Sunday, December 10, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday Still baking, Deer Visitors, and a Book Review

   Hello everyone,
Happy T Stands for Tuesday where we share a drink related post with friends-please join us for T with our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth-link in my right hand column

Have you had the arrival of winter yet??
      So far here in the Ozarks of Missouri where I am-we have had some really cold evenings and days but now the temperatures are back up again-and tomorrow we will hit 60 degrees f and be fairly warm the rest of the week-another up and down temperature pattern. High winds and sunshine and still being soooo dry here-no significant rainfall since September-we are of course in danger of fires. In the small cities near me more houses being burnt down-do to burning leaves outdoors-really people?? Common sense says no burning with drought and high winds.  well I guess I just do not understand why anyone would do this-being surrounded with trees and the dry leaves.  It is so dangerous out there right now I am not doing any outdoor baking with coals either during these warmer days.

   My friend in the Florida Keys has still not received his big box of cookies-the joke is that the post people decided to eat them instead of delivering them haha   with the strange updates I am getting form the post office I am really thinking this package got headed in the wrong direction instead of the Keys. so it's a wait and see what happens now.
     I am still making lots of cookies. I mixed up 5 big batches yesterday and baked up two batches today. I pack these up in small holiday zip loks and that way I have lots of cookies I can hand out for gifts.
  Last week was too cold for me to keep up with my walking, but hopefully this week I can be outdoors more.
   Our deer visitors have returned now that for the most part the hunting season is over. Alternative method hunting opens up on December 23 though. I would still like to have venison to can, so depending on the weather hubs may venture out with his old flintlock (1800's) to get us a small one. Depends how his health is too.
   Here are a few photos that I took of the deer enjoying an apple a couple days ago.
Photos will enlarge to full size just click on them for better viewing

   I wanted to share another American history type book that I just finished reading-and really enjoyed and also learned allot more about the time period and the politics of their day.

   A Being so Gentle by Patricia Brady which is a frontier love story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson 

    The author takes you through the life of Rachel's family as a young girl and carries through her entire life. She died of a massive heart attack just weeks before Andrew Jackson was to travel to Washington DC and take the oath of office to the Presidency. I never knew that. The politics during this time period was as cruel, hateful, and full of untruths just as it is today-so the times have not changed on this regard at all. So sad really.
    I was holding back tears by the end of this book.

   If you enjoy reading about American History this was a very good book like I mentioned I learned so much that I didn't know before.  I just ordered this author's book on Martha Washington which from the comments looks like another very in depth researched book. For some reason these type of books hold a high price tag as an ebook but I can find a used hardcover for under $5.00 usually

   Being so rural I order allot of food items online, allot for gluten free especially.  A company that I really love is Bob's Red Mill the owner has quite the story of his own. Back in the day when us that were dealing with celiac-no gluten diet-this company was there before any one else was-and I really trust them that their foods are really gluten free-they have a dedicated building that only handles gluten free. 
     So anyways you all know my woes of trying to bake a decent gluten free loaf of bread from scratch---I decided to try a package of their gluten free cinnamon raisin yeast bread mix--I really don't like to rely on mixes but sometimes with gf if I can find a good one it is just so much easier.  sooo I baked that up the other day-and Wow sooooo delicious.  I cut it in half and froze one half so the loaf would stay fresher.
     The taller bread pan I had purchased from King Arthur Flour a few years ago-their theory was this shape of bread pan works for a better rise and structure support with gluten free breads--the loaf turned out perfect and tastes wonderful.

So for breakfast this morning, I enjoyed a toasted slice with peanut butter and of course my favorite cup with my herbal morning beverage with a spsash of cream

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  I am off to make up homemade pizzas tonight-

Update:  hubs wheat pizza on left my gluten free on the right


My name is Erika. said...

Winter has arrived here with snow. Hopefully it will be around for the holidays. But I love seeing your deer and glad your hunting week didn't chase them all away. :) And I have been baking too, lots of cookies yesterday,and I enjoyed seeing yours. But oh no, too bad about that package of cookies. I wonder if they shall ever arrive. Hopefully not stale as rocks. And I got your postcard. It is beautiful. I put your envelope into the mail yesterday. Enjoy your baking. I am jealous you have so much time to bake. :) Erika

CJ Kennedy said...

I will trade my snow and winter for your 60o F and sunshine. The deer are so pretty. Such beautiful and graceful creatures. We have them around here, but all I've ever seen of them are footprints in the snow. I have tried baking gluten free and paleo as my friend, Red follows a paleo diet. It is so different from baking with AP flour. I have relied on mixes as my efforts didn't turn out great. I think I saw on the King Arthur site, you need to add something called Vital Wheat Gluten so the breads will turn out with the same texture as bread baked with AP or bread flour. I didn't have luck with that either. When I was making the macaroni Bob's semolina was the only semolina flour I could find. the macaroni I made was almost as good as my grandma's. Happy T Day!

Valerie-Jael said...

Your baked goods always look so good, but as you say, it's safer baking indoors if everything is so dry. Glad you enjoyed your book. Have a great week, and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Yesterday was 68 F here and the warmest on record ever. Guess that’s why I can’t seem to get in the Christmas spirit. Doesn’t feel like December here, either.

I hope the cookies make it to your friend in the Keys. And your bread looks wonderful. It's been so long since I made bread it isn't funny. I have trouble with kneading, so don't make it anymore. But you got a good rise on your gluten free bread.

Those deer are precious. I hope they feel safe and are not being there as fodder for next year's Deer Camp (grin).

