Monday, October 22, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
      It's T Time again this Tuesday. 
        In this blogging event we join our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T. We share a drink related post with friends. 
     You are Most welcome to join us, just show us a photo of your beverage and then link up with our hostess. Find the link in my right hand column.

  Wow another Tuesday is upon us. The time is just really flying by fast for me this year. I really wish it would slow down a bit--and I am not even all that active running around outside my home these days either.  I am beginning to think it is a senior thing lol

This weekend the weather has really felt like fall for sure. We have gotten chilly at night but no hard freezes as of yet. Saturday I pulled up a bunch of weeds and this coming week I want to work on pulling up the spent veggie plants and weeds from the garden-and get cardboard down to slow down the weeds in the spring.

   With the not so hot summer temps any more, my flourescent ceiling light will finally turn on-I really don't want to change that up if I don't have to. I have been enjoying my time in my craft room for sure this past week.
     Sooo I am still playing with making Christmas cards for a few days. Testing things out.
    I had posted a couple of posts about problems with ink drying, what glue to use etc. but I have discovered now that the problem with the Encore metallic inks not drying is that I stamped on to tracing paper-I love the look but they are not drying and its been at least a week now. So I stamped onto a different paper and working fine. I am still hoping those others will dry eventually so I can use them.
    I have gotten a couple tips from your comments so I want to thank everyone again for that-some of you mentioned a craft tool that heats up like a hair dryer but works better-I have decided not to invest in that right now-but I am loving the idea of playing with embossing powders and inks and using it to dry the inks.
    For the glue I am using glue sticks that I have on hand by Scotch brand and they are working out perfectly-so thanks for that tip as well-thinking that was CJ
   So for my cards projects I am using what I have and not buying anything else. They are turning out to my liking so far.

   Also, I checked with our post office-even took a sample card  in for weight-and Yes I can mail overseas!!  
    So if any of my friends here that live across the ocean and wish to swap Christmas cards please contact me with your address-use the contact form right here on my blog page in the right hand column. 

  In Monday morning's mail box I received more sealing wax for my cards-I needed a red. I love this wax because it is hand made and works really nice find the shop here on Etsy she is in Canada  Her packaging is so lovely too.

Here is a box of blues that I purchased before and was already open

I ordered a new seal for my winter cards which I am hoping will arrive this week too.

   October is birthday month for my husband and I. Sorry, I totally forgot to take photos of the food-our friends know that Hubs loves reuben sandwiches (corn beef, sauerkraut, cheese, thousand island dressing grilled with rye bread) so they went to the meat market and got all the fixings. a really thoughtful and nice gift. I just happened to have the perfect gluten free bread for me on hand too.
     This week Wednesday  is  my birthday so they are doing up a fish fry for us--fun and more good eats. I will try to remember to take photos of the food-this time it will be walleye instead of catfish

For me October also means caramel apples-I love them!! I have made lots in the past for us-fun to make and eat. As I get older it's actually more difficult to eat a caramel apple on the stick-but that will not deter me 😃  
     I now slice up an apple, and warm up my favorite caramel sauce and pour it all over and eat with a fork-yum  Only thing I could add is some nuts or to really indulge warm up some chocolate sauce and add on top of the caramel-None in the house at the moment so I am safe lol

I also really love apple cider-cold or warm. I have been enjoying warm cups of apple cider this month too, especially in the evenings.  This is a handmade pottery mug that I picked up from a favorite potterer of mine years ago-has a little chip in it now but I still love using it.

And I got chili going in the crock pot too-grilling up some brats that I will add to it soon Perfect for a cool autumn day.

Happy T Day everyone!!

My friend tells me she is back to not being able to comment again and can't get into her own settings-sigh  I like embed comments much better so going back to that. If any one else can not comment here now please send me a note-contact form in my right hand column-thanks


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. Have fun with your crafting. Your food and the cider sound great. Have a great birthday on Wednesday. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Sealing wax. I haven't used that in ages. I wonder if I still have my stamp. For an embossing heat source, you can use an old, incandescent light bulb. You can also use a paint heat gun. Though you have to be careful. I'm forbidden from using that tool after almost immolating the house =^,.^= Mmmm, your carmel apples look soooo good and I love mulled cider. I'd also like to be in on your Christmas card exchange. I saw an idea that I think I'm going to try. Enjoy your birthday week!

  3. It got close to freezing here this morning... a frosty 34 degrees. I am also in the process of cleaning up the gardens. Putting down cardboard is a great idea. Making and exchanging Christmas cards would be such a fun thing to do, but I am in deep over my head with making Christmas dolls, and as we all know Christmas isn't far away.

