Sunday, February 19, 2017

Good Morning Sunday

  We have been so spoiled with this April like weather here in the Ozarks of Missouri, and totally Not the norm for this area in February. I feel for all of you with the snow storms as we have yet to have any wintry weather this season.
    So warm here that it even feels like spring has arrived to stay-the grass is growing, the daffodils are 4" inches high now, pretty soon buds will be opening up on the trees and bushes too. The birds are just singing their little hearts out. 
    I worked outdoors in my garden area all day yesterday and the amazing thing was as evening approached the ponds came alive with the spring sounds. They call them peepers never knew for sure who they are but I think they are little frogs. Hoping when the cold returns everything does not die off.
    Today we are to hit 80 degrees or close to it-just amazing as we did that last Sunday too.
    I have been keeping up with my 3 mile walks except for yesterday as I worked from 9am to 3 in the afternoon, doing garden work and also unloading and stacking firewood. So I put in a good days work, and feel good about it.
     I set up another arched trellis-this one for the orange trumpet vines that the hummingbirds love, and also did some other things I didn't get to in the fall-I am still finding wisteria vines everywhere and working on getting those wrapped into the trellis before they start leafing out.
   The wind had died down yesterday so hubs took the boat out on the lake with friends to go fishing. He brought back 7 nice size blue catfish-mmmm good eats we are going over to a friends tonight for a fish fry-he makes the best I have ever eaten. 
    Looks like the strong winds have not returned this morning so am thinking of setting up my big dutch oven outdoors in my firepit area I built last year and bake us up a pie to take to the fish fry.

     Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. GoodMorning to you too Kathy... You know me.. I'm not ready for this warm weather and i've been moaning about it... but your right.. it sure seems that Spring is here... Theres a Magnolia already blooming in town... or it might be a Dogwood... My Quince bush is putting out leaves.. and the grass is greening up.. the deer are out in the yard in force enjoying the new grass.. 8 squirrels in the yard this morning with one acrobatic one finding his way into the birdfeeder...grrrr.... lol the back deck is wet with a heavy dew... More rain expected... thank goodness... that last rain did not put a dent in our lack of rain...The lake is sooooo low................

    I look forward to the time i can actually work on our yard... but for now the house still takes priority... Hubs is putting up a false wall to hide the plumbing in my craftroom... Today i will get in there and sand on the sheetrock some more... Very VERY close to having half of it done! I think the other half will go faster as we are using a different technique on the sheet rock... On the side we are doing now hubs followed a YouTube didn't work out for us.... Then he is off to help the neighbor finish moving... although i'm sure he'd rather be fishing... I'm not a big fan of fish... and honestly there is not one lake, pond, creek or river that i think is clean enough anymore to eat fish out of...Do you worry about that? Happy happy Sunday Kathy! I'm looking forward to my Walking Dead tonight... Hugs! deb

  2. You're living in a little bit of heaven there Kathy! Warm temps are creeping up here as well, but there won't be any gardening in the near future. I once lived in a rented farmhouse where there was a gorgeous trumpet vine all over a back porch. The root was about six inches across ... very heavy! I hope you have good supports on your trellis so it will hold that weight. I'm looking forward to spring this year as the winter has not been snowy enough for me. Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Catfish! Yum. I used to have catfish fried in a cornmeal batter of some sort when I was little. It's 80 here today and windy. Sustained winds of 20+ and gusts to 40. Wishing you a wonderful day. Aloha.

  4. 80 degrees. that is way to weird. sounds like a big cold spell will be on the way. I think this is a good way to do your blogs. enjoy the fish fry

    1. thanks Susan, yes this weather is a bit much for sure-it feels like it is at least 80 out there already-glade I did my 3 mile early this morning. I am feeling better about blogging and fb now-each has it's place, I just didn't sort it out well in my mind before-sounds wierd I know lol

  5. Good morning!!! It's now Monday and I'm shuffling around the house , moaning from all if the sore muscle from the yesterdays yard work. :) We are trying to clear out some more of the wooded areas that have become overgrown with HOneysuckle :-/ We have both the invasive bushes and the invasive vines that are growing everywhere. THis warm weather is enjoyable and scary at the same time... what will summer be like? We also need some rain!!!


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