Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Few Things I Brought Home With Me from Yellowstone-photos

    Since this trip was my first vacation trip since leaving home after high school graduation in '67 of course I planned to look for some unique and memorable items to take home with me.

   I also looked for things that were made in the USA and not China or other countries I was successful in that, everything I bought was made here in the US except my gift (for becoming a member) from the Yellowstone Forever store I chose the bison stuffed animal and it was made in China-which surprised me since most everything they sell in their stores and online is made here in the US. This is a nonprofit organization-education center for Yellowstone Park. What was funny, Hubs knew I wanted to see lots of bison and their babies and says to me when I got home "what you didn't bring home a baby bison?" -smiling I said actually I did lol

    I picked up a couple things at the Grizzly Wolf Discovery Center too. This is an educational center as well. They have grizzly bears and a couple wolf packs to view during their feeding times. Sometimes if you catch it just right you can watch the bears test different products or I just missed an event-how Not to set up your camp site in bear country. If you are on facebook they posted lots of photos on what the bears did to that camp site. educational indeed if you plan to camp in bear country.

note: photos will enlarge for better viewing just click on them

I picked up this handmade pottery piece from a local artisan love it. 

I was happy to find this unique coffee cup and it is so comfortable in the hand-it is my go to cup now. Found this at the Yellowstone Forever store.

These next photos are from the quilt shop shown from the bag in last photo. The first photo is hand dyed roving to spin. I fell in love with it as it picked up colors I viewed in Yellowstone and the Badlands.

The second photo my friend found in her shop that she picked up for her Mom who quilts. I bought a package too for my Yellowstone inspired quilt. These are laser cut appliques from batik fabrics of animals found in the park they are already to press down and then stitch. I had bought several pieces of cotton flannel from this shop last year, and she also sells bison roving too. So I was pleased to meet her.

In her shop she also sold handmade jewelry, stones and rocks, and a few gift items. I picked up the porcelain shot glass of Old Faithful since it was very pretty.

I love cookbooks so picked this one up which is a conglomeration of several popular Montana cookbooks

Of course I wanted a T shirt, found this one at the Old Faithful gift shop along with two matching shot glasses.

Near the Badlands I picked up a small jar of huckleberry jam-wow very delicious all fruit. I found the same company with lots of other choices at one of the grocery stores where we stayed in West Yellowstone. I picked up their huckleberry syrup for margarita making but forgot to grab a larger jar of the jam. I did find them online Huckleberry Haven-they use hand picked wild huckleberries from Montana in their products. So I know I can get more.

I also did get a bag full of surprises from my favorite author-Peggy Henderson, which included three of her books, a stainless hot commuter cup and a water bottle with her logo. Very thoughtful.  

I am Enjoying and Loving having many of these finds around me and to inspire.


  1. What impressive pieces you picked up on your trip. I had NO idea this was your first trip since high school. No wonder you were so incredibly excited. I would have been, too. Thanks for sharing these souvenirs. They were all perfect and useful, too.

  2. Awesome keepsakes! Especially like the roving colors. Whatever you spin and make with that will always have special meaning!

  3. I think you picked up some good gifts and my goodness, I think you deserve them all since its been so long since you've been on a vacation! Hugs-Erika

  4. Girlfriend you made out like a bandit! Gosh i love that mug with the map inside...Yes! want one!! And the baby bison is so cute even if it is made in China... :) The bear foot print is wonderful too... Perhaps i'am drawn to it because i consider the bear my spirit animal.....Thank you so much for sharing your goodies with us. I'm so glad you had a good trip.Maybe now you will take more trips.. Hugs! deb

  5. Wow you have a great haul ♥ I'm really in love with that roving!!!! Th colors are amazing ♥♥♥ Having power issues this week so not always able to get on line :(


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