Saturday, February 18, 2017

Not Into a Pity Party but still----

   Good morning Saturday, it seems I have lost most of my readers from my main blog and this blog has never taken off as I had hoped. This one I don't mind so much as I like a place to share my craft projects and I thought this one would bring in friends that also do crafts-of all sorts. I will continue this one for sure-mostly for me.

    Have realized though that mostly in the quilting world quilters stay with quilters and not interested in other things. Not all for sure-but I have found that true with the majority.        I am someone that bounces around trying out different things-more interesting for me. Not a master of any but have tried lots of different venues.

   I don't do smart phones-I just refuse to get involved in being tied down to a hand held device at all hours of the day-just not for me. Most of my online friends since around 2004 when I started blogging- have gone that route though or are on facebook instead of blogging.
   I am on facebook too just to keep in touch, but it is so impersonal to me-few comment but instead like everything they read and some things-why would one like that? lol  but at least there I do have a little more interaction with people.

    The other day I was looking for an old post and had gone way back to when I saved posts to here around 2004. I am thinking I was a more interesting blogging person back then-I was sharing recipes, sharing more photos, sharing what I was doing at the time.  I have tried different things but I think I have lost interaction with my readers. No matter what I post I rarely get more than just a very few comments.

    I know I have lost many do to politics which is really hard for me to understand when we are all Americans. These are tough times for sure, and interacting with young people-well sad to realize and observe most have no communication or even real living skills-so I guess I am really a senior now-over the hill etc lol

      I had been thinking of just shutting down my social media sites-but in the end I really don't want to do that-as I enjoy the handful of friends I do interact with.

  I know this is a pity party post but decided just to write down my thoughts. 



  1. Kathy would you consider joining the Tparty that i'am a part of?? Its once a week with about 20 lovey ladies from all over the world and we make the rounds of each others blogs every Tuesday... If it wasn't for this group of lovely ladies i would have about a handful that visit my blog and comment... We post about all kinds of things.. the only requirement is you have to show some kind of beverage in your post.. Blogging is a tough world theses Hugs! deb

  2. I am still interested in a variety of things, and refuse to become a single-subject blog. I'll still be reading yours! There are a lot of people out there with more than one interest. I know what you mean, though. Keep posting and I'll keep reading!

  3. I do a bit of everything. None perfectly. I quilt. I'm learning embroidery. Origami cranes are a favorite. I'm a writer, but I don't post much of my writing. I've knit everything from afghans to lace. I've crocheted bears.

    It's my belief that it's essential to keep learning new skills.

    I have a core of people who visit my essentially new blog. My old blog has a lot of readers under another name. It got to be too much and I not longer enjoyed it.

    I hope you keep this blog going.


  4. Oh My Dear Friend! Everything you have said is true! I have taken my blog and website down because I just don't have the same zing in my blogging. I guiltily have not been in touch but your in my thoughts often. I fear the days of blogging as we knew it in the early days have passed, or so it seems to me. I will keep in touch by email...
    Big hugs from your snowed in friend up in New Hampshire!

  5. I do still love blogging. Even if I am not always able to post. I don't join linky parties unless I know I have the time to visit everyone who participates. It doesn't make me happy when people just post to get views but then they never visit anyone else. I have many friends I've made through blogging who are consistent in their visits and comments. Many of them have not gone to Instagram (which I love by the way) so I am still here in blog land so that I can continue to interact with them. You definitely have to get out there and visit others. We are visual people so posting pictures is important. I like all kinds of crafts. And admire those who can do so many. Trying out new things is always a plus. I don't do Facebook. Blogging and Instagram is more than enough for me. And if I don't get to do either because of time constraints or lack of motivation, then I don't stress about it. This all should be fun and a way to connect with others. Take care and have a good Sunday.

  6. Kathy, you're not the only one struggling with blogging. It's the time constraint for me. I have the daycare kids all day, and by evening I'm trying to work on my own crafting. Blogging doesn't always fit in (sadly). I keep dithering about keeping the blog going or just let it die a quiet death. But then I have made so many lovely friends all across the world, and I'd hate to lose those friends. I've been so swamped since Christmas with making gifts for various people that I just had to put blogging a little on the side. And when my camera kind of bit the dust, I haven't been enjoying the photography side of things either. I started following a few quilters, and found also that they do only just quilt. But that's ok, they are also great at encouraging me in my varied endeavours as well and I have a few really good quilting friends, and I really don't quilt at all. I love seeing all the different things you work on as I'm the same. I work on something for a while and then another craft will grab my interest. Every blog is as different and varied as the people who write them.

    If you're looking for answers, I agree with a few others here before me that have suggested joining in a link party every so often. I don't always have the time to do that, but the few that I join have been great for people returning visits. (Five on Friday comes to mind with Love Made my Home) Also photos really help a post and people can see what you're working on and can encourage you and admire your work easily.

    I'm on Instagram, but sadly have not been able to figure it out ... I think I need to ask my son how to get that going! I don't have a FB account either as it seems too artificial and unaccountable. I like blogging when I get the time, and if I don't have the time, I'm just not going to worry too much about it. Everyone still is there when I post, and those that are my friends all seem to understand.

    Hugs to you as you figure out how you want to continue. I still enjoy catching up with you for a chin wag ;)
    Wendy xox


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