Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Question: Light Box for Tracing & My Mountains

   Do any of you happen to use a light box for tracing things? I could use one for tracing around to make appliques. 
  If you do can you recommend one? I used to have one years ago but I remembered it was really small so gave it away.
  I have used the window but thinking it would be easier to have the light box. nothing very expensive.

   Last night I came up with an idea for snow for my mountains. I am loving it. Wanted to do some different than the puff paint.
  I used white wool yarn and split it down for threads



  1. I love your inspirational idea to use thread and stitching for your snow! How creative... I use a light pad ... for my calligraphy practices. I also have a light box but the pad is easiest to use and very light weight. I will search to see where I purchased the light pad and send you a link. The light pads range in sizes and of course price but I think I only paid around $25.00 or so for it... I'll get back to you. Hugs for now...

  2. here is the link for the light pad https://www.overstock.com/Crafts-Sewing/A4-LED-Light-Stencil-Art-Board-Drawing-Table-USB-Interface-Drawing-Board/15637398/product.html I paid $26.77 You can also do a search on Amazon where prices might be less. Hope this helps... hugs for now...

  3. I use a light box not only to trace things, but to letter things like envelopes, and diplomas. Make a template and place the document or envie over it. Himself made the light box for me. Some scrap wood. Measured to my elbow widths. An old window pane he had. He bought some under counter lighting. put it all together. Had a cord to plug in. (No on/off switch) and holes drilled in the wood to dissipate the heat. Oh, and a handle to pick up and and carry it.

  4. Sorry, can't help you with the light box. Love how you did the snow. Happy Valentine's day! Hugs, Valerie

  5. I was going to suggest one similar to what CJ suggested. I have never used one, nor found a need for one. So I'm really not much help, I fear.

    I really like how you have used thread to cover the mountains with snow. It is also a different technique, and makes it even more special since it's not a repeat technique like the puffy paint would be.

  6. I love how you capped the mountains with snow.
    This page is looking fantastic.
    Sorry I cannot help with the lightbox question, I have never used one.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I use my tablet Pc as a lightbox sometimes - there are even some free apps out for this!
    Love the snow on the tops of your mountains Kathy! Super!

  8. Love what you did with the snow!!!! I have never used a light box so I'm so help there :-/

  9. Absolutely....a light box is a must have. Mine is about 18"by 24" ish...use it for applique all the time...actually couldn't imagine doing applique without it!

  10. I love your mountains, Kathy! I remember having a light box long ago, and learning to draw horses by tracing them out of books on it. Fun memory!


  11. I love what you've done with the snowy mountains. Very effective.
    Sorry, can't help you with the light box. I have never had one.
    Lisca xxx

  12. Hi Kathy! Stitching the snow on the mountains was a stroke of brilliance. They look great. Hope you are doing well.

  13. Your mountains are so beautiful, I love how you used the wool to sew the snowy caps! Your Olympic torch is amazing too, the embroidered flames look so pretty 😁. I'm glad you ordered your light box - how exciting! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊
    p.s. thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! J 😊


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