I will gladly join you for breakfast toast and herbal drink, but I'll have coffee, please. And I have to admit, your pizza looks pretty yummy, too. Thanks for sharing these goodies that are making me hungry with us for T this week, Kathy.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I enjoy seeing your baking and deer! Wonderful!
Happy T-Day Kathy!
oxo Susi

Carol said...

your deer look very healthy and well fed :0) That does look like a great loaf of Gluten free bread too. Pizza sounds great so maybe I'll fix that tonight. We haven't had it for a while. That is if I have any energy left after finishing the Christmas tree. Still moving very slow with my back and this is day 2 of decorating. Hubby brought everything upstairs for me and helped with the lights.

Meggymay said...

The photos of the deer are really special.
The bread does look delicious and a good idea to freeze half to keep it fresh for later. I'm glad we have had our meal tonight as the pizza's both looked inviting.
Our temperatures are in to the minus and we have snow, so enjoy your warm days while they last.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Linda Kunsman said...

awe, what sweet looking deer. We finally got our first snow on Sat.- 6.2". Yeah, it's pretty but I'll take those cookies personally to the Keys anytime:):)
There's nothing like home made, home baked food and now you have me hungry-esp. for the homemade pizza. Perhaps I need to make some of my own again soon. Interesting history around the novel. Thanks for sharing it all and happy T day!

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh i know Kathy! The things people insist on doing in fire danger weather... blows my mind... Could you imagine being responsible for burning down someones house not to mention loss of life... just to burn your leaves... crazy..

Aaahhh.. i used to send baked goods... and goodies but the shipping has just gotten outrageous.. I hope your friend gets his cookies... Psst... received your Christmas card today thank you so much Kathy!!! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

johanna said...

here we have days of snow and storm alternating with slush the other day. i´d prefer a dry snowy blanket that stays and gives a wintery Feeling.
i love the look of your bread and bet it is wonderful. the idea of freezing the half for staying fresh is good. happy t-day:)

Rike said...

Amazing photos of the deer enjoying an apple!
Your bread looks delicious, and all your pizzas too!
Happy T Day! Rike

Let's Art Journal said...

The deer look so adorable, it must be a joy to see them up close! Mmm, so much yummy baking 😁. Everything looks so delicious and I'd love a slice of pizza please. I hope your friend receives the cookies ok and wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

Darla said...

I always enjoy photos of deer in the yard. They look so peaceful. We don't have a gluten issue but I do use Bob's Red Mill flour and occasionally some of their other products. Your gluten free loaf looks really good - nice texture, etc. Glad you found a way to have a good treat.

Divers and Sundry said...

Our weather here in Memphis is much like y'all are having, and I doubt I'll ever see snow enough to amount to anything ever again *sigh* Your bread looks delicious! and that cheese-y pizza makes me want pizza for breakfast right now :) Yummmmm Happy T Tuesday!

Kate said...

I love the pictures of the deer. We see them in our backyard and it never gets old. I do hate that they eat my plants come spring-time but they are beautiful creatures.
Wow, you are quite the baker. That is a lot of cookies. I have used Bob's gluten-free products as well and they are very good. Your loaf looks amazing! I have also tried Pamela's Baking Mix which is so yummy. It is so hard to find decent bread when it comes to gluten-free. I used to eat a ton of it as it was my weakness. It was really hard adjusting to GF. Looks as if you have it down though. Enjoy that yummy loaf.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

It's a good thing you seem to enjoy cooking and baking because you have to make two versions of everything! Both the pizzas look scrumptious, as does your raisin bread. The deer photos are great. The book sounds interesting. No, I didn't know Andrew Jackson's wife died of a massive heart attack shortly before he went to Washington. But I did know that politics has always been a dirty business ;-)

Our version of winter has arrived. It's in the 60s during the day but dips into the 30s at night. Brrr!

Happy T-day. Hugs, Eileen

Krisha said...

With most of southern California on fire I am shocked there would be people burning leaves when it is so dry. We haven't had any rain since September either, and our temperatures are staying about like yours, with frost in the mornings.......just wish we would get some rain.
Your gf bread looks delicious......I try to stay away from breads and pastas or anything made with wheat flour. Sometimes I cave and eat it anyway, but always feel so sluggish afterwards. I admire anyone who can make it a life style.....might be my new years resolution for 2018...LOL!
Happy T-day

pearshapedcrafting said...

How lovely to see the deer! Your bread and pizzas look great! It turned cold here then it has gone up a little with the forecast of warmer weather next week! Sorry to be so late for T! Yesterday was a little hectic! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

Barbara said...

Kathy, the deer that visit are absolutely beautiful. What to you put out to attract them. Hunting them for food isn't my thing, just love to see these majestic creatures. We have them in the woods all around but never so close as your photos. Your foods, especially pizzas look wonderful. Making me hungry. Thank you for your lovely hand-stamped card! My hands aren't taking on any additional work now, so will say here that I hope your holiday season is lovely. 🌲

Barbara said...

PS...I just came in from walking so bundled up that I could barely move. The weather report just said it's windy in the teens, but I was warm. Anyhow, the answer is YES, winter has arrived in south Jersey.

Mascha said...

Beautiful deers! And the book sound exciting (will search for a German trans.). So dry - I send you a lot of rain, we have to much here...
I'm dealing with glutenfree nutrition since september and know, that's not a fun, my first tries to baking weren't very successful, sigh!
Greetings from Germany

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Yummy eats....and the deer and so fun to see. I love seeing where you live and the wildlife.