  4. I am pleased you found solutions to your crafting questions, our UK brands for glues etc seem go under different names to the ones you have available.
    The packaging for the sealing wax looked lovely, its good when it is wrapped with care.
    I really liked the look of your apple with caramel, a yummy dessert and the Chili also looked delicious.
    Happy T day wishes Kathy.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Glad you were able to fix your ink and glue solutions-it can be tricky that's for sure. Lots of comfort foods here , and yes, I guess it is the season! Enjoy the birthday celebrations and happy T day!

  6. Happy birthday Kathy. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your fish fry. Enjoy your big day and the cooler fall weather. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  7. Hi Kathy I forgot to wish you a happy Birthday, have a great day
    Yvonne xx

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!
    Enjoy your special day!

    I love apple cider and that dessert looks amazing! Have fun with your crafting - well done on getting now all you need!
    I have also much work in the garden and house, it never seems to end, but I think this is good!

    Big hugs and happy T-Day!


  9. Happy birthday in advance for tomorrow. Have a lovely day and enjoy your favorite meal. Your friends are really thoughtful.
    I know that you will be moving in the new year, but are the buyers of your house keen gardeners? If they are not then you don't really need to prepare the soil for next year....
    The wax looks interesting. I certainly like the colours. And also the way it is presented.
    I love cider. But looking at the pack , I tink cider in Europe is a different thing. Cider here is always alcoholic (to distinguish it from apple juice), then there are different types of cider. Some are like champagne, some are not fizzy and very strong. Apple juice comes in cold pressed (which I prefer) or from concentrate. My favorite is the cloudy stuff. yumm.
    I don't dare look at your photo of the caramel apples! I am supposed to be on a diet and it is lunch time and I am ready for some lunch.
    Have a happy T-Day,

  10. My old sealing wax is so crumbly...I'll have to think about buying some new stuff. Those are lovely.
    I treat myself to apples like that sometimes too...with the same yummy sauce. :)
    Happy T day!

  11. Happy Birthday month!

    My husband uses sealing wax on his hand-written notes. I'm glad there are enough of you out there to keep the products available :)

    I love the style and color of your mug, and apple cider would really hit the spot! Chili is tempting, too. I always enjoy that during the colder months. Yours looks tasty.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  12. Nice that you are using what you have on hand for your cards. I like to challenge myself to create without buying anything from time to time. Apples in any fashion say fall to me. They are at their best this time of hear. I see some heated cider in my future, what a great evening treat.

  13. Sounds like you've had a fun crafting week! Wow, the packaging on your sealing wax is amazing, so pretty 😀. How lovely to have different seals too, so cool! Your caramel apples look so scrummy - yum 😀. We had hot apple cider when we stayed at our friends which was delicious! Wishing you a very happy T Day! J 😊 x


  14. The sealing wax packaging is really special, Kathy. So are the sticks. What do you do with so much sealing wax?!

    Very clever way to have caramel apples without the stick. As usual you have looks of yummy things in process.

    Happy Birthday and Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  15. Thank you for answering my sealing wax question, Kathy. It is fun. My mother used to use it and I loved the little stamp and the whole process. Yours are really beautiful. My mother had only red.

  16. Love seeing the yummy looking Carmel apples! Happy birthday to you and hubby! My birthday I s the 28th. So we are all Octoberans! Is that a word? LOL. Happy t day. I am having problems commenting on several of the t gang blogs!

  17. Happy Birthdays!!! You certainly have been busy again! I love how that sealing wax looks! What a thoughtful gift for hubby too! Your apple looks yummy - I'll pass on the sweet stuff though! I love cheese with my afternoon apple! Have great week, Happy T Day! Chrisx

  18. Hi Kathy. Your sealing wax looks so pretty. I have always wanted to try these. I think o am going to have to get some. You are going to have fun making some beautiful cards.
    Happy Tea Day,

  19. I'm not getting around very quickly, am I? I have to rest between comments because I start coughing and getting chills.

    I purchased some 7 Gypsies sealing wax with three seals and three waxes a few years ago. I also have my grandmother's seal, which was an F for their last name. She used it every year at Christmas. The lady you bought yours from makes beautiful ones and packages them well, too.

    Yummy looking apple cider, stew, and apples, too. Just perfect for T this week.

    And now I'm so late I missed your birthday. I still have a few hours to go to wish you a wonderful birthday and hope it was the best ever! Happy birthday, dear friend and thank you for joining T Tuesday, too.


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