Sunday, October 23, 2016

Charm Bracelets an Update on Progress

    The internet is really an amazing tool, being a senior I am not into allot of tech stuff and gadgets but I do use and enjoy the internet to learn things, and especially to communicate with.
    I have a long time blog friend that is an artist and a jewelry maker. She has made me some lovely pieces over the years. We have been working together on setting up my charm bracelet with beads to reflect colors of the Yellowstone area.  I have 40 plus sterling charms that I will be adding to this-I think it will be amazing when finished.
     She found some very cool pieces and I had sent her little bags of all sorts of glass and stone beads. I also love the bracelets she picked out too. The Yellowstone one is brass with sterling silver over it as we wanted a strong piece for all those charms. She also picked up locking jump rings and sent me a you tube video on how they work to secure them-so charms will not be lost.
  Last night she was finishing up and sent me photos and I responded if I loved or didn't -a fun evening 
    We had a lovely yellow glass bead that the color is in Yellowstone but my eye just went right to that and not the whole piece. I also sent her an earthy bead-can see these to the right of photo but was also same shape. We finally decided to scrap it as I decided the shape was the biggest problem-too long and narrow.
   So this is what we ended up with and I love it! The second photo is my wolf bracelet. I really wanted to put the carved wolf print on deer antler into a jewelry piece, and I bought the sterling pine needle charm that was handmade by an artist but these were too large for the Yellowstone bracelet so I asked my friend to set up a wolf bracelet. I love what she did especially the colors. There are several Native American beads in the bracelet. I will be adding a couple of sterling charms to this one; a pine cone and one or two wolves.

  My friend lives in California and will be sending these out in the mail back to me tomorrow-so of course I can't wait to see these in person and start adding all my Yellowstone inspired charms

My friend just posted another photo-can really see the beads well in this one

  I need to search still for a orange bead too


  1. These are really beautiful Kathy and I can't wait to see them with all of the Yellowstone charms added :)

  2. I agree with Carol, lovely. I especially like the footprint in what appears to be a geode.

  3. OH, wolf foot print on a deer antler! I didn't catch that at first. So perfect! Wolf is supposed to be my totem animal. :)


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