Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Creativity Wednesdays & Another Dye Pot and Spinning

Good morning,
   I am posting early to give us all an extra day to post especially our International friends  

  I must apologize but me and these linky sites are just not getting along lol 
    Last week I managed to get it to work but could not get the links to appear on my post you had to visit the linky site.
    This morning I am doing the same thing but the codes are not working at all-a senior moment for sure since I just am not good at figuring these things out 
   so enough of all that for now--please post your Creativity Wednesdays url into comments and I will post them into the blog post here-thanks so much for visiting and participating.

Friends to visit:

  Carol at SilverSpring Acres the Home of my Heart 
     Carol shares a garment she made for her furry friend

           My Post: More in the Dye Pot & Spinning

        Last week I had another dye day, something new for me using natural dye extracts.  This process had an extra step so it was longer this time for my cottons. Next time I will have less in the dye pot, even though I stirred things around constantly I got a few dye imperfections on a couple of the blouses. Still pleased with the results I will rinse them well soon. Thinking of eco printing over a couple of them to see what may happen-not sure if I will lose the dye color doing that-but nothing experimented with nothing gained I always say.
    I used Quebracho red from Earth Hues. Here are a few photos: (click to enlarge) The last photo shows the blouses dry.

Remember that basket of romney locks?  I finished spinning all the longest locks which were really long up to 6" and the shorter ones 3 and 4 inches I left for the next spinning.
     I ended up with two niddy noddy's full.  Yesterday I brought out the rest of the white romney about a half of a pillowcase full all washed up and ready to hand flick and then spin.  Most of this romney is soooo soft, loving it.

I am quite pleased with my hand spindling (is that a word lol)  My goal for the last of this white romney is to spin my yarn even finer-this will be a little more tedious I think since the locks are much shorter. I am enjoying the process and strive for at least an hour a day of spinning to improve-and to make a dent in all this wool I bought to spin over the last couple of years-what was I thinking lol  but I love it all-the whole process. This romney will be my first from raw wool to spun to dyed. Have not decided on what color yet-I do have several new natural dyes that I have yet to try

I hope you will check back and visit all those that link up too for Creativity Wednesdays


  1. I am impressed that you are hand spindling (yes, a word I've used too) with Romney. It's just not long enough for my hands to pre-draft. Good luck dyeing it. I'm impressed with that too since dyeing seems a bit too much like cooking for me. LOL!

  2. Nice colors with the dye. I just don't have the energy for dying anymore. I do good to get things made with the yarn I have bought much less dying my own again. Can't wait to see yours dyed though. ♥

    1. Here's the link to my post for this week :)

  3. Kathy you are amazing with all these wonderful hand crafts you do. Spinning yarn takes a lot of patience and I have never even attempted such a craft. I am Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  4. Your spinning sounds like a lot of work. It's good that you are finally getting to all that wool though and can do wonderful things with it. Sorry I wasn't able to participate last week. Will get my act together for this Wednesday.


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