Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Sunday Wishes and Christmas Cards

Happy Sunday everyone,
   Brrrrr it has been quite chilly here, my body has not adjusted to it as of yet so I am just cold. 
   We set the thermostat at 68 f degrees which is cold for me-but if I move it up closer to 70 or 72 f degrees where I am more comfortable it seems to drink up the propane gas way too fast-so we will see how this goes.  
    We still have some firewood left so I am thinking if I get too cold I will fire up the two woodstoves again. I really miss wood heat-but Hubs is in no shape to do that heavy work any more.
  The new lake house does have a really good woodstove as well which makes me happy, I want to take what firewood we have left with us too, save us from needing to buy some right away.  (we won't be moving til next spring sometime-much much downsizing etc to do here first)

I have not had the time to be creative for several months now and I really miss that-especially working on my fiber journal which I am anxious to get back to.

I do want to make Christmas cards again this year. I think this year though I will make cards opposed to the postcards. I did like the postcards and less expensive  for postage but I decided I wanted to go back to cards with envelopes.

I wish I could afford the overseas postage but it is really so much higher from me to you opposed from you to me. Several years ago  the US post office had raised the prices which is sad for me. and I have been getting some of my overseas mail back to me which makes it even more expensive. so this all makes me sad to not ship out of the States any more.

Anyways I would love to swap cards with you in the States if anyone of you enjoy doing that too. 
    If you would like a handmade card from me just send me an email with your name and address. (my email is listed in my profile)

    Update: I tried out the contact form in my right hand column here on my page-and that message is going through ok-so contact me that way--Carole says my contact email in my profile is Not working.
     I have some different ideas for my cards this year-I want to thank Elizabeth for posting about those boards that you stamp all over and then make into cards-that looked like a fun project. and I just ordered a new wax sealing stamp too.

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  1. I love doing cards, did a post today on Thanksgiving cards. Sending you an email, I'd love to exchange a Christmas card!

  2. Email me, I cannot get your email link on your Blogger profile to work.

  3. Ah, this is the real test. I’m commenting first on your new full page comment form.
    I heard recently the post office has applied to raise rates again, but I gave up swapping holiday cards years ago when my hands started to balk at writing nicely.
    Very chilly here too, Kathy, and there is something wrong with our furnace since yesterday morning. We have a service policy to cover the fix, but it’s only valid Monday- Friday. I can call now but it will cost, so I’ll wait till tomorrow morning. Not hot water either, something is blocking the oil line from the tank to the furnace probably. No wood stove here, wishing we had gas.

  4. I used to set the thermostat to 68, but age is making me feel really cold at that temp. I found with a sweater and fingerless gloves, I can tolerate 69. You better go buy postage stamps because the PO is raising the price of first class stamps by 5 cents. So 55 center per ounce. Effective and of January 2019

  5. Wow CJ that is a really big rate increase-thanks for letting me know

  6. It is chilly here in the Ozarks. We have a cozy fire burning in our wood stove. I love this time of year. Your Christmas cards sound like lots of fun.

  7. KATHY, PLEASE set your posts to POP-UP, rather than FULL PAGE. Barbara got it wrong, because she can post on both full page AND pop-up like mine. When you use full page, it takes you away from the post. Sometimes I have other questions or things I want to comment on, but forget because I can't see the post anymore, When you write a long post, if the commenter no longer has a reference, they forget one or more things they want to comment on. For example, the only thing I remember is the PO increasing postage, which I knew about. Intl senders pay tons more, too, just like we do. That's why this year I wanted to cut down on postage in every country when I suggested the ATC exchange. PLEASE reset to pop-up.

  8. Yup, can still comment here, Kathy, but I don’t think I got it wrong. There is a difference on my display between FULL PAGE and POP UP. With FULL PAGE, the commenter has the option of clicking to “Shw Original Post” right there on that page. That doesn’t happen with “POP UP”. That is a real plus.

  9. FYI for everyone interested in this discussion about commenting, what I see as the difference between the FULL PAGE and POP UP selections offered by Blogger is that FULL PAGE offers the commenter the option to “Show Original Post”. At least that’s how it displays for me.

  10. Lately we're able to turn off the central unit and open up the house, which is nice, but when cold weather comes 68 is where I'll set mine in the day and 60 at night.

    We lived in a house with a wood stove once and loved it. It was all the heat we needed.

    (about commenting: When I read this post I see a link at the bottom to "post a comment". When I click on that I get a pop-up comment form. The original post is a full page underlaying the pop-up. It stays open. I'm not having a problem with it and am not sure what the other options are. On my blog the comment form is on the page itself and allows for replying individually under each comment rather than only allowing for adding a comment to the bottom.)


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