Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Gluten Free Bread-Adventure

I baked up my first loaf yesterday late afternoon--this one does actually taste like bread-finally--but still a tad bit too doughy for me-just a tad. 
    This recipe makes 5 small loaves and you just keep the dough in the frig for up to 10 days and bake when you want.     This is not your "average" dough especially if you are a baker of homemade breads. Very wet very sticky-next loaf I will work it more into a higher ball shape, I think I will also let it rise longer and bake a tad longer too.  
   First attempt though I am pleased-love the crust-perfect crunch to it for an artisan style bread. I used the author's flour recipe for 50% whole grains.

 The book I am using is here the authors are also on you tube with videos and they have a blog as well. They also are helpful with answering any questions with this bread making technique. The authors also have books out on wheat breads and I just bought their pizza and flatbread book-thought would be fun out on the grill.

      For gluten free they suggest using a heavy mixer to get it well mixed-a major problem they discovered if mixing by hand.

                   Store dough in this food safe plastic tub let it                                        rise for two hours

                              Ready to go into the frig

                       My first gluten free artisan loaf


  1. I made a gluten free cake last winter using gluten free flour and it tasted really good. It was a carrot cake so it had lots of additions. I've never tried gluten free bread though. There are so many more flours now you can use that I think gluten free baking has come a long long way. Hugs-Erika

  2. When the youngest son's old girlfriend found out she had to eat gluten free I searched forever for a bread recipe that she liked . We came up with one that was tolerable but far from perfect. It's so hard. Since they broke up I 've given up the search.

  3. Well done you! That loaf looks very yummy! It looks like you have a very large mixer. Catering size I would say. My hubby used to own a Hobart, but he donated it to the church when we moved to Spain.
    Have a good week,
    Keep smiling,

  4. Your bread looks delicious, enjoy! I've never tried baking gluten free bread, must give it a try. Have a happy day-after-t-day-day! Hugs Valerie

  5. I love bread and baking bread. I tried a gluten free loaf from a recipe from King Arthur Flour. I bought their gluten free flours. The bread was more like the texture of a quick bread. Your bread looks like it came from a bakery.


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