Friday, October 14, 2016

Don't Ya Just Love Getting Fun Mail??

  Most of my fabrics for my Yellowstone inspired quilt arrived toady along with bison roving that I had found on Etsy-this bison is 100%  and soooo much nicer and half the price from what I purchased a small amount of on ebay a few months ago. She also sent me a nice sample of alpaca 70% with bison 30% roving to try. Most of  the bison I have looked at is mixed with another fiber to stretch it. I have alpaca here so I think I will be mixing the fiber I bought on ebay. This is soooo soft and bison has no lanolin so I think alpaca is a good fiber to mix it with. photos will enlarge
  and here is a link to her website I enjoyed reading about her story


  1. Your fabrics are great for the quilt you are making. Also, I'm learning about roving, and bison is soft! That's absolutely necessary.

  2. So is the Buffalo a course fiber? It looks so while on the animals. That was another one of my favorite parts of the Yellowstone was the up close encounters with the wildlife.

    1. this fiber I bought is the down layer that is produced on top of his other fiber to keep the bison warm in the winter-then in spring and summer they rub it off and it is hand collected as far as I know.
      when butchering bison for meat then the hide is cut off and the fiber cut off that and processed-much coarser fiber and needs to be dehaired which some older sheep breeds need to be dehaired too-that ronaldsay wool that I got from England needs to be dehaired or spun together and will be coarse so good for bags rugs etc


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