Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy T Day & a Catch Up Post

Good morning everyone,
    On Tuesdays I enjoy joining in with Elizabeth's T Party where we share our week and a beverage. Click on T for Tuesday's button in the right column to learn more and join in.  (I am posting early as I am enjoying free time this morning)

  Not allot happening here. It has been very very hot and humid so I am not outdoors much in this kind of weather. We have gotten some rain which the veggie plants needed. My tomato plants are doing pretty well especially the ones that got yanked out of their pots twice now. lol We believe it is the deer doing it and not the raccoons. and surprise the impatients they ate down to the roots are beginning to show some leaves again which made me smile.

  I have been tired and also have lack of energy lately. Blame it on getting older, the extreme heat indexes here and allergies-which have been difficult since last fall for me. So I have been doing more reading, hand spinning, and the other evening I picked up my basket of civil war hexagon pieces to work on too. I also am planning to start cutting and sewing my newest quilt project very soon-see last post, I just need to finish up some things in the bathroom and get started back on setting rocks as well-which is actually fun for me to do.

     I have been taking the Boswellia and Turmeric Curcumin for a couple months now and it really has made a huge difference with my left hand which I had injured in a fall a couple years ago. These herbs have really taken away the swelling allot and helped with the pain. 
    I wanted to see if these herbs improved my hand function enough to hold and hand stitch the hexies again. And it has made a huge difference. Just can't go overboard hand sewing for more than an hour at a time,  which I tend to do with my craft projects.
    I wish I would have started this quilt project before my hand injury. I love these civil war reproduction fabrics so much and also the pattern--- that I am just going to continue on and see what ends up-It may not be the queen size quilt but something else 

Those blocks with the turkey red centers will be the focal point of the quilt-placed in the middle of the quilt and then different color combinations of the civil war reproduction fabrics for the rest of them. I will be using a light beige around each block and then a chocolate brown for the rest of the "filler" hexies.

   As I had mentioned in a past post I was trying out a new method for gluten free bread-my first attempt was the best the rest of the breads in that batch were still just too gummy inside but the wildlife enjoyed all that bread-they ate it up right away-there were allot of whole grain flours in it  
    So to make me feel better about baking I made hubs a sourdough rye bread that he says was perfect. I had ordered in a more sour rye starter from Austria for these breads-so it reminded me I do know how to bake. Gluten free bread baking is just difficult-and pie crusts I still have not gotten that right yet for gluten free.

  We were invited yesterday to a grill party at a friend's house. His parties are always fun lots of food as everyone brings a dish and he knows so many people that we get to meet and visit more of his friends.
   I usually bring a pie as the other typical sides are covered. and I do love baking fruit pies learned from my Mom and Grandma so they are country style pies with loads of fruit and the men all love them. I decided to make cranberry-blueberry this time I also made a batch of gluten free brownies and baked them in some mini cupcake liners and served them on a plate with some of my handmade dark chocolate bark placed in those same liners- I had made a huge batch of the bark last winter and just keep it in the freezer for times like this.

For my drink to share this week-we had purchased a watermelon that was a bit over ripe last week-especially in the center. This makes into excellent watermelon margaritas though-so I made hubs and I a batch one evening. Delicious and refreshing!

Happy T day everyone!


  1. Hi kathy!! All your food looks delish!! I'm so glad you included photos... I'm with you on the heat and humidity.. just wears me out and makes me miserable.. looking forward to a day or two with lower humidity.. the weatherman Busy unpacking the craftroom... wondering if i need all this stuff... time will Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  2. Loving your quilt. It is going to be gorgeous and I hope you can make some headway with the sewing. We have you heat and humidity today. It was 71 degrees when we left at 4:30 AM for my husbands dr appointment. Eeks. Who would have energy ? Your pie looks yummy as well as your brownies. I would love a piece right now. Especially cold fruit pie on such a hot morning. Pie for breakfast is the best 😀

  3. Heat zaps me too, I hate it. Your baked goodies look yummy! I hope you can do a bit of sewing as your hand allows.

  4. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I loved the materials you are using. It was good to read that you are able to get some hand sewing done.
    Your fruit pie and brownies looked delicious, I'm sure they tasted great as well.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Kathy, have you tried a cool shower? I'm not kidding. We're having a hot humid spell like I can't remember and I feel like a limp noodle most days. I happened to read an article that suggested a cool/cold shower to energize you. It worked for me. At least for a while. But any relief is welcome these days. We don't have air conditioning ;-( We're longing for our rainy season to start. It's already a week late!

