Friday, October 28, 2016

Playing with Blending Board to Make Roving for Spinning-Photos

 I  had purchased my Ashford Blending board with the money I had gotten from selling off some high dollar sewing thread for quilting. I also bought a few other items for spinning too at that time-so glad I did that-spinning tools swapped from thread-love it lol  I wish I could do that with more of my quilt supplies.

  I finally took this out of the box and set it up last night. Grabbed several bags of odd wools, those romeny locks, some sparkly metallics, silk noil and played. 
  The roving was a little loose so couldn't split it in half to spin like I would have liked so this is art yarn for sure. Perfect for some saori style weaving.
   This morning it came out much better. Playing with the colors is definately fun, and this morning I am using my bison diz (photos will enlarge) I love these fun tools they make me happy.
   I think the next roving I make I will use an even smaller hole in the diz  (Note: see my previous post for last nights photos and links for roving, diz explanations) There is a video on my previous post making roving on a carder and here is another video making roving with the blending board

Yesterday I did get the binding on-whew that took me more time than it should but it was slow going as I was working with three layers-the quilt, binding, and a batting strip. The corners are always a stress thing for me-like putting in a zipper-but I think they will be ok-have not started getting it ready for the hand sewing yet.

  I got the roasted dandelion and chicory roots in this week so brewed me up a french press full-and I love it!  and the biggest thing this is a true decaf not just partially decaf like coffee and the teas are. so I have a morning beverage again besides just the herbal teas.

Happy Weekend everyone-would you  believe we are still in the 80s with sunshine and no rain no frost? amazin lol


  1. Hi Kathy! Looks like I've missed a lot lately-we were on a little vacation. I've never used s blending board, very nifty.
    I love dandelion root coffee, but it's a LOT of work to get enough to last a while. I dug and roasted my own a few years ago, and only had 1 cup after all.
    Have a great weekend.!

  2. Looks very interesting :) Can't wait to see the yarn you create with it :)

  3. Enjoy your blending and spinning and weaving!

  4. The colours are so pretty in the roving. I'd love to see the quilt out in full ... whenever you're ready! My daughter has started drinking coffee now (I'm more a tea drinker at home), which keeps our coffee maker on the counter and in the way. I was looking at the French presses to take up less space. Do you like yours? Glad you are enjoying a different morning beverage.


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