Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feeling Better Now-About Blogging-Thank You

  It did my soul good to re evaluate my blogging presence.
In the end it is my primary preference for my social media communication and I just needed to look at it again. 
    I was looking too much in the past and not for what I want and need out of it now. Also with the help of many of your emails back and forth I gained allot of ideas-so thank you so much to all of you.
   I was trying too hard to bring back things that are no longer-old time friends especially who have moved on.

   I went through my blog list and creative blog list and combined them here on this blog, you are most welcome to open up the list and read the different blog titles and see if any of them interest you-many of them I use to learn from-indigo dyeing, weaving, spinning, gluten free, woodstove cooking and more.

   As I was talking with one friend we remembered together that blogging is allot of work-it really is. When blogging we are composing a journal of sorts, and we also must make an effort to interact more-which I will be working on.
    Another suggestion from a couple of you was to check out linky events-and I am going to search that out as well.


Not Into a Pity Party but still----

   Good morning Saturday, it seems I have lost most of my readers from my main blog and this blog has never taken off as I had hoped. This one I don't mind so much as I like a place to share my craft projects and I thought this one would bring in friends that also do crafts-of all sorts. I will continue this one for sure-mostly for me.

    Have realized though that mostly in the quilting world quilters stay with quilters and not interested in other things. Not all for sure-but I have found that true with the majority.        I am someone that bounces around trying out different things-more interesting for me. Not a master of any but have tried lots of different venues.

   I don't do smart phones-I just refuse to get involved in being tied down to a hand held device at all hours of the day-just not for me. Most of my online friends since around 2004 when I started blogging- have gone that route though or are on facebook instead of blogging.
   I am on facebook too just to keep in touch, but it is so impersonal to me-few comment but instead like everything they read and some things-why would one like that? lol  but at least there I do have a little more interaction with people.

    The other day I was looking for an old post and had gone way back to when I saved posts to here around 2004. I am thinking I was a more interesting blogging person back then-I was sharing recipes, sharing more photos, sharing what I was doing at the time.  I have tried different things but I think I have lost interaction with my readers. No matter what I post I rarely get more than just a very few comments.

    I know I have lost many do to politics which is really hard for me to understand when we are all Americans. These are tough times for sure, and interacting with young people-well sad to realize and observe most have no communication or even real living skills-so I guess I am really a senior now-over the hill etc lol

      I had been thinking of just shutting down my social media sites-but in the end I really don't want to do that-as I enjoy the handful of friends I do interact with.

  I know this is a pity party post but decided just to write down my thoughts. 


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art On A Sunday

Good morning and welcome to Art On A Sunday. 

    This is a shared event where if you wish to participate write a blog naming it Art On A Sunday and link to this post. In comments share the link to your post in comments and I will then insert a link to you into the body of this blog.

   The sharing theme is art and crafts as well. Share yours or feature an artist or craftsman.

Barbara of Pinelands Treasures-Barbara is a real inspiration for my own art-crafts-she is so creative and talented-here she paints on a tea bag, and check the next posting as well-fun!

Wow here in the Ozarks the weather was just so fabulous-we hit at least 83 degrees here. I did my 5k fast walk on my property early and then posted my time to the Virtual Yellowstone Marathon-where all the proceeds go to the park.  
   It was so beautiful outdoors yesterday that I loaded firewood and then another couple and us went to Bennett Springs State Park-where the guys fished for trout and us gals went for a walk-a long walk along the river. So needless to say by the end of the day my muscles were screaming and still are lol 
    I loved every  minute of it though-sooooo I didn't get this post up last night and this morning plan to do a short one.
    I hope some of you out there who find this post will join in-I have always enjoyed a cup of tea on Sunday Mornings and reading and learning more about art.

American painters in the 1700s-I found this post here with many artists and paintings just click on them to enjoy. During this time period there were many portraits painted. I did find this one though and  I love the style

Meetinghouse Hill, Roxbury, Massachusetts1799
Oil on canvas
73.6 x 94 cm (29 x 37 in.)

I searched for a quilt made in the 1700s and I found this one made by Maratha Washington This link will take you to the blog post by Barbara Brackman-quilt historian

Happy Sunday-Art enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time (by Thomas Merton)

Update: I just saw this on facebook if I had seen earlier I would featured him as the artist today-artist paintings of Yellowstone