Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's Raining and Deer Visitors

  What a lovely sound to wake up to this morning-Rainnnnnn

     We have missed all the rain that has come through Missouri in the last month or longer and we soooo need it-even the very very young oak and pine trees are totally burnt up from the heat. The wild blackberries and grapes and more are all burnt up as well.  This also brings us a cool down through Wednesday if things don't change-in the 80's Wow may need to bring out a quilt lol

The other day a surprise by the feeder

This photo (click to enlarge) was taken late in the day and through a dirty window-lol  We have seen this doe stop by a few times but this is the first time she has brought her twins.  She is not one of our regulars-her features are quite different than those that have stopped by regularly last fall through early spring.

Next time I get to town I will be filling up with cracked corn for them


  1. Enjoy your rain, I have been enjoying the wet weather over here, too. LOVE the photo of the deer, so beautiful. How lovely to have them so close. Did I hear dirty window?! The only reason I clean the windows here is to get a good view of the birds on my balcony when I want to take photos! Enjoy your day, hugs, Valerie

  2. This summer is horrid. Lots of rain and terrible humidity. Keeps us inside a lot due to Terry's health issues. As you may remember, most of Terry's family live in this neighborhood. My SIL who lives across the street from the Baugo Park boundary has been telling me that her neighbors have been having deer visit their bird feeders. I never knew deer did that. Lately we have been seeing birds at the feeders that we have never seen before. I look them up, and sure enough they eat seed. Guess the rest of our habitat is not welcoming to them, or they visit the pond while we are inside.

    Stay cool.

  3. Kathy..... i'am looking out my window as i write this and the rain is coming down... :) Not heavy... just a sprinkle really but much much needed... We have missed all the rain too and things are burnt .... The deer have been drinking my bird bath down as fast as i can fill it... and the lake is just 'over there' ! LOL Maybe they don't like fishy water Soooo cute to see your little sweeties there... Something about twins.. i just love them.... Hugs! deb

  4. Great that it rains now! And I adore your wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing!!
    Happy weekend Kathy!
    oxo Susi


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