Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Mail Today & Lots of It

Don't ya just love mail??-I love getting mail especially happy  mail and today I got two days worth since I was not able to get to the post office yesterday.

For the last couple of months I have been having fun hunting for sterling charms for my Yellowstone bracelet-this keeps me grounded in anticipation for my trip next year May. I also am collecting a few charms that go with Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone book series. Last weekend I found charms that I had been hunting for along with a couple real surprises-the horse and foal and the powder horn.

I traded with friend Barbara for this romney roving to spin-I will play with this on my wheel, I also bought the vintage textile pins after reading how Barbara made a center pull ball with hers. It ended up being cheaper to buy this lot of 8 instead of just 1 so that's why so many-and I love these anyways. I also follow an author Bethany Claire time travel romance novels set in Scotland and she sent me a birthday gift-the notebook-which will be fun to use.

just click for photos to enlarge

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