Friday, October 7, 2016

Update on Quilt

 I seemed to have kept getting interrupted today with phone calls etc, but I did get this mistake of mine thought through and fixed-so that's a good thing.

  There was really no way around it-the blocks I had cut too short needed to come out and new ones stitched back in-so good thing I happened to have just a handful left of these 4 inch squares.
    That took more time than one would think as there was allot of seams to rip apart so these two pieces could come out of the quilt and then new ones sewn back in.

   So for the binding I was folding the edge of the backing in half and then half again and then half again which made a nice narrow hem-however the four corners were so bulky. Not knowing how I was going to handle this, I folded in half-pinned this time and half again and then pinned and wow! I love this look much better! The wider binding looks better on this country quilt and best of all the corners are no longer super bulky. Not mitered of course as I am keeping this simple lol  So I have it all pinned now ready to hand sew except for one more side.
   I am sitting on the floor doing this and needed a break. So mistake fixed happy dancin.
  Here are photos of two corners-after hand stitching down the binding I am thinking about perhaps doing a little embroidery stitch over the edge.  click to enlarge photos

and here are some binding tips from my friend Carole that she shared with me

Happy Mail Today & Lots of It

Don't ya just love mail??-I love getting mail especially happy  mail and today I got two days worth since I was not able to get to the post office yesterday.

For the last couple of months I have been having fun hunting for sterling charms for my Yellowstone bracelet-this keeps me grounded in anticipation for my trip next year May. I also am collecting a few charms that go with Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone book series. Last weekend I found charms that I had been hunting for along with a couple real surprises-the horse and foal and the powder horn.

I traded with friend Barbara for this romney roving to spin-I will play with this on my wheel, I also bought the vintage textile pins after reading how Barbara made a center pull ball with hers. It ended up being cheaper to buy this lot of 8 instead of just 1 so that's why so many-and I love these anyways. I also follow an author Bethany Claire time travel romance novels set in Scotland and she sent me a birthday gift-the notebook-which will be fun to use.

just click for photos to enlarge

Oh My I Cut Something Wrong

  The other day I decided to work on the binding for my country style quilt. I had made the backing from all those 4 inch squares.  This is an old method of binding where you bring the back to the front to form the binding.
   I have done several quilts this way and I always struggle with the corners-they are super bulky so have to be cut down and for me folded several times to look right.
  I have been dealing with an allergy "attack" for the last few weeks now which leaves me "spacey" do to blocked and draining ears. I am not one to sit around and do nothing so I thought this would be an easy project to get finished.

Wrong lol  Instead of unfolding everything and checking that corner point I just started cutting-so now I have a mess on my hands and need to figure out what to do-well I need to sew on more fabric that's for sure. I have let this sit for a few days so now is the day to tackle this.
   I may just need to take apart a four square block and replace that-but that also involves undoing a couple of tied knots that holds the quilt together that I don't really want to do. 
  Larry always says don't do stuff like this unless your feeling good enough to tackle it-so true lol
  I think this will be my challenge today especially since it is taking up space on my living room floor.
  Stay tuned

Happy Friday everyone

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Creativity Wednesdays & Another Dye Pot and Spinning

Good morning,
   I am posting early to give us all an extra day to post especially our International friends  

  I must apologize but me and these linky sites are just not getting along lol 
    Last week I managed to get it to work but could not get the links to appear on my post you had to visit the linky site.
    This morning I am doing the same thing but the codes are not working at all-a senior moment for sure since I just am not good at figuring these things out 
   so enough of all that for now--please post your Creativity Wednesdays url into comments and I will post them into the blog post here-thanks so much for visiting and participating.

Friends to visit:

  Carol at SilverSpring Acres the Home of my Heart 
     Carol shares a garment she made for her furry friend

           My Post: More in the Dye Pot & Spinning

        Last week I had another dye day, something new for me using natural dye extracts.  This process had an extra step so it was longer this time for my cottons. Next time I will have less in the dye pot, even though I stirred things around constantly I got a few dye imperfections on a couple of the blouses. Still pleased with the results I will rinse them well soon. Thinking of eco printing over a couple of them to see what may happen-not sure if I will lose the dye color doing that-but nothing experimented with nothing gained I always say.
    I used Quebracho red from Earth Hues. Here are a few photos: (click to enlarge) The last photo shows the blouses dry.

Remember that basket of romney locks?  I finished spinning all the longest locks which were really long up to 6" and the shorter ones 3 and 4 inches I left for the next spinning.
     I ended up with two niddy noddy's full.  Yesterday I brought out the rest of the white romney about a half of a pillowcase full all washed up and ready to hand flick and then spin.  Most of this romney is soooo soft, loving it.

I am quite pleased with my hand spindling (is that a word lol)  My goal for the last of this white romney is to spin my yarn even finer-this will be a little more tedious I think since the locks are much shorter. I am enjoying the process and strive for at least an hour a day of spinning to improve-and to make a dent in all this wool I bought to spin over the last couple of years-what was I thinking lol  but I love it all-the whole process. This romney will be my first from raw wool to spun to dyed. Have not decided on what color yet-I do have several new natural dyes that I have yet to try

I hope you will check back and visit all those that link up too for Creativity Wednesdays