Friday, October 28, 2016

Playing with Blending Board to Make Roving for Spinning-Photos

 I  had purchased my Ashford Blending board with the money I had gotten from selling off some high dollar sewing thread for quilting. I also bought a few other items for spinning too at that time-so glad I did that-spinning tools swapped from thread-love it lol  I wish I could do that with more of my quilt supplies.

  I finally took this out of the box and set it up last night. Grabbed several bags of odd wools, those romeny locks, some sparkly metallics, silk noil and played. 
  The roving was a little loose so couldn't split it in half to spin like I would have liked so this is art yarn for sure. Perfect for some saori style weaving.
   This morning it came out much better. Playing with the colors is definately fun, and this morning I am using my bison diz (photos will enlarge) I love these fun tools they make me happy.
   I think the next roving I make I will use an even smaller hole in the diz  (Note: see my previous post for last nights photos and links for roving, diz explanations) There is a video on my previous post making roving on a carder and here is another video making roving with the blending board

Yesterday I did get the binding on-whew that took me more time than it should but it was slow going as I was working with three layers-the quilt, binding, and a batting strip. The corners are always a stress thing for me-like putting in a zipper-but I think they will be ok-have not started getting it ready for the hand sewing yet.

  I got the roasted dandelion and chicory roots in this week so brewed me up a french press full-and I love it!  and the biggest thing this is a true decaf not just partially decaf like coffee and the teas are. so I have a morning beverage again besides just the herbal teas.

Happy Weekend everyone-would you  believe we are still in the 80s with sunshine and no rain no frost? amazin lol

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Creativity Wednesdays & Roving Made

Good morning Wednesday and Welcome to our Creativity Wednesdays where we share our art, crafts, gardening diy, recipes.

     Please stop back to check for those that have joined in and visit their posts. If you would like to add a link for your Creativity Wednesdays post please share that post's url in comments and I will post it here in the blog.

Friends:   Barbara at Pineland's Treasures sharing her                            daughter's quilt

   I do not have anything new to share this week. The country quilt is on the bed and being used, still carding romney locks and thoughts of getting that other quilt's binding machine sewn and hand stitched down. 
    I have had a busy week though.
   A long time friend came down to visit us from the Chicago area for a week, so I have been baking pies in the dutch oven outdoors in the "kitchen" area there and also grilling on the Weber. 
    We still have gorgeous weather, have not yet had a freeze not even a light one. Some days are windy and some are not. Loving fall this year, not even any cold rains as of yet and November is almost here.
   I do want to get out and gather a few fall leaves for an eco print project-I should do that soon. My beautiful zinnia patch brought in loads of butterflies over the summer and is now beginning to produce the seed heads- I have been out gathering them up every few days and letting them dry further-I will have loads of seeds for next year. I really enjoyed this patch so will be expanding it with all these seeds.
   I have started clearing weeds in the garden areas this week, lots and lots of wisteria to wind back into the fence-it really grew everywhere this summer. I am doing my best to not over do and not get my body in trouble. I need to remind myself a slow pace is best now. 
    I am taking my friend Carol's (from Missouri also) tip and saving up cardboard; once the weeds are cleared I can lay that down first and then with black plastic on top to kill weed seeds. I have some real trouble areas that I think this is a good and easy way for me. Also since I am planning a trip to Yellowstone end of next year's May this hopefully will keep things in check til I get back.

Late afternoon update:
      I have had it in my mind to make my own roving-the you tube videos make it look like so much fun especially with the new blending boards. I bought an Ashford and have yet to set it up. Being rather bored now and not happy with the spinning results and joins of 3 inch locks romney that I am working with-I thought the blending board is made with the same material as carders just larger so I checked you tube and there it was a video making roving with a carder. I tried it out just now with some unknown long wool and decided to give it a go. and wow this Is so much fun-the blending board would definately be nicer but this was doable for now. Because of the wool I am using this turned out like a very long rolag-so a little fragile in spots but this will be much easier to spin up now. and I got to use one of my diz to make the roving
    I think I will set up my blending board and have some more fun making beautiful rovings with this romney I am preparing with my flicker.  actually I should not call it a flicker but a flick carder here is what I have

   Tonight I made a couple more rovings and handspun them up with my drop spindle. I will definately set up my blending board for this process now. This bag of romney locks will be much more fun to get worked up now. I will dig out some silks, and other fibers to add to the batt, I can see some fun roving in the works

 Happy Creativity Wednesday!  How was your week?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Charm Bracelets an Update on Progress

    The internet is really an amazing tool, being a senior I am not into allot of tech stuff and gadgets but I do use and enjoy the internet to learn things, and especially to communicate with.
    I have a long time blog friend that is an artist and a jewelry maker. She has made me some lovely pieces over the years. We have been working together on setting up my charm bracelet with beads to reflect colors of the Yellowstone area.  I have 40 plus sterling charms that I will be adding to this-I think it will be amazing when finished.
     She found some very cool pieces and I had sent her little bags of all sorts of glass and stone beads. I also love the bracelets she picked out too. The Yellowstone one is brass with sterling silver over it as we wanted a strong piece for all those charms. She also picked up locking jump rings and sent me a you tube video on how they work to secure them-so charms will not be lost.
  Last night she was finishing up and sent me photos and I responded if I loved or didn't -a fun evening 
    We had a lovely yellow glass bead that the color is in Yellowstone but my eye just went right to that and not the whole piece. I also sent her an earthy bead-can see these to the right of photo but was also same shape. We finally decided to scrap it as I decided the shape was the biggest problem-too long and narrow.
   So this is what we ended up with and I love it! The second photo is my wolf bracelet. I really wanted to put the carved wolf print on deer antler into a jewelry piece, and I bought the sterling pine needle charm that was handmade by an artist but these were too large for the Yellowstone bracelet so I asked my friend to set up a wolf bracelet. I love what she did especially the colors. There are several Native American beads in the bracelet. I will be adding a couple of sterling charms to this one; a pine cone and one or two wolves.

  My friend lives in California and will be sending these out in the mail back to me tomorrow-so of course I can't wait to see these in person and start adding all my Yellowstone inspired charms

My friend just posted another photo-can really see the beads well in this one

  I need to search still for a orange bead too