Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Creativity Wednesdays & Saori Weaving

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     Barbara at Pinelands Treasures  

Drop -Spindling a Lovely Roving

                        My Post-Saori Weaving

   I don't have a new project to share this week, as I am back to carding with the flicker and spinning romney locks and I am also still working on the hand sewing of the binding for the country quilt. I have one more quilt to get the binding on and then I will start working on my Yellowstone inspired quilt. It is working out well to switch off from spinning and hand sewing projects this past week. In my previous post I did share my latest handspun yarn. I am thinking of weaving a narrow scarf with this.


  I thought I would share a little information about saori weaving. 

       I want to try this with my handspuns and hand dyed yarns. Saori is a style of weaving that is free form-no rules, no perfection, just enjoy the experience of weaving and then create with your woven fabric.
  Saori is a Japanese technique and concept. Here is a link that shows the timeline and history, and in the left column links for it's philosophy.

    Saori Slogans

 1) Consider the differences between a machine and a human being.
2) Be bold and adventurous.
3) Let’s look out through eyes that shine.
4) Inspire one another, and everyone in the group.

There is one book that I know of that has been translated to English, all the pattern books so far are only in Japanese. Many say that the photos are so good that one can figure out the patterns-I am not so good at that though-figuring the measurements especially. A couple years ago-wow time just passes us by doesn't it??-I picked up some patterns for handwoven cloth from back in the '70s that I hope to use for garments.

There are saori looms and if I was younger and a new weaver I would definately consider purchasing one of the 4 harness looms-they have many neat improvements on this loom that makes it easier to thread especially. However, saori is a method so any loom will work. 
     The whole concept to me for weaving saori is to make beautiful fabric that is not perfect or trying to look like commercial fabrics and to enjoy weaving with no rules.

     I thought I would share a few blogs and links to inspire, and I hope you will visit at least some of these for the photos,since these are all from others works I did not want to infringe on their copyright by copy and paste:

      Centering with Fiber   this is a favorite blog of mine

      Curious Weaver

           Weaving a Life

Saori reminds me a little bit of my hippy days back in the '60s. The clothing is handmade, free, happy. Saori can be peasant type clothing, or can be sewn into something more sophisticated. One of my goals getting back into weaving again is to make at least one saori garment.

Happy Creativity Wednesdays everyone.


  1. I'm with you this week, Kathy, spinning my heart out with my drop spindle. I'm so impressed you were able to spin up that choppy Romney! I don't yet know what I will do with my current yarn, although I promised some to my daughter for a holiday gift. The rest I will probably knit up, but nothing terribly difficult. Also, I'll surely felt something I've knit, the little bowls being my favorite. Stay tuned!
    Happy Creativity Wednesday's to all: http://pinelandstreasures.blogspot.com/2016/10/drop-spindling-lovely-roving.html#comment-form

  2. PS...can't wait to see what you and your loom produce Saori-style! I forget what kind of loom you have, picture please. :)

  3. Sorry I don't have a post, Kathy. I'm in the midst of cleaning for company and planning a short trip.
    Have a great week!

  4. I love this type of weaving!!!! I had a friend back in the 70's that did this on a hand made loom of 2X4's She made some of the coolest jackets and I used to own one and wish I hadn't gotten rid of it . She passed away last year after several years of chronic illness that kept her from doing much of anything at all :'( I don't think I have anything to share this week I'll have to rummage through the ole brain cells to see if I did anything but work outside,LOL!


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