Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feeling Better Now-About Blogging-Thank You

  It did my soul good to re evaluate my blogging presence.
In the end it is my primary preference for my social media communication and I just needed to look at it again. 
    I was looking too much in the past and not for what I want and need out of it now. Also with the help of many of your emails back and forth I gained allot of ideas-so thank you so much to all of you.
   I was trying too hard to bring back things that are no longer-old time friends especially who have moved on.

   I went through my blog list and creative blog list and combined them here on this blog, you are most welcome to open up the list and read the different blog titles and see if any of them interest you-many of them I use to learn from-indigo dyeing, weaving, spinning, gluten free, woodstove cooking and more.

   As I was talking with one friend we remembered together that blogging is allot of work-it really is. When blogging we are composing a journal of sorts, and we also must make an effort to interact more-which I will be working on.
    Another suggestion from a couple of you was to check out linky events-and I am going to search that out as well.



  1. H Kathy. I am still enjoying blogging even though I am not posting as often as I would like. Like you I refuse to Smart Phone. I know I would be totally addicted annd I am not a fan of those who are. Many people are choosing social media with faster "instant" results however I find blogging to be a wonderful way to stay connnected to online friends whom I enjoy. Life is busy but that doesn't mean we have to ignore what we enjoy. May you enjoy your Hummingbird blog and connect with those like-minded creative souls that fuel our continued passions. <3

  2. I don't see anything out there that could replace blogging for me... This type of communication/interaction just suits me... But then i'm an avid reader so i actually like to read posts etc... I've recently opened a Facebook page because i started a GoFundMe page to maybe get help finishing off this house.. as it has turned out to be much more work than we planned and more money than we planned... and the GoFundMe site suggested Facebook ... so i signed up and i have to say... i don't like it.... With only being on there a week i don't think i've given it an honest try so i'll let it go a little longer... Good to see you still posting Kathy... I would certainly miss you....Hugs! deb

  3. Me too, my phone is a flip phone and all it does is make phone calls. I like blogging and will continue to post projects and creative endeavors!


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