Friday, October 7, 2016

Update on Quilt

 I seemed to have kept getting interrupted today with phone calls etc, but I did get this mistake of mine thought through and fixed-so that's a good thing.

  There was really no way around it-the blocks I had cut too short needed to come out and new ones stitched back in-so good thing I happened to have just a handful left of these 4 inch squares.
    That took more time than one would think as there was allot of seams to rip apart so these two pieces could come out of the quilt and then new ones sewn back in.

   So for the binding I was folding the edge of the backing in half and then half again and then half again which made a nice narrow hem-however the four corners were so bulky. Not knowing how I was going to handle this, I folded in half-pinned this time and half again and then pinned and wow! I love this look much better! The wider binding looks better on this country quilt and best of all the corners are no longer super bulky. Not mitered of course as I am keeping this simple lol  So I have it all pinned now ready to hand sew except for one more side.
   I am sitting on the floor doing this and needed a break. So mistake fixed happy dancin.
  Here are photos of two corners-after hand stitching down the binding I am thinking about perhaps doing a little embroidery stitch over the edge.  click to enlarge photos

and here are some binding tips from my friend Carole that she shared with me

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  1. I have been through this many times. I thought I was trimming as needed, then got that same surprise after opening it up and finding I had snipped things that shouldn't have been cut leaving gaping spaces. You did the only thing you could do, and it looks great! I also like a wider binding on this kind of old-fashioned quilt. I believe it is what our ancestors did by hand. Wider must have been easier. Now I feel a tug to create a quilt in this way -- NOT all hand-sewn, of course, but with the binding done this way. I'd like to find some vintage fabric for it!


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