    Not being a quilter, I didn't know how hexies are made. That's very clever. I hope your hands allow you to finish it or, better yet, that the Boswellia and Turmeric Curcumin continue to bring improvement.

    Your baking looks fabulous! I'd like a slice of that pie, please ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  6. Everything looks so good!!! I've been feeling very tired today too so just taking it easy and doing much of nothing.

  7. Well despite the aging and health issues(which i know of too) you are quite busy Kathy! Your quilt fabrics are beautiful.
    And oh , who doesn't love home baked pies like this? Your watermelon drink sounds really good as well:) Happy T day!


  8. It seems the heat has not only come to the midwest, but my British friends are complaining about it, too. I sort of wonder if they know what 105 degree F with indexes up to 115 degrees F really feel like. I know those of us who live in this area certainly do. I fear I couldn't live without AC.

    I simply adore the beauty of that quilt. It is going to be out of this world when you finish it. Looks like you've found a way to overcome your health issues. I'm so impressed.

    Your cranberry and blueberry pie is making me hungry, but I am holding out for the brownies and chocolate bark. I may even want two of them (grin).

    The watermelon certainly didn't go to waste. I think you found the perfect way to use it in a margarita. Thanks for sharing your quilt hexagons, your pie and brownies, and your margaritas with us for T this week.

  9. Love the idea of a melon margarita, yummy! Glad you are able to do more sewing, the material you are using for the quilt is fabulous. And that pie is really the star of the show for me - yes please! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  10. first, not to Forget: send me over a Piece of this pie;))
    i love the design of your hexies. never sewed some myself. how interesting to read you are taking curcumin... i just heard of it about three weeks ago from an ex-collegue, who also had good success with it for her Joints pain. take care of yourself.
    i´m also wishing for cooler days. have a happy t-day and great week!

  11. Your quilting is wonderful, I love the fabrics you have chosen 😀. The cranberry-blueberry pie looks delicious and I would love to try one of those gluten free brownies and some chocolate bark - yum! But I'd rather join you for a watermelon margarita, it must be so refreshing on a hot summer's day - Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. I love quilts, but can barely sew on buttons. Your quilt will look spectacular. The pie is so pretty and it looks delicious. I read on the King Arthur Flour site sometimes gluten free breads need the addition of Xanthum Gum to give the elastic texture that is lost when gluten is removed. Talk of bread and pies has made me hungry. I just sat down with my second cup of tea. Pass some bark, please. Ah, breakfast of champions

  13. I love the heat and humidity, so summertime in the south suits me :) My husband, though, is like you, so I can sympathize. It's shocking to admit, I know, but I've never liked watermelon lol

    Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Have fun with this already faboulous looking quilt! Good that the herbs help for your hands - fantastic!
    I wish you a wonderful week and happy T-Day!
    Keep good care!
    oxo Susi

  15. Oh my, you have been busy in spite of the hot weather! That pie looks delish! I'll have a piece of that, thank you.
    Oh your hexies look lovely! I love the material and the color combination! I haven't done anything like that for years. In fact I made a cot blanket for my son when he was a baby (he is 40 now).
    It's good those herbs have helped you with your hands. Good ol' mother nature!
    I have sent you the récipe for the cake. (It's not gluten free of course) and I have noticed the sugar is in grams and the flour in cups (strange...).If you have no scales, let me know and I will weigh the sugar and put it in one of my cups to see which measuring cup it corresponds to.
    Happy T-Day,

  16. I read your garden report to hubby....we thought we had problems with ducks and rabbits. ...deer and racoons sounds like a big nightmare. ..but must be lovely to see! Your quilt looks as though it will be beautiful when it's done! Your pie looks delicious - my Mum was a great pastry cook and would make them as Thank you presents - I could never match hers!Good that the herbal remedies are working! Hugs Chrisx

  17. Glad you are able to stitch your he is...they are beautiful. And what a magnificent pie, I can see why the men love your pies! Happy T day!


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