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Creativity Wednesdays

Happy Creative day everyone. What have you all been working on??

Today is our special day to share our art and crafts, please put a link to your Creativity Wednesdays post in comments and I will link you up here in my blog. 

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                   Another Quilt in the Works

     As you can see on my previous posts I have been working on the binding for my country style quilt-I was tired and not up to par so cut what I shouldn't have. I replaced the two squares and folded my binding twice to make a larger looking binding and it looks so well on this quilt. It is one of the ways our ancestors used to bind their quilts by bringing the backing to the front to form the binding. I really love this look too.
    The hand sewing is slow going do to my left hand-but I am working on it a little each day.  (all photos will enlarge just click on them for better viewing)

  I am so bad about jumping around from craft to craft-but that's what I have always done.  So while working on this I remembered I still had allot of flannel cottons with the wilderness scenes that I had purchased from a quilt shop many years ago. I had used about half of it for a quilt for my husband and still have quite a bit left. So  dug this out and thinking-Wow this is a really good base for making a Yellowstone inspired quilt. I am collecting sterling charms for a Yellowstone bracelet so why not a quilt too? lol
   So I went shopping online mostly on Etsy and found some pieces that should work out well with what I have, and I still have batting for this project in my stash too. I found fabrics with moose, deer, animal paw prints, pine needles, and one bison fabric. There is a new line of Hoffman bali batiks out with bison prints-which I totally loved--but needed flannel cotton.
     I usually go super easy for quilt blocks and have made lots of gift quilts with the original Turning 20 pattern. I wanted something a little different so searched for big block easy quilt patterns online.
    I found a shop on Etsy that had patterns I really liked but thought $9.00 for pdf pattern that I then have to use my own paper and ink was a bit much. Especially after really looking at the pattern one of the ones I liked was a modification of the Turning 20 quilt-all she did was not attach that top piece over the two bottom quilt pieces and then turn them around different and alternate the two pieces-I could do that without using her modified pattern, and is actually a copy of the Turning 20 in my opinion.

    I ended up finding a free pattern that I liked-sorry I forgot to save the link and now I can't find it again. I had saved the photo though and when you enlarge it you can read all the information you need.

This quilt makes into a 50" by 60" and I want to make a queen size or a bit larger. So ran off several copies of the pattern and then cut up the rows and spent some time planning out a larger quilt-here is the result:

  I am pleased with it-this will be 108" long by 100" and will probably add borders.  The numbers on the pattern go with fabric choices in the original pattern-I am going to have more fabric choices so will need to decide how I want to cut out the fabrics-I am thinking I will just go row by row. These are all big pieces with all being 12 1/2" tall plus the measurement on the pattern.  I want the fabrics to be showcased so I think this will work out nice.

  Here are fabrics I have in my stash and after this photo I found a couple more I could use that pick up these colors:


     I had learned of a fabric shop in West Yellowstone that is in walking distance of the motel we want to stay in next year May when a friend and I will visit the park.  She is on Etsy and has an online site too. I picked up a few fabric pieces and then asked her about bison fiber to spin-she is out til Spring-but she gave me a link to an etsy shop in Bozeman I think it was that has it now-so I have that coming in too-fun mail will be arriving by end of week.

   Don't ya just love shopping online? I really do especially since we live so rural and would have to drive over an hour each way to find a shop.

   Enjoy creating!!


  1. This will be a great and large warm quilt! The fabric theme reminds me of a small lap quilt I made for my husband before he retired from the National Park Service.
    Here is my Creativity Wednesday link:

  2. What a nice size the quilt will be, and I love the fabrics. Beautiful.
    Have a great week!

  3. I am not a sewer or a quilter but I do love them and have always wished I could do both. Sounds like you've planned a nice layout for a lovely quilt. I have no focus when it comes to crafting either. My link for today: http://tsdailytreasures.blogspot.com/2016/10/sea-themed-creativity.html

  4. That sounds like a great quilt and I love the fabrics you have shown so far. I keep saying I'm going to do a quilt and never get around to it. Maybe some day :0)

  5. OOPS!!! Forgot my link :0)


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