Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Movie and a Book & Winter has Arrived in Missouri

The other night on the tv they were playing a movie that I have enjoyed, and usually will watch again if I am in the mood for it again.
  It is a time travel movie, I liked the story line and I also liked the actors in this one. The time travel is about how an 1800's duke accidently gets thrown into the future-and of course no one believes that he is from the past.

   Kate and Leopold a 2001 movie

Here is a trailer:

More about the movie here  
    It didn't seem to get high reviews from most critics-around 3 stars. It is a romance movie and I really liked it   Meg Ryan is always so good in these movies.

and something really different for a book suggestion

. Many of you know I love anything and everything about Yellowstone National Park. On Facebook where I am mostly there for the groups-I follow several photography groups about the park which I enjoy every day, and I also follow the Park's group and also the non profit for the park's group-where they sometimes will share  stories from the very early days of the park.
    I have purchased several books now that were either written from when people visited the park in the very early days, or an accounting of those early years.
   Last week I was intrigued over a story about young newlyweds that visited the park for their anniversary and encountered a Native American attack, and how they survived-and mostly the bravery and determination of the wife to save her husband. 
     The story was a recap about one of the women in the book Women in Wonderland by Elizabeth A Watry  
    and more about the book here too


I found a like new used book on Amazon that just arrived yesterday-am anxious to dive into this book about 14 incredible women during the early years of the Park. The author includes women from the late 1800's and the early 1900's as well.

Missouri got hit with winter on Friday into Saturday

  So far we didn't get hit with allot of ice-it snowed hard for 10 minutes in the afternoon and then stopped. During the evening after dark I heard it raining for several hours-so we may have ice after all. St Louis Missouri was to get upwards to a foot of snow-north of us up to 8 inches of snow. Where our lake house is up to 5 inches or a bit more. Here in my woods so far just a little.

I grabbed the camera-I had put the corn and bird seed out earlier than usual as the temperatures were dropping and the deer must have been just inside the woods watching me as they came as soon as I got back into the house and it started to snow

There were three deer-but this one shooed off the others-didn't want to share the corn  lol

Early evening I decided to make a lemon meringue pie. 

   I had fresh lemons in the frig, and my neighbor gave me a small bag of fresh Missouri pecans that she had shelled-just the thing for the crust. I am mostly making nut crusts these days for the flavor and to save on carbs.
     This will be perfect for breakfast Saturday morning

 Enjoy your Saturday


  1. Sounds like a good movie.

    I want to eat about HALF that pie, please. I love lemon meringue pie.

    It rained here all day and all night. I know because I was out in it. That's why I'm so late visiting today. Tonight it was supposed to turn to snow. They are predicting up to 7 inches in KC where the Chiefs play today. Here we're supposed to get no more than 2 inches. Glad all that rain wasn't snow, or I'd be snowed in until spring!

    Stay warm, dear.

  2. Oh i was thinking about you Kathy... wondering if you were in a winter wonderland.. :) No snow here .. to warm ... sad i missed the snow.. it rained all day yesterday and i still hear it dripping out there.. At least its too warm for ice too..

    I like that movie you mentioned... I have seen it...Not the best performance for either actor/actress but not terrible either. And like you i do like them both. I've not heard of those books... I've just started rereading The Clan of the Cave Bear series...Its been many years since i've read it and i seem to be enjoying it again.. :) Stay warm. Hugs! deb

  3. Looks like you may be snowed in for a few days! It will be cold here today, as the storm over you makes its way to us tonight.

  4. Another wonderful movie, I love this film! The wintry photos are beautiful and I smiled about the deer not sharing the corn, maybe I'd feel the same way about your yummy lemon meringue pie 😉. Happy Saturday! J 😊 x

  5. I don't watch time travel or romance, but I do eat lemon meringue pie. Yours looks tasty! We're getting some rain but no snow here, and being in the city we never see deer. I always enjoy your photos :)

  6. I've enjoyed that movie as well though have to watch it (and others like it) when Himself is not home. The deer in the snow pictures, especially the first one, would make a beautiful Christmas card. No snow here though we did get a dusting earlier in the week, and it has turned bitterly cold. A perfect day for a movie and a cup of tea or coffee, and Lemon Meringue Pie

  7. Kate & Leopold is a good film.
    Lemon meringue pie! It looks fantastic. Bitterly cold here in Vermont, 7°F! The sun is shinning helps the mind adjust. It's a leggings, jeans and wind pants day.

  8. The pie is a real beauty and, undoubtedly, just as delicious as it looks ~ so perfect for a cold, winter's afternoon. We still haven't seen any snow here this winter. I know we would be better off without it, but just one pretty little snow would be so nice.

  9. That sounds a really interesting book Kathy, not seen the film you mentioned either, but it sounds like one to watch out for.
    The photo of the deer in the snow looks lovely, but I was very tempted by you other photo of that delicious pie.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I saw Kate and Leopold a long time ago. It was a good movie to watch with my daughter. Your books sounds really fascinating too. And I would say from your photos winter did arrive. I love how you captured those deer in your photos. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  11. Lemon meringue pie for breakfast! Yes! :) My son also got his first real snow in Colorado. I did watch that movie some years ago. The book you got sure sounds interesting. I like reading history books like that.


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