Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art On A Sunday

Good morning and welcome to Art On A Sunday. 

    This is a shared event where if you wish to participate write a blog naming it Art On A Sunday and link to this post. In comments share the link to your post in comments and I will then insert a link to you into the body of this blog.

   The sharing theme is art and crafts as well. Share yours or feature an artist or craftsman.

Barbara of Pinelands Treasures-Barbara is a real inspiration for my own art-crafts-she is so creative and talented-here she paints on a tea bag, and check the next posting as well-fun!

Wow here in the Ozarks the weather was just so fabulous-we hit at least 83 degrees here. I did my 5k fast walk on my property early and then posted my time to the Virtual Yellowstone Marathon-where all the proceeds go to the park.  
   It was so beautiful outdoors yesterday that I loaded firewood and then another couple and us went to Bennett Springs State Park-where the guys fished for trout and us gals went for a walk-a long walk along the river. So needless to say by the end of the day my muscles were screaming and still are lol 
    I loved every  minute of it though-sooooo I didn't get this post up last night and this morning plan to do a short one.
    I hope some of you out there who find this post will join in-I have always enjoyed a cup of tea on Sunday Mornings and reading and learning more about art.

American painters in the 1700s-I found this post here with many artists and paintings just click on them to enjoy. During this time period there were many portraits painted. I did find this one though and  I love the style

Meetinghouse Hill, Roxbury, Massachusetts1799
Oil on canvas
73.6 x 94 cm (29 x 37 in.)

I searched for a quilt made in the 1700s and I found this one made by Maratha Washington This link will take you to the blog post by Barbara Brackman-quilt historian

Happy Sunday-Art enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time (by Thomas Merton)

Update: I just saw this on facebook if I had seen earlier I would featured him as the artist today-artist paintings of Yellowstone


  1. Kathy, there is so much interesting info in your Sunday post! The 1700s portraits remind me of how, even after photography became a thing, nobody smiled in any kind of reproduction of their image. Quilts from that era always amaze when one realizes they were made entirely by hand.

  2. Such a lovely peaceful village painting ♥ The Martha Washington quilt is beautiful too. I was busy playing(working) outside most of the day yesterday. Now have several large piles of branches to be burned if the wind ever dies down.


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