels or those blotting papers on top and bottom and weight it down-I use books. Like papryus paper
   Or as I did tonight-cut the husks up so they will break down easier, cook for the 2 hours in the soda ash, rinse very well, and then add to blender with water to make pulp-and use the deckle to form the papers

Since I mostly dye with natural plant stuffs I always have the soda ash on hand. I have read although not as strong can also use washing soda-found in most grocery stores with the laundry soaps to cook it down with

I have also made a batch of bread and butter pickles since my last post

I won a postcard that arrived today-wow that was fast-I will share a photo in my  next post.

and tonight while waiting for the corn husks to cook, I am eating a bowl of ice cream along with drinking a diet lemon lime soda. 
    If any of you have been to Chicago you may have heard of the restaurant Berghoff  They are a German restaurant fabulous food and has quite a history. Years ago I bought four of these mugs that celebrated their 100th birthday back in 1987-wow has it really been that long ago lol
      I think they had gone through some changes in the '90s and one of the ancestors kept the brewery and did catering. Looking it up online I see they are back as a full restaurant.
   Berghoff  was a place my family always went to for lunch when we visited Chicago-I grew up in Indiana and Chicago was a cool place around Christmas time especially. Allot of fond memories. When I met my husband I found this was one of his favorite places too and he even knew some of the owners-fond memories.

Happy T Day everyone, so sorry I am very late to the party this week. I will visit you all tonight and tomorrow.